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SkyHill Written Review

Searc here again, with another written review, complete with video game play that can be found right here.

What is Skyhill?

Skyhill is a comic book style, or graphic art styled, procedurally generated, roguelike game that is set in a post apocalyptic, zombie infested hotel. Your character, by the name of Perry, has holed himself up in the master suite on the top floor but is required to scavenge for parts and food to keep from starving to death. And that is where we come. You can find Skyhill on Steam for $14.99.

What's Good?

While I unfortunately only got to play the demo that can be found on Steam currently, I found that I enjoyed the game enough to play the demo 2 times through. That, in and of itself, is great thing. For the demo alone to be able to pull someone in for more, even after it's done. 

Graphically, I found that I loved the art. While over all simple as far as games go, it created a sort of ambience that wasn't quite creepy, but definitely showed that the world was in an upheaval. Image title

Each play through is procedurally generated. this determines the difficulty. The first play through I had was significantly more difficult than my second, which means that no play through should ever be the same, which is the main draw of a roguelike.

I also became extremely interested in the crafting system, which is not a usual tool you find in a roguelike, but rather hardcore rpg games. This system, while a simplified version, can actually draw in a larger audience, pull in those who enjoy the mechanic that you otherwise find in games such as the recently relieves Fallout 4, while being within the confines of a single play through, that by my experience, should run 30 minutes to an hour, depending on skill level and how the game generates when you load. So while Skyhill is missing the more skill based combat you see in other roguelikes, it brings something that gives the game deeper mechanics which makes up for it.Image title

What's not?

While I found myself very interested and enjoying myself immensely during my demo of Skyhill, as with any game, there are always some downsides. For Skyhill though, I only really had two major things to talk about. The first is the combat. 

Unlike other roguelikes, there isn't any skill involved when it comes to the combat, or at least not the type you expect in a procedurally generated roguelike as Skyhill is portrayed as and falls more into the action rpg adventure category with roguelike elements. Now, does this make it a bad game, no, absolutely not. As i said, I enjoyed playing the game, but it is something I feel needs to be said because people could come into the game with an expectation of something similar to The Binding of Isaac, which as you can see is not. 

This brings me to the second thing. I believe this game belongs on the portable device market. If I could get this game on Google Play Store for my phone, I would play this game all the time, every day. Now, again, that doesn't mean I believe that it should be taken down from Steam, it's still a great game to play once or twice a day, maybe on a lunch break or in between task such as writing a review because, the game has a pace not normal to a roguelike, but more like a turn based rpg.Image title


My Final Thoughts!

Should you buy this game? Is it worth the price tag? Well, if I have not convinced you yet that this game is fun, easy to get into but challenging none the less and otherwise worth the price tag, well, then I don't guess this is the game for you. But that's not the games fault. And if there was one thing  I could say, one piece of feedback that would really make the world of difference to the devs themselves, expand. Expand to the mobile market, get this game on phones and tablets. Create a free version and a paid version so that you can have one that makes you money for every download, but the original version for $14.99.

For everyone else, play the demo, see for yourself. There is nothing more I can say here.

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SkyHill: Gameplay Demo and Review

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