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Scéal Review

Ready to embark upon an Irish folklore adventure full of interesting music and a painted world? Play as a young girl who has died and is trying to figure out what happened to her, she will have to paint buildings to remember the things that have happened to her prior.

Sceal Review


Sceal is a click adventure game that revolves around a deceased girl that is trying to figure out what happened to her. This game is developed and published by Joint Custody.
If you like simplistic click adventure games that are very short then this game will be up your alley.
You can purchase this game on Steam for $4.99.


The story is about a young girl who has died and is trying to figure out what happened to her. She will have to paint buildings and each building tells a story about what happened to her leading up to her death. It's a simple interesting tale with not much to it honestly.

Sceal Review - Story


Sceal is a point and click adventure game where you practically float around the city painting buildings and progressing the story, you won't be doing much other than that. You can use the map on the top right corner to help you find the buildings to paint but that's all you will be doing in this game because the game is more focused on its story rather than gameplay. This would be completely fine if the story really pulled you in but it doesn't manage to do this.

In Sceal you will need to navigate around the land to complete objectives. Unfortunately, you will be stuck on this island for the entirety of the game which is a shame because I thought we would be able to go to more places but that's okay. This game plays as a strictly 2D game and it functions well as just that. There isn't anything about this game that does anything special than other games of this genre either.

Sceal Review - Painting buildings


The graphics of this game are pretty decent, we actually have a lot of variety here which is nice. I really like the style of the game because it was more of a painted world than your standard animation which is a nice change of pace.
The soundtrack of this game is what shines here because it tells the story more through its music. Text can only do so much but in the game, music is what creates the emotion the player is supposed to feel. I enjoyed the Irish folk music here as it was high quality and definitely fit the game's tone.

Sceal Review - Interesting graphics


In conclusion, Sceal is a decent click adventure game that heavily revolves around its story and music to really capture its audience. For only $5 you will be satisfied with its interesting Irish folk music and painted world. Unfortunately, on the negative side, the game is only really about 45 minutes to an hour long with three different alternative endings from which the players gets to choose from but I wouldn't see myself playing it again after beating it the first time. I can't honestly say if I hated it or loved it, it was just an experience that you just do and then it's over.
+ Colorful painted world – Only 45 minutes to an hour long
+ Unique Irish folklore music – Lackluster story
– Kind of a chore to play

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