Samorost 3 review

Are you ready to embark upon a beautiful adventure following a little space gnome that finds a magical flute to help him traverse through the universe to solve fun puzzles? Let's take a look at this astounding accomplishment.

Samorost 3 is a beautiful exploration game

Amanita Design’s third installment in the series has players exploring vast worlds, solving puzzles, and following a cute little space gnome across the universe. Guide this gnome by helping him solve fun mysteries and see beautiful landscapes. The curious gnome finds a magical flute that falls down from the sky. This flute allows the gnome to hear particular sounds and create music that will allow him to solve different secrets and traverse around in space. He’s just a little guy who wants to figure out what is going on around him and with the magical flute he can do just so! In previous installments, the game involves the same principal idea of exploring broad worlds and solving puzzles.

You can purchase this title on Steam right now for $19.99.


Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure puzzle game which means the player will have to click and examine objects and really has to think outside the box to understand the puzzles. This is a pretty straight forward game in terms of how controls work and on how to solve the puzzles. Now if you're a person like me who needs more time to solve puzzles than the average smart person on their feet then you will particularly have a somewhat difficult time with this game. Not to say that it is hard or that it should be easy, I just found myself having a difficult time solving the puzzles.

A magical flute appears from the skies!
The puzzles in the game are very intricate in the sense that it has been very cleverly thought out to its own specifics in how they want the player to solve it. Find a piece, connect it with that, go over here, and ta-dah! They made these encounters very straightforward, you will not spend more than at least 20 minutes on one thing. On top of that, each puzzle is unique and different from the last one. The detail that they added into each one was exquisite, I had fun solving the next one and could not wait until my next encounter with another. Each of these definitely looked complicated at first but once you fiddle around with them you will get the hang of it. Speaking of getting used to something, this entire game at first was confusing but it really grows on you as you continue to play, it makes the player learn as they play. My favorite puzzle would have to be one that the player has to solve a story line through using cards. Each card has a picture on it and when placed onto a sequence of four tiles they come to life! At first, I thought this was going to be impossible but I loved the fact that they came to life and each card could interact with each other. Just the inner kid in me was exhilarated to see these cards mess around with each other, the theme of the game really reminds of the idea of keeping your inner childhood still alive when it came to the creativity part.The cards interact with each other! Hmm I wonder how to solve this puzzle
Exploration is a key part to Samorost, you have to traverse around the planet to find objects and interact with things to be able to move on. Each level has a lot to look at especially in how detailed it all is. This little guy loves to explore and look around interacting with items, and with his verbal response you can tell what items work and what items don’t work. Throughout your adventure, you will explore up to 9 worlds each with its own unique theme and puzzles to solve. It was astounding for me to explore these worlds and see the different kinds of creatures and aliens that I would meet just doing their own thing living their daily lives. I remember I saw an alien in a hot tub relaxing and when you turned off the water he got upset, it was just a fun little thing that I thought should be mentioned that really showed how the game came to life. Just like the other installments before Samorost 3, players will be exploring and solving puzzles like before. Each puzzle will have its own way of having to solve it but its up to you to figure it out.Relaxation at its finest


This game is ridiculously beautiful and detailed down to the very brim. Everything, and I mean everything, is just so smooth and nice to look at. Each new area to explore had its own story to tell just by the level design itself. I think that this game definitely deserves award for its design, it’s what makes the game and gives it personality. There is no other game out there that made me feel enraptured in its art. Each alien, world, creature, puzzle, are just so detailed that it was a pleasure to see the hard work be put in. Each world has its own unique look as well ranging from rocky mountains, plentiful forests, desert aesthetic, and so much more. Not only does the game look amazing it is very smooth going at a solid 60 fps throughout the entire adventure. This is what makes Samorost 3 the game that it is and without it I do not think it would be the same game. I had no technical issues nor any bugs throughout the game.

How beautiful! ;oAlternative worlds


On top of already having a beautiful art style, couple that in with an amazing soundtrack and you have yourself an almost perfect game. The sound is very pleasant and the tone to each area is exactly as it should be. Sometimes it can be very eerie or it can be very happy. The music of this game just seems to work and for all the right reasons. I liked traveling to new worlds and hearing the next best thing that was going to happen next. I liked the fact that in each area of the game it had a different tone completely different from the last just to represent that you are now in a new area. It’s like the music itself tells a story for each new world. Unlike a lot of other puzzle games, the use of using sound to create a theme is not present. Samorost 3 creates a tone and a mood for its players to have fun while they explore.


Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure puzzle game that exceeds among what other games cannot do nowadays. It provides a simple yet provoking story, has a beautiful art style that stands out among others, unique puzzles that can be challenging yet simple at the same time, and a soundtrack that just works out perfectly with each new area to be explored. Never have I ever seen a game that can achieve such heights and be able to pull something like this off. I highly recommend any exploration or puzzle fan to purchase this game immediately. This was my first time actually experiencing something that I have not seen before in an adventure puzzle game and it should be commended for all the hard work that went into making this game.

Fly away to alternate worlds

Pros Cons
 + Beautiful art style   – Hard to know what to click on sometimes
 + Unique puzzles
 + Great soundtrack
 + Cute space gnome
 + Exquisite worlds

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