Red Game Without A Great Name – Review

"Fly. Die. Retry." is the supposed tagline for what could be the most challenging puzzle game I have ever played. Teleport your way through this magnificent steampunk world to see if you have what it takes to survive!

Red Game Without A Great Name is a simplistic puzzle game with simplistic elements set in a steampunk world.

The Red Game Without a Great Name

As a mechanical bird (who also unsurprisingly has no name), you must traverse through a wide variety of puzzles without dying, with obstacles such as barbed wire and spikes being only a few of the obstacles you will encounter. But as the game's trailer displays, you WILL die – A LOT! "Fly. Die. Retry." is the supposed tagline for Red Game Without A Great Name, and with good reason too. The controls are rather simplistic, with similar resemblance to Cut the Rope for mobile devices. Simply click the mechanical bird and drag to the location you'd wish to teleport to. But even though the controls may be quite minimalist doesn't mean the puzzles follow the same path.

The Red Game - Let´s Play

The Red Game - Let´s Play

Quite honestly, this is one of the most challenging puzzle games I've played in quite some time, because unlike other puzzle games, this one requires your wits and reactions to be as swift as lightning. With Cut the Rope, the time that you have to complete the puzzle is almost infinite, but with this game, your reactions need to be increasingly more swift in order to survive.

Personally, I was not the biggest fan of the game because of the mechanics or lack thereof. When it came to diverting an obstacle with a short amount of time, the game mechanics did not allow for quick movement, and because of that, you die quite often. The tagline of the game is "Fly. Die. Retry." but most of the time, you don't even die because of the game's difficulty, you die because of the games mechanics being unresponsive. There were times where I clicked on the bird character to teleport, and the movements did not register, or at least they did not register quick enough. With that being said, this game may be much more fun and easier to play if it were on mobile, because navigating the bird character with your finger would be much easier than with a mouse.

The Red Game - Let´s Play

The Red Game - Let´s Play
I loved the steampunk art style and music, but there was not much of a story, and the movement mechanics were quite rough and hard to use. I often found myself dying at the same part over and over again, and not even because the part was difficult, but simply because the game would not allow the movement to traverse the object in time.

Are you ready to face the challenges that lie ahead? Prepare yourself for the horrors that await in Red Game Without A Great Name! Available on Steam

The Red Game - Let´s Play

The Red Game - Let´s Play


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