SEASON: A Letter to the Future Review, A Beautiful Bike Ride (PS5)

SEASON: A Letter to the Future is a wonderful narrative adventure where you explore an unknown world as protagonist Estelle. A combination of a unique art style and soundtrack make for a relaxing experience while cycling through beautiful landscapes. As you travel, you are in charge of capturing the moments you feel are most significant before SEASON ends.

SEASON A Letter to the Future Review, A Beautiful Bike Ride (PS5)SEASON: A Letter to the Future is a wonderful narrative adventure, in which you journey with protagonist Estelle and her bicycle through a beautiful landscape. There are many things to interact with on your travels, and you are able to stray from the beaten path to explore at your own leisure. Armed with nothing more than a camera and audio recorder, the world is yours to wander and capture. If like myself you were entranced by the likes of What Remains of Edith Finch and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, you will find plenty to marvel at in Scavenger Studio’s newest title. 

SEASON: A Letter to the Future releases the 31st January 2023 on PlayStation and Steam for $29.99 (£24.99.)

Season: A letter to the future - Story Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Story: In Seasons

SEASON: A Letter to the Future sets a melancholic tone from the start. The player takes control of Estelle as she prepares to leave her village behind and document the outside world. Following the emotionally charged opening, we leave the quiet village of Caro, beginning our journey into the unknown. It is upon leaving the village that you are able to explore at your own pace, discovering the secrets littered throughout the world.

During your travels, there are various ways of piecing together the story. With no enemies to bike past, Estelle uses her camera and audio recorder to capture moments and journal them in her scrapbook. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, SEASON: A Letter to the Future doesn’t hand the player answers. Instead, you decide what is important.

You journey through the unknown world with Estelle and her bicycle.

You journey through the unknown world with Estelle and her bicycle.

I recommend following the developers advice of lingering in each of the stunning landscapes, as each environment has other characters and objects tucked away with their own memories to share. While piecing together the overall narrative builds anticipation for what awaits at the end of SEASON, I found more joy in finding these personal aspects.

Learning these details of the game world at your own pace allows you to reflect on the real world. The script has been carefully crafted, words being placed to create emotions and provoke thoughts for the player. Estelle’s naivety of the outside world has also been taken into consideration, and so she shares the players wonder at discovering a new world.

Relaxing Gameplay


The world is beautifully designed and filled with ways for you to interact, although some areas may go undiscovered if the player gets whisked away on a downhill bike ride and speeds through the game. Being a regular user of photo modes within games, I took every opportunity to capture what caught my interest. With this came extra pieces of text and photos for my in-game journal.

The scrapbook element hooked me, and I optionally spent far longer than necessary decorating the pages with the photos I had taken or Estelle’s doodles. The limit of two pages per area means you have to get creative if you wish to cram everything in, adding to the sense of this being an adventure unique to you, as most of the pages are for you to personalise.


SEASON: A Letter to the Future utilises a few features of the DualSense in innovative ways. The use of L2/R2 as the pedals allows you to push against the adaptive triggers to accelerate, the pressure easing as you gain speed. Riding across dirt paths will have you feeling the low vibrations of the DualSense. Yet in comparison the bumpier feeling of cobblestones is also translated through haptic feedback. When in camera mode, you have to apply slight force to R2 to capture your photo, and even less when using the audio recorder. 

I was hooked by the scrapbook element and the ability to create your own layouts.

I was hooked by the scrapbook element and the ability to create your own layouts.

Lovely Aesthetic

I feel as though the art style is truly the stand-out point for SEASON: A Letter to the Future.  The beautiful scenes are uncovered as you progress forward, the twists in the road making for grand reveals of a glorious sunset, far-off cranes, or a simple field of stunning flowers. Colours compliment each other perfectly, especially with the hand-drawn comic book style which is matched with its dialogue bubbles.

There are one or two inconsistencies with animations, such as the camera spiraling out of control if you get into an unexpected crevice. Yet none of these glitches are immersion or game breaking, so I was still able to enjoy exploring. With all the gorgeous scenery and a heavy emphasis on environmental storytelling, it is a shame that some of these areas aren’t signposted clearer.   

Serene Soundtrack

The soundtrack composed by Spencer Doran is beautiful. Each setting has it’s own unique sound, and every transition is fluid into the next, leaving few silences in between. Recording sound is essential to the story, and when doing so the sound being recorded is also played through the DualSense speaker.

By interacting with certain objects you can create new noises in the environment. Other characters will respond to the diegetic sounds, my favourite experience occurring in Cow Farm. (Spoiler: There are cows). The ambient sounds do add a mystical quality to the atmosphere, however I had to turn these all the way down in the settings menu because I found myself hurrying through dialogue due to a feeling of overwhelm. 

SEASON: A Letter to the Future was reviewed on PS5, with a key provided by Evolve PR.

SEASON: A Letter to the Future is a beautiful game. If you enjoy an action-free adventure and intricate stories, then you'll thoroughly enjoy exploring the colourful world on offer. The innovative use of the DualSense controller creates a fun sense of immersion as you pedal through the landscapes. Although the interactions with other characters are few and far between, they all come with their own personalities and backstories, which I enjoyed more than the main storyline. Overall, SEASON: A Letter to the Future is a relaxing narrative experience with wonderful art and sound design.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Wonderful sound design.
  • Creative use of the DualSense.
  • Well written script.
  • The main narrative doesn't seem as developed as the other stories within the world.

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