Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Review (PS4)

This game is one game you won't want to be drinking a soda with. There are so many gigantic ants coming at you, you won't even want to risk seeing another ant again. It's a good thing you have more than just bug spray at your disposal to fight these monsters. You'll have so many weapons to kill ants with you won't even know which one choose but one thing is for sure their going to by something in your arsenal. Killing hordes of big bugs with variety of weapons is all this game needs.

Get ready to fight colony after colony of ants in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. This third-person shooter was developed Yuke’s and released for the PS4 on April 11, 2019. Unfortunately, Yuke’s is not the company that developed most other Earth Defense Force games, Sandlot is. The change in developers did affect the game. The series has been on a slow decline, but this has been one of its biggest drops. It doesn’t have much of a story, the gameplay gets old, and the graphics are poor.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain - 2nd Trailer | PS4

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is available for purchase at the PlayStation store for $59.99.


The story is simple and plain. You are a soldier of a special unit that had experimental weaponry on the field. While on a mission to take down some Aggressors everyone dies except for you somehow. All that happened to you was that you fell into a coma for 7 years. After being in a coma for 7 years you would think maybe they would give you a break from the field, but you are sent right back into the fray against The Aggressors.

The Aggressors are just aliens trying to take over the earth. It’s all just basic aliens trying to destroy things, but you get to fight giant ants, robots and more. There isn’t much to it and it’s all told in the same old cliché military banter and jabber that makes you wish people would just stop talking. You literally have bigger things to worry about like that giant ant running at your face.

Earth Defense Force:Iron Rain Review (PS4) Ants!


There are a lot of ways to get that oversized ant out of your face in this game. You can cut it down with a sword, blow it up with a rocket launcher, or simply machine gun it to death. It’s your choice. The game has a variety of weapon types to use, try out and figure out what works best for you. However, keep in mind you can only bring two weapons with you onto the battlefield. Why would you want to be the one person responsible for losing twenty rocket launchers, ninety machine guns and seventy grenade launchers on the battlefield just because an ant startled you and you dropped it all or you died.

Ants aren’t all that you have to worry about as you defend the earth. There are many huge enemies that can tear your fragile human body to shreds. There also giant spiders that spit web at you and spawn smaller baby spiders to attack you. Not only are there other big bugs to be afraid of but also big robots along with aliens throwing their war machine at you. It’s an onslaught of just foe after foe. If that wasn’t enough, you fight machines much bigger than the ants.

The bosses sent after you are bigger than skyscrapers and aren’t anything to be taken lightly. With all these big enemies running around it starts to feel next to impossible to live, especially when you get stuck on one these giant creatures and can’t move for a bit. So, it’s nice that a friend can join you locally and you can play online with others.

Earth Defense Force:Iron Rain Review (PS4) Robot Spider.
The singleplayer can start to seem a little impossible when you are only given one life to destroy all these big monsters constantly swarming you. However, once a friend joins you the battles seem to be possible again. You and your partner are given four lives to fight the hordes and you have an extra person to distract and attack those ants.

If you aren’t wanting to play cooperatively online, you can always compete against another player in Mercenary mode which is just fighting more waves of enemies and trying to gather the most energy gems. It doesn’t really add anything to the online experience and it’s a bit more fun to just play the campaign with others. However, if you are feeling recluse and don’t want to play with anyone you can always try to rely on the items and your PA Gear help make it through the ant colonies.

Earth Defense Force:Iron Rain Review (PS4) Hey People.
Items like the weapons can be bought in the menu before you start a mission. The items are just as vast as the weapons. There are grenades, health packs, decoys and more that you can use to defeat your foes. Your score is penalized for each item you use. It discourages you from using them, unlike your suit. Your suit can do a variety of things depending on the suit you use.

Every suite has its own unique ability and stats like defense, mobility and how many items you can bring on the battlefield. Even though the suits are different they all have one power that is almost essential to defeating The Aggressors and that is the overdrive mode. It makes you faster and stronger in every way for a short time once per mission if you don’t have an item to restore it. It turns the tides of a mission quickly and can give you some funny corpse launches if you are spamming an explosive weapon.

Graphics and Audio

For a PS4 game the graphics in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain aren’t that great. The buildings, ground, and some of the larger enemies all are what you would expect from the PS4 but, the smaller things are the worse the graphics get. This really shines through as soon as you start to create and customize your character. It doesn’t seem like much care went into the personalization of characters. As I scrolled through the hairstyles for the character, I started to notice that where the hair parts on some of the hairstyles it’s like they are developing a bald spot. It just looks bad especially when customizing your character is one of the first things you want to do.

The audio in the game, however, was not nearly as bad. The music usually ended up being drowned out by all the explosion, gunfire, giant creatures stomping around and military jabber. The music is just a basic war game track very drum heavy making it easy to not notice which might be such a bad thing considering how hectic everything else in the game is.

Earth Defense Force:Iron Rain Review (PS4) Turtle.


Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is an ant hill crashing down on itself. There is so much chaos on the field and when you get to really look at the world it isn’t anything special. The force from the large variety of weapons and mass numbers of giant enemies are the only things holding up this mound and that might just enough. Though fighting the hordes does get old after a bit the variety of weapons helps keep it more interesting. If you like fighting hordes and hordes giant insects and killing them with a ton of weapons, then this game might worth checking out.

Pros Cons
+ Large variety of weapons – Gameplay gets stale
+ Many enemies – Story is boring
+ Online and local multiplayer  

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