Destroy All Humans!: PlayStation Trophy Guide (PS4)

Whether you are an achievement/trophy hunter who has already purchased the game, or one who is debating purchasing the game, you'll be happy to find this complete list of the trophies. Also included is the Bulletproof Crypto cheat code needed for one trophy in particular.

Destroy All Humans! PlayStation Trophy Guide


Destroy All Humans! released in the year of 2005 on PlayStation 2 and Xbox as an open world action-adventure game. The year is 1959, and you play as Crypto-137, an alien from the Furan race, who visits Earth on a mission to extract human brain stems that harvest ancient DNA that will help save his alien race (although his main focus and original understanding were to save Crypto 136). Your clone predecessor, Crypto 136, was also sent to Earth to carry out the same mission some years before but was ultimately injured and captured.

As your progress through the game, you'll battle secret government agencies, harvest human brains, assassinate political figures, cause general destruction, and tip a few cows. With a leveling system that will enhance your spaceship and weapons, and a story action-packed and loaded with humor, take on any and all life forms that get in your way. And remember… Destroy all humans! The title has been ported over to the PlayStation 4 with full trophy support.

Below you will find a complete list of all the trophies as well as a section helping you complete the ones requiring cheats. You can buy the game from the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

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Destroy All Humans! Crypto 137

Platinum and Gold Trophies (4)

Ruler of the Earth: Unlock all other trophies. (Platinum)

Probe-action Officer: Collect all probes. (Gold)

Impeached: Complete "Attack of the 50 Ft. President!" (Gold) (Hidden Trophy)

Alien Overlord: Achieve 100% completion. (Gold)

Silver Trophies (15)

Trail of Wreckage: Destroy 500 vehicles.

The Ridiculous War: Complete "Armiquist vs. the Furons!" (Hidden Trophy)

There's the Beef: Tip 100 cows.

Terror from Beyond the Stars!: Kill a total of 1,000 humans.  

Identity Thief: Assume 40 identities.

Food for Thought: Extract 250 brains from living humans.

Term Limited: Assassinate 50 politicians.

Destroy All Humans! Cow Scanning
Alien Conqueror vs. Robot Soldier!: Destroy 50 robots.

Gray Matters: Collect a total of 50,000 DNA without using the Mmm… Brains! Cheat.

Sun, Surf & Probes: Collect all Probes in Santa Modesta.

Saturday Evening Probe: Collect all Probes in Rockwell.

Down-home Country Probing: Collect all Probes in Turnipseed Farm.

A Conspiracy of Probes: Collect all Probes in Area-42.

Probe Town, USA: Collect all Probes in Union Town.

Probes With a Capitol P: Collect all Probes in Capitol City.

Destroy All Humans! Jetpack Combat

Bronze Trophies (19)

The Tyrant of Turnipseed: Complete all side missions in Turnipseed Farm.

Rocked Well: Complete all side missions in Rockwell.

Modestly Successful: Completed all side missions in Santa Modesta.

Area 86ed: Completed all side missions in Area 42.

A Much Less Perfect Union: Completed all side missions in Union Town.

Kicking Government In the Seat: Completed all side missions in Capitol City.

First Contact: Complete "Destination Earth!" (Hidden Trophy)

Eminence Grise: Complete "Citizen Cryto." (Hidden Trophy)

Destroy All Humans! UFO Gameplay
Mars Needs Information: Complete "The Island Suburbia." (Hidden Trophy)

We're Doing It Live: Complete "Suburb of the Damned." (Hidden Trophy)

Bombing Run: Complete "Duck and Cover!" (Hidden Trophy)

Power Trip: Complete a side-mission with the Bulletproof Crypto code enabled. (Hidden Trophy)

Ride the Lighting: Fully upgrade the Zap-O-Matic.

Dust in the Wind: Fully upgrade the Disintegrator Ray.

Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Fully upgrade the Ion Detonator.

Mind Over Matter: Fully upgrade Psychokinesis.

Danger: Death Ray: Fully upgrade the saucer's Death Ray.

Mind Over Antimatter: Fully upgrade the saucer's Sonic Boom.

Now You Learn to Love the Bomb: Fully upgrade the saucer's Quantum Deconstructor.

Destroy All Humans! Robot Killing

Unlocking Trophies and using Cheats

For the most part, all of the trophies are incredibly easy to complete; the majority of them simply require you to just play the game for awhile and you will eventually unlock (you'll do a lot of killing and destroying). There's a total of 8 hidden trophies that are based on completing the main missions, but one of them requires a cheat code (Power Trip: Complete a side-mission with the Bulletproof Crypto code enabled). It may feel a little backward that you earn trophies with cheats enabled, but such is your burden if you wish to platinum the game.

In order to enable the Bulletproof Crypto cheat, you'll press:

The cheat should turn itself off automatically during a cutscene or when you re-enter the mothership. Other than that, your only other endeavor will be spending time running and jet pack boosting around the map in order to find the scattered probes. With little hints to where the out of bounds lines is, you'll have to play around with the whole environment to get a feel for the true area. You'll want to check all the high places, edges, and corners possible as they can sometimes slip past your eye while looking.

Goodluck with the trophy hunting and again, don't forget to check out our full review of Destroy All Humans!