Wee Tanks! Review: Simple Yet Elegant

Wee Tanks! is a game where you take control of a little tank and blast away hundreds of enemy tanks across various maps and game modes! The game has three main modes: the campaign, Online Multiplayer and Survival mode. All this gives the player a fun, chaotic yet simple game to play.

Wee Tanks! Review: Simple Yet Elegant

Wee Tanks! from Studio Kit is one of the most simple games I have ever played. All it is going fast and shooting other tanks. These tanks move around in an arena, shoot each other, and dodge bullets as one dies. The simple combat is also extremely fun. The silly fun music fits so well with the game and adds to the fun. The game has three modes of play: fun to play and a Map Editor, which is really helpful for a game like this.

If there is ever a game which is made to have a few fun and fast sessions before leaving the game, it is Wee Tanks! There are aspects which do help more dedicated players to acquire mastery of the game. There are certain aspects that will make a relatively high skill ceiling. But this is a fun party game and will be for sure to be played as such.

Wee Tanks! is on Steam for $9.99

Wee Tanks! Trailer 2023

Story – What Do You Expect?

Wee Tanks! is the last game to expect a story from. There is a campaign mode with 100 levels, but that is a more gameplay-related challenge with different and new gameplay challenges with boss fights. Survivor mode has Zombie Tanks, but they are just meant to be cheeky nods to zombie modes than anything narrative. There is no story here, just tanks fighting tanks and exploding.

Gameplay – Fun and Simple

This is the bread and butter of Wee Tanks! Its gameplay is mainly based on two aspects: shooting and dodging. One can shoot bullets, rockets or keeps mines around the place. The players can also shoot bullets at the enemies out of the air. Also, one must go fast to move away from the bullets. This is to be careful, as Wee Tanks! has a few mechanics which increase the chaos.

Wee Tanks! Gameplay

Wee Tanks! Gameplay

These are the ability to bounce bullets off most walls and the ability to destroy the environment. This adds to the chaos with even 4 to 5 tanks; one must constantly dodge the bullets from all the players who can kill you. The deaths are quick and fun, and the AI for companion tanks is pretty good with revives and fighting too. So anyone can play through the campaign with AI, and it works well.

Gamemodes and Customization

There are three main modes: the campaign, Online multiplayer and Survival mode. There is also a map editor and Steam Workshop support which help people to share their creations for online play. The campaign is a fun playthrough and something that I would recommend doing with friends or AI companions. But do not do so with more than three tanks. The number of bullets all over the place will be overwhelming. The game even warned me when I tried to play with four total payers, including me.

Wee Tanks! Review Modes

Wee Tanks! Modes

Online Multiplayer is free for all teams. It is fun and scrappy. The games are quick and kinetic. This is a mode one would just pick up and play. Honestly, this would be great on a handheld. I do not have the Steam deck, but that would be a perfect way to play that. On the other end is a Survival mode with a few maps. Here “Zombie” tanks come in waves and spawn nonstop; one can see how long they can last. All these modes are just controlled, fun chaos, and that’s the part that the game does pretty well.

Wee Tanks! Review Multiplayer Lobbies

Multiplayer Lobbies

I personally have not interacted with the map editor much, but the tools seemed intuitive, and additions like this always help with the game’s longevity. Steam Workshop integration shows that too.

Graphics and Sound – Minimalist and Quirky

The game is blocky and straightforward. With start colours, this gives the game a cute and fun art style. This art style helps the gameplay a ton. It makes the arenas very readable with the attacks. The game is chaotic, and the simple blocky art style helps prevent it from being frustrating. There isn’t much to select from in terms of graphical details, and the game does not need for it.

Wee Tanks! Review Video Options

Video Options

The music is fun and quirky; it is not extraordinary but perfectly fits the game. It helps the tone and fun factor of the game and elevates it as one plays though not remarkable on its own.

 The Key for Wee Tanks! was provided by PostHornPR.

Wee Tanks! is a fun and simple game from Studio Kit. It has three modes of play and a Map Editor. The gameplay is mainly based on shooting and dodging, with the ability to bounce bullets off walls and destroy the environment. All these mechanics increase the chaos, and it just makes the game fun without being overwhelming. But with its simple graphics and gameplay, the game manages to keep the chaos in control.
  • Fun and Simple Gameplay
  • Intuitive Mechanics
  • Great customization
  • One Note and Simple

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