SokoChess White Review : Simple and Fun

SokoChess White is a chess based puzzle game which plays with idea of the movement of chess pieces combined with extra mechanics of pushing and positioning them. It is a simple but effective puzzle game that manages to balance itself while remaining relatively challenging.

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SokoChess White is a puzzle game about moving chess pieces, so they are where they are supposed to be. The game is simple, and for anyone who knows the basics of chess is straightforward to understand. Before this puts one-off, One does not need to be good at chess for this. The game borrows the chess pieces’ move sets to have its own set of fun objectives and rule sets that describe the game. SokoChess White seems to be a sequel or in the series of SokoChess—the first game released last year. The game had White and black pieces, with the black pieces acting as counters.

I never played the original; this time, it is only the White pieces. So the puzzles are more about the traversal than the counters to the other movements in the game. There is a track of 70 puzzles to go through. If one discounts the first four of them as a tutorial, there are about 66 levels. They are simple, and these are not trails and error puzzles. But these puzzles have a specific answer a player needs to figure out. The game mostly manages to be a fun time and a challenge as it goes on as it mainly works on its goals.

SokoChess White will be available Steam on March 3 for USD $5. The demo is available now.

SokoChess White Official Trailer

Story- Not Much Here

SokoChess White is the last game to have a story. There is nothing in terms of any story; maybe it could have been to say where the Black pieces went (this can actually be seen in the trailer). But overall, the game has no story and is completely a level based puzzle experience.

Gameplay – Move and Push

The game is about moving the pieces. This is the most chess-like part of the game, with five different pieces to move. The Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Knight and Queen with each behaves as they do in their real chess counterpart. The pieces can be moved as many times as one can. This is when new mechanics come in. This mechanic allows the player push the chess pieces and the objects on the board depending on the objects the pieces can push with respect to what direction they can move in. For example, the pawns can only move the pieces forward, not backwards, which the Queen can go as she wishes, and the place can move in any direction.

SokoChess White First level and Tutorial

SokoChess White First level and Tutorial

That is all there is to the core mechanics of the gameplay. This is further varied by environmental obstacles to keep it varied. These are obstacles such as boxes which can be pushed, disappearing tiles, and lock and critical puzzles, to say some. These environmental obstacles vary it up enough to make it fun. The game, as told, is blunt and simple. It introduces itself in the first four levels, and from then, it stacks its obstacles as the levels go on. There are some hiccups in the pacing, though, as I sometimes felt the the later levels were relatively easier than the ones before. But it can also be a case of me getting and more and more familiar with the mechanics as the game went on. 

SokoChess White Obstacles

SokoChess White Obstacles

Two features I found very helpful in this game were the ability to undo the moves infinitely, as it allows more experimentation with the moves and puzzles. Also, the ability to skip levels is really good. I mention this as many such puzzle games for me always end up with me unable to proceed and with me being irritated. But this feature allowed me to go forward and come back to older puzzles. The game is short and can take up to 5 to 6 hours at most to complete while playing it relaxedly.

Graphics and Sound: Mellow Moods

The game, as can be seen, has a very mellow artist and vibe. The simple graphics and the round models cover this pretty well. There are basic graphics settings and ways to turn on the hotkeys in the settings. These are enough and pretty for the kind of game SokoChess White is.

SokoChess White Graphics options

SokoChess White Controls

The music tried to go for the smooth strings that played mellowly in the background as the game went on, and it did not work. It is boring and repetitive, so I ended up listening to my podcasts while I played the game. Maybe being background music was the intention, but for me it not fully work. At the same time music is not nearly that necessary for the game.

The Key For SokoChess White Provided by Daisy Games Studio

SokoChess White is a puzzle game about moving chess pieces so they are where they are supposed to be. The game is simple, and is straightforward to understand. This is a package with all its parts coming together well to be a cute distraction. Except the music does not really come together even though the rest works well.
  • Intuitive Mechanics
  • Good Escalation of Puzzles
  • Compounding Complexity
  • Forgettable Music

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