SecretLab Omega 2018 Review

In the market for a high-quality gaming chair or any chair that will keep you comfortable for long sitting sessions? Secretlab has a full package solution in what is one of the best, eye-catching chairs out there on the market. What makes it so special? Let's find out.

Secretlab Omega Chair Review


I have owned and sat in many office and gaming chairs throughout my writing career. From generic no-name office chairs to big name chairs from Turismo and Merax. While these have been great chairs in their own right, to me, none were as eye-catching as the ones from Secretlab. Not only does their lineup of chairs come with cool names such as the titular Omega, Titan or Throne, but they also come in some unique colors and build materials that instantly drew my attention. Opting for an Omega model in their new signature SoftWeave™ fabric and the not so typical beige color – I had no idea that what I was gonna get would be the most premium chair my behind has had the honor of sitting in.

You can buy the Omega from Secretlab or just browse their store to choose another one. Also don’t miss our review of Titan 2020 series gaming chair!

Secretlab Omega 2018 Review - An awesome gaming and office chair


The chair itself is a medium sized one and you should be sitting comfortably inside of it if you come in anywhere between 160cm to 180cm in height and weigh up to 110kg. Although the measurements can vary depending on how you set the numerous adjustable parts, the Omega’s max height comes at around 137cm and its seat comes at 55cm in width.

Secretlab Omega Chair Review

Dimensions Approximate weight: 30kg
Total height: 128cm – 137cm
Seat width: 55cm
Armrest width: 64cm – 68cm

All the above makes for a chair that will fit a wide array of people, and the adjustments you can make to its height, armrest position and the tilt will make it highly customizable for any gaming or office setup.

THE DESIGN & build quality

If you can’t tell by the screenshots the Omega is an absolute looker. When considering a chair I absolutely wanted to go away from a pure gamer aesthetic and Secretlab more than delivered. Whereas my old leather chairs stuck out like a sore thumb in my otherwise warm and comfy home office space – the Omega with its SoftWeave™  fabric fits right in. The signature “cookies and cream” color features a combination of beige and black elements across the chair and the material itself is very soft to the touch. The logos and the company name are tastefully displayed on the backrest, armrest and the lever that controls the backrest tilt.

Secretlab Omega Chair Details
When you first assemble the chair you’ll definitely notice how sturdy and heavy it is. I was also most surprised by the fact that it produces absolutely no sounds when you rotate it or adjust any of its moving parts which I can only further attribute to the excellent build quality.

When it comes to the moving parts themselves, the chair, as mentioned features plenty of options. As per standard, the height is easily adjusted using one of the levers on the side of the chair. The other lever can lock or unlock the mechanism so you can sway backward or stay firmly in place.

Secretlab Omega Chair Review Adjustability
There’s another lever (which is strictly forbidden to touch before assembling the chair completely) that controls the tilt of the backrest. This one functions almost like in a car so when you pull it, the backrest tilts as you push it to an almost horizontal position. When you move away and pull the lever, the backrest will automatically come back to the full upright position. And lastly, there are the armrests. They feature small buttons with which you can adjust their height and width as well as being able to set them at an angle.

Product Details Model name: Omega series
Chair type: Office/gaming
Frame construction: Steel
Base: Reinforced aluminum
Available upholstery types: PRIME™  & NAPA leather and SoftWeave™ fabric
 Warranty: 2 years



With everything stated above, it’s no surprise that the Omega provides a high level of comfort. With that being said, it might be less cushiony than what you’re used to but the ergonomics of the chair more than make up for it. That’s not to say that the Omega is hard as stone but it is something to get used to if you are, like me, coming from a heavily padded chair. The upside to this is that the material is less prone to wear and tear as the upholstery is tightly fitted around the chair with less connective seams throughout.

Secretlab Omega Chair Review velour pillows
The sides of the seat and backrest curve slightly to hug your body and keep you firmly in place. An awesome addition that ships with the chair are the two velour memory foam pillows – one to provide cushioning for your head, and another to support your spine. Not only do these pillows look great but they serve their purpose amazingly. The soft memory foam adjusts completely to your body and will boost the already considerable comfort level of the chair to a whole new level. Combining the cushions with the possibility of an almost horizontal backrest position can even make you fall asleep very easily. (trust me, I have).


If all the above hasn’t convinced you that Secretlab’s Omega is worth getting, I don’t know what will. While its price is a bit steep, going from around 300 to 350 euros for the SoftWeave™ fabric and  PRIME™ leather models, to an eyewatering 750 euros for the NAPA leather model – I can guarantee its well worth it.

While you might not attribute much importance to a chair consider that you’d probably more than willing to spend extra money on a better mattress and the price will suddenly become a non-issue. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be sitting at your desk job or gaming for extended periods of time, no one can put a price on your comfort, and the Omega, in that regard, is the absolute best your money can buy.

+ Premium look and feel – The price could be an issue for some
+ Highly adjustable  – Less padding can require a bit of adjusting
+ Very comfortable  
+ Velour memory foam pillows  

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