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Post Human W.A.R. Review

Post Human W.A.R. The new tactical strategy game from Studio Chahut has unique battle mechanics which employ a champion system as well as base defense. With a funny, over-the-top story, as well as incredibly thorough voice-acting and animation, the game is as captivating as it is challenging for gamers of every level.The game is so well polished you won't believe it's an indie title! Do you enjoy games like Fire Emblem or Starcraft? If so, you must give Post Human W.A.R. a try!


Post Human W.A.R. is a top-down tactical strategy game created by indie developer Studio Chahut. While choosing a genre which would put the game in competition and comparison to triple A heavy-hitters like Starcraft, Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, and even tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem, Studio Chahut’s first game takes the challenge head-on and does so brilliantly. The game captivates players with a simple yet interesting story in it’s campaign mode and has enough humor to force a grin and even a snicker or two.

Furthermore, the game’s graphics, in-game animations and superb sound effects give it an incredible polish. However, where the game truly shines is its gameplay mechanics which are quick to comprehend, yet entirely original. As well, for players who have experienced enough of the game in its campaign mode, or perhaps players who want to dive right in immediately, Post Human W.A.R. offers a well crafted online matchmaking mode for players to test their mettle against others from across the world. Needless to say, Post Human W.A.R. has enough content and appeal to keep you busy for quite a while and perhaps can become a strong contender in the tactical online strategy realm of the video game industry.


Post Human W.A.R. is now available on Steam for your regional price!


Studio Chahut undoubtedly succeeds in crafting an easy-to-comprehend backstory, placing the player in a wacky, over-the-top setting. The world of Post Human W.A.R. is exactly what the title tells us: a post-human, post-apocalyptic world set in 3053 in which humans went extinct 71 years ago. In this world, the only surviving legacy of humanity is protected by the robots, also known as the R-PATCH(Robots for Protection of the Arts and Territories and Cities of Humanity).

The R-PATCH were created by humanity to once serve them, but in humanity’s absence the R-PATCH took it upon themselves to activate their combat functions and made it their sole purpose to preserve what was left of human civilizations. The robots range from traffic lights and dishwashers, to vacuums and ovens and everything in between.

The aforementioned legacy of the humans is being threatened by the WRAAKS a faction of “Stront” parasites who use animal bodies as their hosts, who believe that humans were the destroyers of the earth and ravaged and defiled the beautiful lands the world had to offer. They wish to destroy the remnants of humanity and rebuild their own society. The WRAAK units range from rats and polar bears to deer, armadillos, owls and much more.

Finally, we have another parasitic faction called the Anthropists, brother Stront species of the WRAAKS, who believe humanity’s creations had much to offer and should not be destroyed, but rather harnessed and used to their own advantage to ultimately live in peace. The Anthropists inhabit only primate species and thus their units consist only of different species of monkeys and gorillas. With this setting and scenario put into place, Post Human W.A.R. creates crazy, yet lovable cast of characters acting within a simple, yet invigorating story line that does more than merely keep players amused.


Post Human W.A.R. employs a hexagonal tiled grid in which players can strategically place their units, move, and attack in order to complete the mission objectives. The campaign mission objectives can range from the standard “defeat all enemy troops” to more situational based missions like “survive 15 turns until reinforcements arrive”. As well if the player’s main character dies in any battle it warrants an instant GAME OVER. The online matchmaking plays a little differently. The game pits players against other players in a match that can end in 1 of 2 ways:


1. Eliminate all the opponent’s troops
2. Eliminate the opponent’s champion

The champion element of the game is the most unique element of the game’s battle system. In Post Human W.A.R.’s matchmaking, players must select one unit as their champion. The champions are not known to opponents until the player decides to reveal his or her champion. However, there is a large downside and a large upside to dong so. Once the player chooses to reveal the champion, the champion gains boosted health, attack, and defense stats. However, of course the champion also gains a giant target on it’s back. Moreover, each player’s base will have a totem structure with a certain amount of health points. If the enemy’s totem structure is destroyed all the enemies surviving units will receive health damage at the start of every turn following.

Be it offline campaign or online matchmaking, players must be selective when choosing their units as each unit has different stats, special abilities, attacks and weaknesses. As well players must be wary of the terrain as there are obstacles and loot crates on the map that contain extra points used to boost stats during the match. Some units can shoot through some obstacles, while others can’t. Some airborne units can fly over certain terrains and blockades while other units must break through or maneuver around them. All these things and more must be considered when choosing a player’s units and the specific placement of those units within each player’s base.


Studio Chahut took an interesting take on the tactical strategy game employing art and sound that matches its niche, quirky personality.


The graphics and sound effects of Post Human W.A.R. are beyond well done. In fact, it is the in-game animations, sound effects and voice acting are what give the game a nice polish. Following it’s quirky backstory, battle units are each given their own unique voice all over-the-top and at times humorously uncharacteristic. For example a threatening-looking parasite controlled polar bear will have a low, moaning voice befitting of a sloth or the small long-range firing vacuum cleaners will snarl out “did you ask for a professional?” in a demonic-electronic voice. As well each different unit has been given an ethnic background of sorts and some of the voices employ accents. For instance, the dishwasher units have a French accent and each dish washer unit will have a French name such as “J4cu3s” or “M0nsi3rGust4v3”. On the other hand, the oven units have an Italian accent and will have names like “M4rio” or “Rocc0”.


Furthermore, whether it be from events like units moving on the field, short range and long range attacks or even simply spending points to boost a characters stats, everything has it’s own unique in-game animation and sound effect. Each character moves uniquely and sounds different from others when doing so. Needless to say, Studio Chahut appears to have pulled no punches in the art and sound departments.


Although Post Human W.A.R. is still in its infancy stages in terms of public reception, the game has a lot unique features to offer fans of the tactical strategy genre. As well, the game has simple battle mechanics with a short learning curve for gamers new to the genre looking for a place to start. The game’s story is quirky and fun, giving the tactical strategy genre a naturalistic and post-apocalyptic flair free of zombies and the robotic singularities.

Most of all, the game designers held nothing back in terms of graphics and sound. The game tutorials are well made, short and sweet. The in-game animations and sound effects suit the wackiness of the game and are unique enough to eliminate any feelings of redundancy, yet simple and quick enough that they don’t take too much time out of the game. All in all, Studio Chahut succeeds in creating a tactical strategy game unique enough to shield it from direct competition with heavy hitters like Starcraft while being interesting enough to warrant a play-through from serious tactical strategy gamers. 

+ Short learning curve, basics are simple and easy to pick-up – Unit movement animation speed cannot be enhanced
+ Quick online matchmaking – A large variety of units requires time to grasp strengths and weaknesses of each
+ Humorous and quirky story
+ Well polished graphics and audio

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