Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel-Art Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you didn't know about Divoom, it's time to pay attention. Whereas the competitors are satisfied with churning out the same old regular Bluetooth speakers, this company packs theirs with so many awesome features that they'll make your head spin.

Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel-Art Bluetooth Speaker Review


In a world that always seems to be moving fast and in a hurry, having some music on the go is an absolute must. In regards to that fact, the last decade has seen the advent of portable and compact Bluetooth speakers. Today, the market is overflowing with them to the point that you can easily find them in literally all shapes and sizes as well as varying price points.

While they are getting smarter and more packed with features, at the end of the day, they are still just a speaker with not much practical use outside of that fact. But not in the case of Divoom’s smart lineup of products. This company managed to make what would otherwise be a simple Bluetooth speaker into an awesome looking, useful and fun package. How so? Let’s break it down.

Divoom Timebox Evo is available for purchase on Amazon as well as on the Divoom webshop.


First up, the design. On its surface, the Timebox Evo is a simple, regular old Bluetooth speaker with a rectangle design. What separates it from the crowd is the fact that its front side is entirely made out of a single piece LED panel while the backside is devoted to the speaker. On its side, you’ll find the power on button, while on the top you have your media controls and a button to change screen animations and lighting modes.

Divoom Timebox Evo Review - Small but powerful
The screen itself looks awesome. It’s bright and colorful in all lighting conditions and can display 16 million colors. The sides themselves are not made with cheap plastic but are instead covered in a smooth matte finish not prone to fingerprints.

Being fairly small, its weight of 316 grams might surprise you but don’t take it as a negative. This is mainly due to the 2500 mAh battery that will last you up to 6 hours of Bluetooth music playback. This is of course shortened depending on the screen usage and volume, but it’s generally enough to keep it running during any sort of activity or event that you take it to.

When talking about the sound, for such a small device, you’ll be very pleased that it’s able to get pretty loud. I did, however, find that certain high-pitched songs produce distortions, but only when the volume is dialed to its absolute max. With that being said, the mid-range sound is really awesome while the vocals remain crystal clear no matter the volume.

Divoom Timebox Evo Review - Useful widgets
It’s by no means a perfect package, and while the device is fully capable of filling the moderately crowded room with sound, it lacks a deeper, hard-hitting, bass that you get in some higher-end speakers on the market. However, for its price point, Timebox Evo sounds incredibly good and will satisfy everyone but the most demanding audiophiles.

Now, this would be a point where a review for any other Bluetooth speaker would be finished. Timebox, however, has plenty more capabilities under that LED screen and the real fun starts once you download the Divoom Smart app to your smartphone.

Dimensions:98.5L x 98.5W x 38H mm
Driver size:2” full range
Output power:6W
Signal to noise ratio :≥75dB
Battery Capacity :2500 mAh
Battery Voltage :3.6 V
Battery Charge Time :3.5h hours
Playback Time:Up to 6 hours
Bluetooth compliant:Bluetooth V5.0 smart
Frequency Response:95-20K Hz

pixel-art and OTHER FEATURES

The application itself asks you to register a Divoom account but this is purely optional and you can proceed using its functions even without one. Once you are inside, you are immediately greeted with a screen showcasing tons of user-created pixel animations which you can apply to your Timebox without any time delay.

The animations themselves fall into a couple of categories ranging from cartoons, and holidays to nature, fashion and many others. Many of them feature highly recognizable pop culture related animations and the quick search option enables you to quickly find what you are looking for. While these offer no practical use, they look so great and run so smooth that’s it’s a real pleasure exploring them and having them run on your screen even when you aren’t directly using the Timebox.

Divoom Timebox Evo Review - An amazing companion app
The home button will take you to all the available applications. First up are the fairly robust design, animation and text editor apps with which you can easily create your own pixel presets. These can range from simple freeform drawing to creating entire animations.

The third app is the one in which you have your set of useful tools and settings. You can set the Timebox to display a flashing icon of a social network or messaging app each time you receive a notification. There’s even a planner, a calendar, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. Along with the nifty scoreboard display and a noise meter, you even have some simple pixel games like Tetris and Astro battle. Each of these tools has a cute little animation to go along with it so it’s never just a boring pixelated text.

Divoom Timebox Evo Review - It'sa me Mario
The sleep app offers a handful of adjustable presets that create a certain mood like being near a campfire or a river creek. I especially liked the thunder and rain preset that featured the deepest and most realistic sound that really helped me fall asleep a couple of times. In addition, when playing any of the presets, the screen turns into a warm shade of orange to really further the overall “going to sleep” mood.

Other than that, you can set an alarm, play some music directly from the app and even try your hand at being a DJ with the mixer app. I personally found this insanely fun and messed around with it for a long while. It’s essentially a soundboard with different instruments and audio samples that you can combine to record your own mini-songs. It’s nothing that’s not readily available in tons of other mobile applications, but having it reproduced on the Timebox and backed up by sweet animation is an awesome feature to have on a speaker.

Divoom Timebox Evo Review - Divoom vs. Thanos
The “Channel” menu turns your Timebox into a widget that can display the time, the date, weather as well as the current temperature. This will probably be, like in my case, the go-to mode when you are having the Timebox just sitting on your desk, not being actively used.

All in all, all the above will certainly make the Timebox the awesome showpiece of your entire desk setup. All the more due to the fact that its minimal design will eventually blow away all interested parties as soon as you dive into many of its features. Even though some of its capabilities are purely aesthetic, its meant to be an easy to use audio-visual experience and it completely succeeds in that regard.


Ultimately, the addition of the pixel-art LED screen coupled with the user-friendly companion app turns the Timebox Evo from a simple Bluetooth speaker into a full-fledged experience that packs a ton of personality.

It costs 3 times less than its main pixel-art smart clock competitor, produces really solid sound, and offers a whole host of visually stunning and fun capabilities unlike anything else present on the market. While it won’t please the die-hard audiophiles, it’s still definitely one of those devices that is well deserving of being bragged about and showcased to your friends and family at any chance you get.

– That LED screen– Lacking some bass
– Great companion app with tons of user-created content– Not enough useful widgets
– Good sound quality 
– Solid standalone battery life 

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