Be Funny Now! Review: Saved by 2.0? (PC)

Be Funny Now! had a rough period after launch. With it's 2.0 update most of the glaring issues have been fixed and it's still great to play with friends. But is this free game YouTuber Jacksfilms envisioned worth playing on your own?

Be Funny Now! Review: Saved by 2.0? (PC)

Back on May 17th, 2022, a free game YouTuber Jacksfilms envisioned and had been teasing for a few months called Be Funny Now! released on PC and mobile. The game has recently received a big 2.0 update which reworks its main game mode. The game has the potential to be very fun with friends and family. Unfortunately, playing with random people isn’t nearly as good a time.

Be Funny Now! is available on Steam, iOS and Android for free.

Be Funny Now! Steam trailer

History | Before 2.0

In the game, you would be randomly matched with others players and then vote on a prompt. Everyone then answers the winning prompt, either by typing or drawing. Finally, players would rate the answers one by one using a set of emojis. Repeat that a few times and the winner is decided. In addition to the main mode, every day there would be a Daily Question that anyone could submit an answer to. After submitting an answer, players would be presented with two random answers and could vote on which they liked better. Players could vote a few times every few hours until the winner was announced. Each player finally gets a prize based on how well they placed, with the winner getting exclusive avatar items.

Be Funny Now! had a mixed reception upon release, but still around 120,000 players within a week. An impressive accomplishment, seeing as (at the time of writing) the video announcing its release has only a few thousand more views than that.

The main issue that popped up was the voting system. The trouble was that, in random lobbies, some people would just rate everyone else’s answers as low as possible to help themselves do better. Over time, lobbies would become less populated and the Daily Question would receive fewer and fewer submissions. Eventually, the free game YouTuber Jacksfilms created was essentially dead.

A few months after Be Funny Now!’s release, in October, Jacksfilms tweeted about needing testers for a big update to the game. Jacksfilms also streamed on his Twitch channel a few times to show off the game’s free update. And finally, on November 8th, Be Funny Now! released its 2.0 update.

Here's why my game failed.

Gameplay | Redesigned for the Better

I had actually played the game the day it came out; I had been excitedly waiting for it. I did enjoy it when I had played it, but I definitely saw the issues. When I learned about Be Funny Now!’s 2.0 update, I was excited to give it another go. So, over the past week, I’ve been playing quite a bit of Be Funny Now! and I’ve enjoyed it. But has this free game YouTuber Jacksfilms envisioned been saved? In terms of gameplay, 2.0 has massively improved the experience of playing with random people. 

Playing with Strangers

The big change that came with 2.0, as I’ve mentioned, was the redesign of the main game mode. With the reworked voting system, players are presented with two responses to the given prompt and pick their favorite. Then, winning answers are pitted against each other. Ties are won by the faster answer.

Two answers being pitted against each other in the game's reworked voting system.

Two answers being pitted against each other in the game’s reworked voting system.

While these changes improved playing with randoms, it didn’t fix one of the most glaring issues. Playing this type of game with people you don’t know and can barely communicate with is hard. Nobody knows what anyone’s sense of humor is like, no inside jokes can be made and that’s ignoring what may be the worst problem.

Without a way to communicate, whether that be text or voice chat, the game feels kind of barebones. You can’t hear people laughing at your joke, or even tell if they liked it. Votes are nice, but did they vote for you because you were funny or because your competition was worse?

The winner of one of Be Funny Now!'s prompts: drawing a new logo for YouTube.

The winner of one of Be Funny Now!’s prompts: drawing a new logo for YouTube.

This is even more obvious an after playing with friends and family. Being in the same room or on a voice call with the people you’re playing games with is just so much better and going back to playing with random people is hard.

And, unfortunately, playing with randoms is even more difficult due to the low player count. If you could frequently get into matches, having a boring one occasionally wouldn’t be a big deal. But with the most concurrent players on Steam during December being a mere 14, you’re unlikely to.

Jacksfilms is known for his hilarious jokes, such as calling his viewers

Jacksfilms is known for his hilarious jokes, such as calling his viewers “fam squad” in 2017.

Gaming with the Fam Squad

Luckily, with it being a free game, Be Funny Now! is really fun and really easy to play with friends and family. Both 2.0’s reworked game mode and the original mode are available to play in private lobbies. So, is this free game YouTuber Jacksfilms envisioned worth playing with friends? Yes, under certain conditions.

I’ve tried to avoid comparing Be Funny Now! to any of the Jackbox games, but they really are very similar. I won’t explain the Jackbox series here, but if you have any of those games and a way to play them with people you know, do that instead. But there are plenty of reasons you couldn’t play the Jackbox games. While generally a good value, Jackbox Party Packs tend to be $30 USD or so. Compared to Be Funny Now!’s price of $0 USD, it’s easy to see which is more accessible. Plus, Be Funny Now! is entirely played on your phone or PC. With Jackbox, you either have to be in the same room or stream the game over Discord or another app.

A player responding to one of Be Funny Now!'s text prompts.

A player responding to one of Be Funny Now!’s text prompts.

Graphics & Sound | Remixes Galore

All of the sound effects for clicking buttons, the audience and other small things are fine, nothing special, but they get the job done. What I really want to touch on is the music. The soundtrack is done by Marshal Keep and is available on Spotify. Aside from the main theme, each piece of music is a remix of a Jacksfilms songs. Each remix is excellently done and never gets old. And I’m a fan of Jacksfilms, so to hear a remix of not just one of my favorites of his, but one of my favorite compositions period? It was exciting. There’s not much more I can say about the soundtrack than that. I love it, although maybe there could’ve been one or two more songs.

Be Funny Now!'s Steam cover image.

Be Funny Now!’s Steam cover image.

As for graphics, the art style was another issue many had with the game. While I can understand it isn’t for everyone, I quite like it. It’s charming and every item available for your avatar looks nice. In terms of UI, it’s a strangely low resolution at times. More specifically, the icons for coins, gems, tomatoes and roses are pixelated and have artifacts on them. Nothing too bad, but it’s worth noting.

Conclusion | Being Funny with Friends

I’ll ask one more time, was Be Funny Now! saved by 2.0? Unfortunately not. I think that everything here is solid enough that it could have been a hit. But, for whatever reason, it never gathered the player base it needed. That’s really what it comes down to. But, I would still highly recommend you give it a shot with friends and family. Plus, with so few players, it should be pretty easy to win the Daily Question.

Be Funny Now! was reviewed on PC.

While its main draw of playing with random people may have fallen flat, Be Funny Now! is still a great game to play with people you know well. Having such charming graphics and an incredible soundtrack to boot, Be Funny Now! is always great on the eyes and ears. With 2.0, you essentially have two game modes in private lobbies and the game being free makes those lobbies easy to populate with friends. A solid experience if you can get a group together to play.
  • Excellent Soundtrack
  • Charming Art Style
  • Fun With Friends and Family
  • Being Free Makes It Easily Accessible to Anyone
  • Playing with Random People Has Mixed Results
  • Low Player Count

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