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ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON is a perfect package for those who seek a mech game with a brilliant battle system combined with an immersive story, giving you the ultimate gaming experience. With an enhanced enemy AI, every combat skirmishes can turn into nightmares if you fail to prepare thoroughly, so it's best to buckle up before piloting the badass mechs in the game.

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Review Mech Enthusiasts's Dream Come True (PC)ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON is the latest addition to the beloved franchise that has kept mech enthusiasts and fans of fast-paced, high-stakes battles eagerly waiting. This game manages to deliver a captivating experience, combining intense combat, deep customization, and a richly developed world. This review will take a deep dive into ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON‘s story, as well as many gameplay mechanics that await the players inside. Let’s begin.

As one of the fans who eagerly awaited this new entry within the Armored Core series, I had high hopes for ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON, and oh boy, FromSoftware managed to deliver. Big time. I expected an enjoyable mech battle that has a wide range of combat options, as well as an equally compelling story to accompany that gameplay aspect, and this game has them all. 

ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON on multiple platforms. The game is available on Steam for $39.99, on PlayStation Store for $59.99, and on Xbox Store for $59.99.


Story: Incredible Experience

The story of ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON is a gripping adventure through a post-apocalyptic world with political intrigue, complex characters, and moral dilemmas. The game successfully blends storytelling with gameplay, making the player’s choices feel meaningful. In addition, the world-building and lore provide a strong foundation for the story, while the unexpected plot twists and moral challenges keep players engaged from start to finish. In short, this game is a prime example of how storytelling can elevate an action-packed experience into something truly memorable.

The game’s narrative unfolds in a meticulously crafted post-apocalyptic world filled with political intrigue and factional warfare. Moreover, the lore is superb, and the world feels alive, with each mission providing new insights into the complex web of alliances and rivalries. Engaging with the story adds an extra layer of immersion to the experience.

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Review Mech Enthusiasts's Dream Come True Deployment


Gameplay: Exhilarating Mecha Battles

ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON delivers on the promise of thrilling mech battles. The combat system is both nuanced and accessible, allowing both newcomers and veterans to enjoy intense battles. Each mission presents a unique challenge, requiring strategic thinking and adaptability. The enemy AI is formidable, ensuring that battles remain engaging and demanding, even after hours of gameplay.

For this review, we’re going to talk about the mech customization as well as the diversity in combat situations, the major features that set ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON from the previous games.

Diverse Combat

ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON keeps the fight fresh by giving the players the freedom to choose how to engage in each combat. There are no apparent limits to how you can approach every encounter within the game, so the battles can never be predictable and boring, allowing an exciting experience throughout your journey.

For example, if you want to save up on ammo for the upcoming boss fight, you can use the melee option if you want to keep the enemy guessing your next move. If you want to be a swift mech pilot, then you can try dodging all those projectiles during the fight, which you can do by dashing in an omnidirectional way. Moreover, each mission in the game gives a unique challenge that requires the player to think strategically and adapt to the given situation, so there’s no such thing as monotone skirmishes where you say: “Ugh, this mission type again“, or “Really? More of these?“. Moments such as these are very minimal, if not, never occur during my single campaign playthrough.

Oh, another thing to note is that the enemy AI is quite challenging, to the point where you must devise a plan every time you encounter enemy mechs. Not only that but the different enemy types can also tie you down longer if you’re not careful on how to approach and defeat them effectively, and I have to admit, I did face some moments like this during my playthrough. However, this means that ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON offers the best obstacles that still retain its sense of fun,  which is incredible and sets the tone very clear: You’re not getting away from any fight easily, though every fight is incredibly fantastic.

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Review Mech Enthusiasts's Dream Come True Assaulting a Base

Assaulting a Base.

Mech Customization

ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON gives players the ability to create their unique mechs with their preferred playstyle, if you are someone who prefers to fight in the air, you can do that, and if you are someone who prefers to fight on the ground, you can also do that. The choices are in the player’s hands, and there are a lot of freedoms of combat available within the game.

And lastly, which I think is quite a neat feature, is that you can add your picture in the game as the emblem, which is an incredibly cool and brilliant move from FromSoftware, giving the players more flexibility in customization.

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Review Mech Enthusiasts's Dream Come True First Mission

First Mission.

Endless Replayability Value

Moving on, ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON provides something that many games rarely give out: Replayability value. 

With the multitude of customization options, branching mission paths, and the ever-evolving multiplayer scene, ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON offers virtually endless replay value. You’ll find yourself returning to the game again and again, each time discovering new strategies, load-outs, and challenges.

Graphics and Sound: Next-Gen Delight

ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON‘s graphics are indeed very impressive and next-level. The mechs are well-designed, with each one feeling unique. This provides us with a wide range of enemies and customization options. In addition, the world and the environments themselves are beautifully rendered, allowing us to bask in the amazing landscapes.

Moving on to the sound department, I have to say that FromSoftware absolutely nails it. The soundtrack complements the action perfectly, enhancing the immersion and adrenaline-pumping moments during combat. Throughout my playthrough, I never met a dull moment in the sound department. Even small fights against enemy mechs were exciting thanks to the wonderful sound design, such as the explosions and bullet sounds.

Overall, ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON is a great game with a lot to offer. It has diverse combat, freedom of customization, and beautiful graphics. The music is also great. This game is a must-play for mech enthusiasts, both veterans, and newcomers alike.

ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON delivers an astonishing experience of mech battles, combining freedom of choice with incredibly smart enemy AI, making every battle feel different and challenging. The story within the game is also intriguing, and the weight behind it is very real and memorable. Moreover, the superb graphics and sound design make the experience of playing the game more surreal, setting us on a journey that will remain in our hearts for years to come.
  • Amazing mech battles throughout the game
  • Boss Fights are unique and challenging
  • The graphics are very impressive
  • The soundtrack helps elevate the actions
  • Diverse customization options
  • Some Bosses are slightly annoying

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