Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Release the Eradicator

With one week left before the season finale, this review showcases how Superman & Lois is marching strong. Clark and Lois have to track down Morgan Edge before it’s too late. The highlights on the decay of Smallville and the fantastic battles with Tal-Rho make for an incredible episode.

Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Release the Eradicator

After a long production cycle, Superman & Lois is almost at an end. We see the end of a lot of storylines, including the development of Smallville and Morgan Edge. The show’s themes, including how a modern small town is dealing with the current times, are wonderfully put on full display. With a tense story delivered by these amazing characters, it’s one of the show’s best hours.

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If you missed it last week, you can read about the previous Superman & Lois episode.

Story: Smallville Meltdown

The episode is set three weeks after Tal-Rho escaped from prison and became the Eradicator. It turns out that Smallville is hurting pretty bad as businesses are shutting down, and the DOD is still operating in town. When we first saw the town in the pilot, it was hurting pretty bad. Somehow, it turned out that Morgan Edge caused even more damage, and seeing the fallout is fascinating. It’s like every negative emotion is at a boiling point with all the citizens.

It doesn’t help that Chrissy is running headlines about the DOD influence in this small town. This leads to one of the best scenes in the episode with the town hall debate about the DOD. The anger that people have over the events of Morgan Edge and businesses now shutting down is something you can feel. Like something that not even Superman can go up against and win. It effectively captures what small rural areas are going through, not having their voice heard. This leads to suffering as they can’t do anything to save their homes.

As that’s bad enough, Sharon Powell, Derek Powell’s mother, enters the meeting and turns up the heat even more. She has receipts of what the government has done and debates against Lois. Kudos to the actress playing Sharon Powell, Jill Teed on a standout performance. Even with one scene, there’s so much frustration, anger, and pain in her voice that you can’t help but sympathize with.

Clark and Lois talk to General Lane about Tal-Rho

Clark and Lois talk to General Lane about Tal-Rho.

Characters & Performances: Just Trying to be Normal 

Continuing from the last episode, Jonathan and Jordan try to have a normal day and this time, end up at a party. Jonathan takes some advice from John Henry Irons and tries to be a normal kid, instead of making weapons and playing government with him. He meets up with Tegan, the student who wanted information from him while playing hooky, and it’s a big improvement. We get her backstory and it’s nice to see some actual development from this character. Jordan Elsass continues to deliver as his sympathetic and likable charisma just bursts out when watching him.

We also see more development in the Jordan and Sarah relationship and they’re still great together. A common cliche for The CW shows is the forced romantic pairings, but this one feels really natural. Because of the dealings with Morgan Edge, the Cushings feel that they need to move away from Smallville, meaning the two lovebirds would have to do long-distance dating. Both Alex Garfin and Inde Navarrette do a great job in their scene where they tearfully reveal ways how to make dating long-distance work. It makes a plot point that feels a little forced with trying to cause some romantic disturbance by the writers into something natural.

Speaking of the Cushing family, we see Lana and Kyle trying to move far away from Smallville. It leads to a powerful scene with Sarah telling off her parents about being cowards. Granted, their situation isn’t good as they’re considered social pharaohs now. However, she brings up a great point that her parents are hypocrites because both of them abandoning Smallville, even know they were disappointed other people were leaving during the beginning of the season. It’s a great job done by all three of them by having a fight that doesn’t feel forced for drama and have it be natural. Also, with Martha Kent passing, they have become the heart of this town. If the heart leaves, so do any future for the community.

Cinematography & Sound: Battle of Metropolis

We get a lot of action during the second act with a massive battle in Metropolis. Superman and John Henry Irons arrive at the scene to take out the Eradicator. It shows how much this show has such an advantage over other Arrowverse shows. Most of the time, it felt like the battle at Metropolis is something you would see on the big screen. Including this fantastic shot of Superman crashing into an office building in slow motion also feels like a panel from a comic. Combine with a beautiful music piece, and you got yourself a fantastic action scene.

The fight in the city is eerily similar to the one we saw at John Henry Iron’s earth, but it feels a little off in this episode. That scene from episode 7 was stunning, with a sunrise in the background as the Kryptonians destroyed the city. This interpretation has cloudy skies and dull sunshine that make it feel a slight drag to what’s going on. The show is done color grading before to show some of their scenes done at dusk or dawn so it’s not impossible. All it needed was a little more color for it to pop. 

Editing & Pacing: Almost at the Finish Line

With the season wrapping up, we’re treated to a couple of callbacks that help tie this season over. Sharon Powell makes an appearance, and the inclusion of Derek Powell from the early episodes has this full circle feeling. Also, with the fight scene in Metropolis, there are many visual throwbacks regarding the evil Superman we’ve seen. Without giving too much away, it helps John Henry Irons character arc with his goal of protecting Lois. The callbacks also help put in retrospect of our character journeys. It builds the momentum of how the season will wrap up next week.

With just one more episode left, the penultimate episode does the show justice. We get to revisit old plot points that feel organic and gripping to the drama. There’s also a good amount of action scenes that feel like movie quality. After this episode, the season finale can’t come sooner.
  • Great Callbacks
  • Jordan and Jonathan
  • Battle of Metropolis
  • Needed a little more color.

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