SpongeBob SolitairePants Review: Welcome To Bikini Bottom (iPhone)

A look at the video game, SpongeBob SolitairePants, and a run-down review of this unique version of the card game. Including the basic set-up of the board, the special deck pick-ups, and the different game modes involved in this sea-themed game.

SpongeBob SolitairePants Review Welcome To Bikini Bottom (iPhone)

SpongeBob SquarePants has had many wacky adventures over the last twenty-four years. The plucky yellow sponge has done almost everything, from learning how to drive to getting into mischief with his friend, Patrick. So, it’s no surprise that the little sponge had to unwind and play a card game in his downtime. SpongeBob SolitairePants is a twist on the classic single-player card game. Being offered on Apple Arcade, and developed by Viacom International, SpongeBob SolitairePants showcases the traditional card game with elements from the animated television show. Let the SpongeBob SolitairePants review begin! Victory Screech! 

SpongeBob SolitairePants is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

SpongeBob Solitaire Pants - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS)



You play as SpongeBob SquarePants. During his busy day, filled with daily activities, he plays SpongeBob SolitairePants


The player tries to solve a tic-tac-toe-styled card playing area. Then, you draw cards in the center space of the gameboard and place them on the left, right, up, and down spaces. The four corners are used as temporary storage squares. Like classic Solitaire, the player has to place cards on top of other cards. With numbers either above, or below, those on the board. Once you empty the cards in the center draw pile square, the level is completed. After the level has been finished, it’s on to the level select screen as a new level is unlocked. The player can choose the next level or play a previous one. Playing a previous level could be useful if improving the number of stars obtained in that particular level is necessary.

Moving cards on the playing field

Moving cards on the playing field

Game Modes

The game has three modes – Quest, Classic, or Battle mode. In Quest, the player goes through a storyline mode by completing levels. Classic mode is where one tries to clear all fifty-two cards, in the deck, on a time limit. Third, the Battle mode is the option to face off against other players in a battle of the minds. The game also features a daily challenge, where picking up extra coins and boosters can be obtained. If a player can’t make any more moves on the playing field…it’s game over.

Special Features

People can collect coins throughout SpongeBob SolitairePants, to purchase special decks. These special decks include pineapple, SpongeBob, graffiti, tiki, punk, sweater, and beachy keen. They start with a price tag of a few hundred coins, climbing to 1,500 in value. You can also get special decks by achievements, ranks, quests, and special events. Throughout the game, you will unlock booster power-ups, as well as leveling up, once a certain amount of points has been obtained. This will also unlock additional features. Boosters can aid the player in certain ways, like the spatula, which can eliminate a particular card on the playing field. These can be quite useful if someone is running out of the number of allotted moves that the level requires to finish it.

Unlock levels throughout the game

Unlock levels throughout the game


Returning to the main title screen, and clicking on the settings button at the bottom corner, will take you to the settings menu. This is where people can adjust the music and sound, volume sliders, to meet their preferred listening preference. Someone could also turn off and on the tips feature, and choose the language the font in the game will appear in. 


Also, the player can find the leaderboard button on the main title screen. Here, you can keep track of the different types of achievements that can be obtained. Such as bestest BFFs, potato salad, fortnight plus one, Smitty Werben Man Jensen, collector novice, collector expert, maybe next time, and cards on the table. This is also where players can keep track of the leaderboard, and the scores of other people. Daily challenges exist where scores of other participants throughout that event can be viewed. 

Special Deck

At the bottom center of the main title screen, is a special deck button icon where you can select the special deck. Use this to lock in the desired deck to play with. These special decks will be unlocked throughout the game.


A button with a question mark on the main title screen acts like a help center for the player. It shows gameplay tips and the main tutorial that can be played again anytime.

Audio & Graphics

SpongeBob SolitairePants is a fun little game that offers solid graphics and elements from the tv series, such as the characters’ voices. It also features soothing music from the show. The background artwork, and the animation, are crisp. The font and texture of the images, on the screen, live up to the SpongeBob SquarePants show itself. 

This review was done playing SpongeBob SolitairePants on an iPhone. 

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If you like the gang of SpongeBob (such as Patrick, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, etc.), and the concept of the game solitaire, then this game might be a video game to take a gander at. In all of its card-flipping, patty-tossing, squared-shaped glory!
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Great Voice Overs
  • Entertaining Card Play Setup
  • Fun Animation
  • Some Might Find The Booster Unlocks Long To Get To

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