Rayman Mini Review: More Rayman Please! (iPhone)

In Rayman Mini, players will discover a new world larger than anything they have seen in the series. Dash your way through levels filled with wonderfully depicted environments, and catch those lums! Another adventure in the Rayman saga begins.

Cover to Rayman Mini

Since the series was introduced into people’s homes in the mid-1990s, Rayman has released great video games after great video games throughout the years. In 2019, the developers at Ubisoft made another great addition to this beloved franchise in Rayman Mini. Being offered through Apple Arcade, people can relive their fascination with the plucky protagonist in an all-new adventure. With elements from other games in the series, this particular one is a side-scroller constant running game that includes jumping and hitting your way to the finish line. What’s that? Do you want the review already? Well…let’s do this! 

Rayman Mini is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

There are a bunch of Rayman games out there in the series as well. 

Rayman Mini - Launch Trailer

Story – Mini Yet Powerful

The main character, Rayman, finds himself in a world much larger than the others he has encountered before. He is now petite and tiny in stature, and has to run through obstacles to clear his way through levels (locations.) I enjoyed the different concept of Rayman being shrunk down in size, because it heightens his overall attitude of the guy who doesn’t give up no matter the challenges ahead of him. 

Gameplay – Run Rayman Run 

Throughout the game, Rayman will constantly be running in a side-scrolling environment. The controls are pretty straightforward, which I enjoyed. Basically, the player is going to tap and hold the screen to perform an action. If the player hits the left side of the screen, they will do a movement action, and hitting the right side of the screen unleashes an attack command. The concept of running all the time is a different pace from other games that one will play in their day-to-day activities. Sometimes, this can be a little tricky, as someone might run right past an item they want to grab. Don’t let this detour you, though, as you can replay a level at any time.

Riding a wave in Rayman Mini

Riding a wave in Rayman Mini

Adventure is the go-to gameplay in the game, as this will be where Rayman enters different worlds. Once a certain number of levels in a world have been completed, the player will unlock a new world to explore. There are lums to collect in these levels. There is also a challenge option to play, which is where Rayman has to test his wits, and see how far he can travel through an area before getting hurt. Every week, there will be different challenges for you to conquer. I find this enjoyable because it will be a good back-and-forth between this and adventure mode. The objection to challenges is to increase your awesomeness level. There is a music-level option, which I found to be a very challenging experience. You have to have nerves of steel to pull these levels off. 

Collect costumes along the way

Collect costumes along the way

Player Profile

Pressing the player profile button on the main screen, will bring up your stats thus far in the game. How many items you have collected. Clicking on the achievements button, will bring up a list of all the achievements that Rayman has to pick up during gameplay. These include honor student, greedy, shopper, globox mania, tourist, and surfer. 


On the main screen, in the upper right corner, there will be a t-shirt icon button where people will be taken to the costumes screen. This is where you will change outfits and appearances regarding four characters. Rayman…and also, Barbara, Globox, and Minimus. Throughout Rayman Mini, players will try to earn lums, which will help unlock new costumes. This is an entertaining bonus. 

Audio & Graphics – Sleek And Fun

The graphics in Rayman Mini is absolutely stunning. It legitimately puts a smile on your face at how colorful and harmless the feel of the graphics and animation are presented throughout the game. I immensely enjoyed the developers’ work in this game to make it look innocent and childish. The attention to detail on individual objects in the game was superb. As for the music in Rayman Mini, for the most part, it was a home run. Personally, I didn’t really care for the theme song on the costumes screen. But the sounds and music, as a whole, were incredible. 

Rayman Mini was reviewed on an iPhone.

Rayman Mini gets a solid pat on the back for living up to the vibe and aura of what a Rayman game should be. You can't help but smile when you play a game like this. Very chill and calm type of video game experience. Highly recommend it for those that want to escape, and enjoy a world filled with wonder and colorful imagery. This game is fun for a seasoned veteran of the series, or one just discovering the game.
  • Best graphics around
  • Fun gameplay
  • Easy to use controls
  • Some might find particular music tracks lacking
  • Some might find the music levels overly difficult

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