Legends of Callasia: The Stoneborne Review

Legends of Callasia is a turn-based strategy title inspired by tabletop conquest games. Focusing on the dwarven race, its new DLC "The Stoneborne" adds a bit of flavor to the otherwise dry strategy game. But priced at $7.99, are the additions worth the extra cost?

Legends of Callasia: The Stoneborne Review


Legends of Callasia is a turn-based strategy game available on PC and iOS. With accessible game mechanics and an aversion to intrusive ads or microtransactions, it has the potential to be an enjoyable timesink for casual strategy fans. However, its generic aesthetic and overly simplistic mechanics make it less than memorable.

With the new "Stoneborne" DLC, developer Boomzap is attempting to spice up its lukewarm conquest game. But priced at $7.99, is it worth the extra dough for current players, or does it add incentive for new ones to jump in?

The DLC can be bought on Steam for 7.99$.


"The Stoneborne" adds 10 new campaign levels, 11 new units and 20 new maps among other additions. Taking place during the Callasian War, the dwarven Stoneborne decide to retreat into their ancestral homes beneath the earth, The Great Dark. But their exodus isn't without adversity, as the nightmarish Cavespawn stand between them and safety. Your task is to command the Stoneborne to take back their dwelling in the foreign, underground caves of Callasia.

Narratively, there are no surprises. Much like the standard campaign, the "The Stoneborne" doesn't attempt to go beyond a standard, generic fantasy story, which is permissible in a turn-based strategy game.


The setting of The Great Dark creates some interesting challenges in how you craft your strategy. Rather than the four seasons that occur above the surface in the main campaign, The Great Dark has the seasons of Sprout, Spore and Wilt. These don't change the game dramatically but do serve as a reminder for where the battles of this DLC are taking place.

Something similar can be said for the other additions; the new heroes, enemy factions and maps are marginally different but don't change the game significantly enough to get excited over. The same strategies that work in the base game are still viable here, save for a few new considerations given the different seasons.

Legends of Callasia Battle Map


The addition of 20 new maps will likely be welcome for those who are burnt out over the base set. The Risk-esque battlefields of "Legends of Callasia" are changed up for this DLC, but again, there's nothing ground-breaking about their design.

Truthfully, "The Stoneborne" feels like it should have been a free update rather than a paid expansion. There's not a ton to get excited about, and including the new cards and maps which seem like they should be a gift to keep the community alive instead of being hidden behind a pay-wall.

It's worth noting that buying "Legends of Callasia" on PC will give you access to the upcoming iPad and Android tablet versions. It's a value worth considering as it seems more apt to a mobile experience than a desktop strategy game, but for a little under $30 for the complete package, it might not be for everyone.


Much like the base game "The Stoneborne" isn't bad, but it's not exactly noteworthy. The right kind of player will surely get something out of both "Legends of Callasia" and "The Stoneborne", but for those who are looking for a beefy new strategy game to devote their time to, maybe look a little harder before making the leap of faith.

 + Some more layers of strategy for longtime players  – Little content for asked price
 + New beefy 10-mission campaign  – Lackluster expansion for a lackluster game

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