Justice League Action Run Review

Get ready to try your favorite DC Superhero suit and run fast to reach your goals. A fast-paced game that brings more than just a simple running structure. Enjoy videos comic book stories and defeat the most popular villains in this app.

Justice League Action Run Review


Justice League Action Run is an endless running game available for free on both App Store and Google Play.  This mobile app is based on the original Justice League series and comic books volumes. The main idea here is to create an experience where the player must challenge the most popular and despicable villains while completing a sequence of missions with the help of great characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others.

In addition to having a selection of heroes working together to complete unique goals, players are also able to unlock character’s customization and add extra abilities features as they progress in the game.
Justice League Action Run is available for Free on the App Store and Google Play

Justice League Action Run Review. There is a nice selection of features and weapons that can be used as you try to complete all objectives on each stage.


Even though the game has a reasonable sequence of missions that will add more experience stats to each player, there is not an actual storyline on this app.  Basically, the game is divided into chapters that will give you details on each mission that should be completed. As you advance on each mission, you can unlock Boosters for each character, such as double jump and weapons selection.

There is not really a sequence of facts and details to follow and interact with, but the game tutorial is pretty extensive and will give you all details on how to select the right enhancements for abilities. It will also help you with instructions on other available customization options before each new mission starts. For players who prefer a fast go-to-action structure, this game will not disappoint, as it advances quickly on each level.

The challenges found in this game will change according to the missions you select. They can vary from simply dodging obstacles along the way to collecting specific special items within Justice Packs. Each pack carries extra content for the game, including new characters, special abilities, and collectible emblems.

Justice League Action Run Review. Although there is not a particular storyline to follow, Justice League Action Run introduces villains as part of the next sequence of missions.


Justice League Action Run has a few features that differentiate it from most running games out there. For example, as the player progresses, they are able to choose specific characters from the Justice League to overcome upcoming barriers. From that point, you must not only help them dodge obstacles by swapping left and right, but also activate special superhero abilities by tapping the screen. Continuing with this strategy will allow your team reach the goals of that particular run. You will also have the chance to swap characters while running and improve your performance on each stage.

The most difficult part of the game is battling against villains such as the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid. The reason why this can be a little challenging is due to the fact that you need to maintain your attack strategy while controlling heroes during the run.  Villains change the entire concept of the current level you are trying to complete, as they test your ability to remain focused until the end.

Another feature that makes the game interesting and enjoyable is the fact that Justice League Action Run structures the game in the format of different phases, instead of a repetition of the same run over and over again. Besides that, the game adds an extra dose of fun by combining the use of specific goals and objectives, which breaks the expectation of playing a predictable game. Finally, as players level up, they may unlock other important packs and content to enhance the performance of multiple characters. It is also important to notice that Justice League Action Run is not just a running game itself.

The app can also be used as a  network that collects information on the Justice League including videos, news, facts and even comics containing a lot of extra entertainment options. The player can always take advantage of those extra features in between runs.

Overall, the gameplay is a great entertaining option with simple controls that should be very familiar to players that enjoy similar genres such as Temple Run. However, the gameplay can be different than other similar options out there is due to the fact that it gives the player multiple alternatives of reaction as they encounter obstacles on the way.

The negative side of the game structure is based on the difficulty aspects of each phase, which can require a high level of reflexes and agility. For people who are not used to this kind challenge, it might take some extra time to become comfortable with the gameplay. In addition, as you move on in the game, you will notice a different sequence of complex traps and obstacles. Because of that, a new player might struggle a little bit in the process of dealing with all of the game elements that they need to pay attention to as the character advances.

Even though Justice League Action Run brings an easy-to-follow concept of an endless running game, it doesn’t quite give you very quick responses to commands, which can be slightly disappointing when you are trying to complete tasks.

Luckily, if you have the motivation to complete tasks and reach the next level, difficulties should not be hard to overcome. The key word for endless running games is dedication. The main advice here keeps trying and never give up. Also, have fun as you play and make sure to keep your eyes open to what is coming up next on your way. Justice League Action Run can be considered a very interesting game that may give you several hours of fun once you get the hang of it.

Justice League Action Run Review. The game brings Booster options that will give the player a better chance to succeed on each mission and defeat enemies in an easier way.


Justice League Action Run has a nice art concept that takes the player into a comic book environment, which is nice and pleasant. In addition, the app comes with great extra content that includes videos and comic books, as an extra feature for DC Heroes fans to enjoy the experience even more.

However, there is a certain limitation when you try to complete actions and run at the same time. For example, when playing the game, players may notice a short delay when trying to use features such as jumping and using special abilities at the same time. Because of that, the overall experience of using special abilities can be a little frustrating as responses to commands may not be as responsive as expected. Besides that, a few gameplay glitches can eventually prevent you from restarting the run after losing a mission. Users may also encounter a few freezing issues, forcing them to close and open the app again.  

In terms of audio, the game has a basic component for the actual run, item collection and abilities boosts. Even though the app shows a great execution of graphics and features for in- game experience, it lacks major audio characteristics to enhance the feeling of having control of a superhero in your hands. As you run in the game there are few sound components to motivate the player to keep going. On the other hand, the main menu integrates a nice superhero theme that may engage the player in the process of selecting the next mission.

Justice League Action Run Review. Completing missions in Justice League Action Run will not only allow the player to move on to the next level, but also collect special packs containing helpful content.


Considering the huge amount of endless running games out there, Justice League Action Run is able to easily stand out among other mobile apps. The reason behind that is not only due to the great idea to make the most popular DC Superheroes available in this title, but also due to the fact that a series of fun elements make this an innovative running experience which is truly fun and entertaining.
In general, this is a good game with a lot of potentials to grow. Improvements in sensitivity of controls are required for a better experience, while graphics need updates to correct animation and cartoon style. DC has a great selection of heroes, which leads the game to a much broader possibility for introducing new characters and improving abilities. As of now, the characters seem to be limited to Batman, Wonder woman, Cyborg, and Firestorm.

Finally, crashing issues must be resolved for a much smoother experience in the gameplay.

DC fans might expect a lot more from what the game can deliver in terms of content and character selection. However, when taking the time to dive into the coming book sessions, players can definitely enjoy their time and have a nice experience outside of the game itself.

 + Great graphics  – No storyline to follow
 + Multiple options for missions  – Delay on gameplay controls and actions
 + Extra content available  – Average audio
 – Needs updates for performance glitches


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