Inner Chains Review

Play as a man stranded on a planet that's full of corruption and death. You must fight your way to the Last Hope so that you can finally escape your torment. Use your three weapons and surroundings to help you escape.

Inner Chains Review


Inner Chains is a first-person survival horror game that puts players into escaping a planet that's full of misery and dread.
If you like games that have simplistic combat and pretty to look at then this game is up your alley. Relating this game to others would simply be an insult.
You can purchase this title on Steam for $19.99 but I hardly doubt you would.

Inner Chains Review


The story is about you playing as a person stuck on a planet that's in horrible conditions. Death and torture surround you at all times and the only way out is to get to a mythical place called the “Last Hope” you must fight to survive and see through it to the very end. Though to be completely honest to grasp the story was extremely unclear while I was playing the game, I honestly had no idea what was going on at all.

Inner Chains Review - Story


Inner Chains is a first-person survival horror game from which you will have three weapons at your disposal, an electricity gun, a flamethrower and a dart gun. Each with their own respective alternative fire modes. I actually enjoyed the guns in this game, they felt pretty powerful to shoot and it was actually pretty unique in how they were used in this game. For instance, this game is full of traps everywhere in this world. Everywhere you go has something that can potentially kill you or hurt you pretty badly.

Inner Chains Review - Watch out for the pokey plants!
I also enjoyed this concept of the game because you had to worry about your surroundings at all times. You can even use it to your advantage to defeat some foes and it can actually look pretty funny. Regardless you can use your flamethrower for instance to destroy these traps but at the cost of your ammo. Don't worry about ammo conservation so much because there are ammo refill stations along with your health around practically every corner but you'll have to be on the lookout for them. The a.i. of this game is pretty horrible as well, they just act really stupid or don't really strategize too well to want to kill you. It did the job for the most part but I wasn't too impressed because the game felt pretty easy.

Inner Chains Review - Simplistic combat , dumb a.i.


If there is one thing about this game that is actually good it's only its graphics. The environments look great, and while I was only able to play the game on low graphical settings before they came out for the patch of adding medium, it still looked pretty decent. I liked its harsh dark tone and serious matter throughout the entire campaign, it really made me feel like I was in a dreadful place full of death and no hope.

There is literally only two soundtracks, one for exploring and one for combat that you will hear throughout the entire game and it will drive you nuts after a while, to me it sounds like a revenge song that loops over and over and over and over again. I thought this was pretty lazy and pretty annoying, but other than that the weapons and everything else sounds pretty decent.

Inner Chains Review - Nice graphics


In conclusion, Inner Chains is a horrible mess, it has repetitive gameplay, stupid a.i. confusing and bland story and all around it just felt like a boring 3-hour experience. There was nothing about Inner Chains that was special or unique in any way possible. It was more of a chore to play honestly with no real substance. Don't get me wrong on the positives it had some fun few moments in combat and it's graphics looked good but for a $20 experience, this is a HUGE waste of time and money.  I'd recommend this game to people who like simplistic combat mechanics and something pretty to look at because to relate this game to other titles would be an insult.

+ Interesting traps / weapons – Repetitive combat
+ Game looks great – Confusing and bland story
– A.I. that's not smart at all
– 2.5 – 3 hour experience for $20 not worth it at all


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