Human: Fall Flat Online Multiplayer Update Review (Switch)

How do you make a quirky, physics base game like Human Fall Flat even more quirky? Online multiplayer of course which the dev added in the latest update. How does this affect the game and its already substantial fun factor? Read our impressions to find out.


Human Fall Flat first released all the way back in 2016 for the PC. Since then, it also released on the PS4 and XboxOne as well as the Nintendo Switch. While it has seen moderate success on the „bigger“ consoles, we felt like the portable Nintendo Switch is a natural fit for this small but fun game. That's why we gave it an 8/10 in our review which you can check out here. We noted how the local, split-screen multiplayer was an absolute blast to play and you can only imagine the mayhem that you can now produce in an online multiplayer with even more players.

Human: Fall Flat is available for purchase at Steam, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and the Nintendo Eshop.

Human: Fall Flat – Online Multiplayer Update Launch Trailer | PS4


Right off the bat, the inclusion of online multiplayer is an awesome addition to the game. Human Fall Flat has always been silly fun, especially in the until now available 2 player couch co-op. It probably had you screaming at both your co-player and the TV while trying to navigate through the intricate levels while solving all the physics-based puzzles. The dev definitely understood that their game is a pure case of „the more, the merrier“ and now 8 players can bring their Bob's to the party.

Human: Fall Flat Online Multiplayer Update - Customization
The players now have the option to join or create private and public lobbies for other players to join. When creating a lobby, you are given an option to select the level that is to be your playground, limit the number of players and set the voice chat options. Since you'll be sharing the playground with more players, the update also brings a ton of customization options for your Bob so you can stand out from the crowd. These include a bunch of new hilarious suits that will make each Bob feel both unique and totally silly, in line with the rest of the game.
When you enter a lobby, there's going to be a couple of types of players in each one. Some will go straight for the puzzle to progress to the next segment, others will be figuring out the controls while desperately clinging to other players and then there will be the saboteurs ie. people who don't care much for progressing across the level and just want to mess about.

Human: Fall Flat Online Multiplayer Update - Crowded
Each game will at one point devolve into an absolutely hilarious tug of war where some Bob's try to progress quickly while others will try and fail, desperately trying to overcome the numerous obstacles. If you become a constant nuisance, get ready to be thrown off the nearest side of the level. Any situation involving climbing will evoke images of a zombie apocalypse with a quick and skillful player climbing while others clamor below climbing over each other's heads and buts.
You'll probably try your hand at going through the puzzles if you are a new player, but if you are a returning player that did them a couple of times – you'll probably devote more time to messing about like you fell into and emptied a whiskey barrel. No matter if you play to help or sabotage, there's going to be laughs aplenty simply due to the quirky nature of the game and its controls.

Human: Fall Flat Online Multiplayer Update - Sailing
If you have an opportunity to play with a couple of friends, by all means, do that as you'll probably be laughing your ass off with the hilarious situations that you'll create together. It's probably one of the rare games where multiplayer griefing is welcome due to how funny it can be. Playing with randoms will produce fewer laughs but is still serviceable if you want to experience some of the situations above.
The update still doesn't fix the game's problem where it just doesn't have enough variety in the levels department to keep you playing for long – even with friends and especially if you are a returning player. Since the game features a very simple visual style, a level-editor/creator would bring much-needed variety and longevity to the game.


If you had any doubts, the online multiplayer for Human: Fall Flat on the Nintendo Switch is a most welcome addition that makes the game much better. The console feels like a perfect fit for the game that you'll most definitely enjoy, especially if you bring some friends along for the tumbling ride.

+ Insanely fun online multiplayer, especially with friends – The update doesn't add anything to the much-needed level variety
+ New customization options
+ Still easy to pick-up and play

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