Venatos Swapper Pro: Agile and Specialized

The Venatos Swapper Pro is purpose built to be a lightest, most powerful mouse. Thought was put into the design, hardware, and style to make sure that nothing gets in the way of smooth, accurate and unobstructed mouse movement.

Gaming mice are everywhere. They come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and button configurations. There are so many, in fact, that it might be difficult for a new mouse to make break through the noise. In order for something to stand out, it must be original, distinctive. The Swapper Pro by Venatos has made originality its pillar of attention. One look at the honeycomb design, and tasteful RGB sets the Swapper Pro apart from any mere ordinary gaming mouse.

The unboxing experience is simple and straightforward. The sleeve packaging protects the contents well. There are  instructional and promotional materials, separate solid mouse panels and finally the mouse which is sturdily held by the box.

The Venatos Swapper Pro can be found on Venato’s website for $75 and it’s also on Amazon for $74.99. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Functional mods look good and weigh very little

Functional mods look good and weigh very little

Design: Purpose Built

Initial impressions are good. The mouse, true to its promises, is very light. I found the design pleasing and streamlined. My hands are on the smaller side, but still fit very comfortably inside the curved contours of the Swapper Pro. I find my hand resting in a hybrid claw position. The base of my palm and pinky finger covers more of the mouse than my typical claw grip. I find it more relaxing than a standard claw grip, with a firmer control over wide movements.

The Swapper Pro comes with two different styles of magnetic mouse panels. There are solid panels that come with the logo of the Venatos brand, and there are the lightweight perforated panels as well. They are easily changed by simply lifting up and away. The magnets release and the next set of panels can be exchanged or even mixed and matched for a variety of styles and weights. 

Mix and match panels

Mix and match panels

The texture of the mouse panels are soft touch plastics with a matte finish. The surface itself provides some grip, but if the lightweight panels are installed, the holes provide an even better gripping surface. This is an advantage in a mouse with a claw style hold. The more your fingertips have to grab on to, the better. While there are other mice that have weight saving holes as well, this one allows full customization of their placement.

Symmetrical and Light

The Swapper Pro has a symmetrical hourglass shape. It takes after the forms of other mice such as the Razer Viper Ultimate and Corsair M55 RGB Pro. Other than the two buttons for one’s thumb, the Swapper Pro could very comfortably be utilized by lefties. On the bottom panel, which is also drilled for weight reduction, lies five hard plastic pads which glide smoothly and effortlessly over mousepads and hard surfaces alike.

RGB lights are gorgeous on the Venatos Swapper Pro

RGB lights are gorgeous on the Venatos Swapper Pro

The RGB is tastefully implemented and looks gorgeous. It covers two zones. The scrolling wheel and the rear edge underneath one’s palm. It also serves as the notification for the mouse sensitivity presets. These can be adjusted using the two buttons located directly on top of the Swapper Pro. When woken from sleep, the mouse will flash with the current DPI preset before going into whatever RGB mode you have chosen for it. 

Cable Matters

Even the cable has been specifically crafted for weight reduction. Instead of using rubber or even a braided cable, Venatos has chosen to go with a paracord covering for the cable, saving a few grams of weight for less cord drag. The result is an ultralight, low drag cord that is barely noticeable while gaming.

Even the cable on the Venatos Swapper Pro is light paracord with minimum drag

Even the cable on the Venatos Swapper Pro is light paracord with minimal drag

Performance: Fast and Accurate

The Venatos Swapper Pro uses an excellent sensor. The PMW3389 is a top of the line sensor used by industry leaders such as Razer in the Deathadder Elite and Naga Trinity. The specifications speak for themselves, however. The 3389 is capable of 16,000 Dots Per Inch, so it can be as fast as you like. The tracking speed is also impressive, capable of 400 inches per second without tracking errors. It has a 50G acceleration tolerance, which is on par or better than top of the line mice as well.

Well rounded

Of course, you may not be pushing the mouse to its absolute limit all the time, but it also applies to less intense situations as well. A better sensor does not mean it is only advantageous when used to its limit. It will feel smoother and more accurate in all situations. Although, the differences felt will be most prominent in games where mouse use is high such as first person shooters. The polling rate maxes out at 1000 hertz, so pinpoint accuracy is achievable. 

The Venatos Swapper Pro's sensor is excellent

The Venatos Swapper Pro’s sensor is excellent

A fast sensor would not be much use in a heavy mouse. Fortunately, the Swapper Pro weighs only 77 grams with the drilled panels installed and 92 grams with the solid panels on. A variation of panels can be applied for a weight somewhere between the two as well. Just how light is 77 grams? The Razer DeathAdder Elite, which uses the same sensor, weighs 25% more at 105 grams. The Corsair M65 RGB Elite weighs 117 grams, 35% more. Even with the solid panels on, the Swapper Pro can pride itself on being one of the lightest mice on the market. 

Custom highs and lows

The ability to flick the mouse about really does help with quick reactions to threats in game. While a few grams between mice might not seem like a lot, when performing tight, rapid movements, every gram counts. The perforated design also aids an unforeseen issue as well. The ability for airflow to pass in and around one’s hand while gaming keeps your hand cooler than other mice. However, while the Swapper Pro panels are easily changed, they can occasionally shift ever so slightly inside their placements. This is felt as tiny creaks in your fingers while gripping the controller. It’s a tiny gripe that does not affect gameplay, so it remains only a very small issue. It would also be difficult to correct without losing the ability to swap side panels.

Stiff Switches

Underneath the mouse buttons are Huano 20m switches, rated up to 20 million clicks. Venatos advertises them as sturdy and tactile. This is true, but I found them to be a bit stiff when I first began using the mouse. However, after a week of hard use for editing, gaming, and general browsing, the switches loosened up and I find them easier to press. However, the left mouse button has also picked up a slight crunchiness to it. It can be felt and heard when applying pressure to the mouse button just before the click. It feels like perhaps after a week of use, some play has been allowed to form in the plastics, causing rubbing and therefore the noise. Once again, not game breaking or even disrupting, but it is noticeable. 

The scroll wheel is firm at first like the buttons but also breaks into a very scrollable and pleasing medium. The scroll click is positive and breaks very clear. It’s one of my favorite scroll wheel buttons that I’ve had. 

Venatos Swapper Pro software is genuinely good

Venatos Swapper Pro software is genuinely good

Software that works

The Swapper Pro also comes with software from Venatos. The software is surprisingly adept and powerful, comparable to industry leaders. It’s capable of macro creation, full re-programmability of all buttons, extensive RGB controls of which some are a bit hilarious, polling rate customizability, profile creations, and other mouse functions. I was impressed with the functionality and simplicity of the software. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

The matte finish goes well with any hardware

The matte finish goes well with any hardware

Overall the Venatos Swapper Pro is a solid mouse. I’ve enjoyed using it the past week and it will most likely become a staple accessory on my desk. The lightness, comfort, and software all help put this mouse close to the top of my list. There are a couple small fit and finish issues that could be polished up, but the hardware inside the mouse is top notch. The Venatos Swapper Pro is aimed for the gamer who wants a mouse that can be both a comfortable daily driver and high speed accurate pointer. With the customizability and quality parts inside, I’d say Venatos hit their mark. 

The Venatos Swapper Pro is purpose built for those who want the most responsive, lightest experience possible without sacrificing decent aesthetics and powerful hardware. Venatos has provided a gaming mouse package that puts performance as a priority.
  • Ultra-light
  • Custom mouse body
  • Excellent sensor
  • Intuitive software
  • Tasteful RGB
  • Wobbly side panels
  • Creaky left button

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    Thank you for this wonderful review of the Venatos Swapper Pro! I have been searching for a thorough and non bias review of the mouse so I can compare it to the Razer Deathadder I was considering purchasing. Seems like the specs are very similar and the Venatos mouse is more affordable. I like how it comes with even more specs but I wish it was wireless. Hope Venatos comes up with a wireless (or even white) version in the future!


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