Thrustmaster T248 Review: Among the Best Entry-Level Racing Wheels

Thrustmaster brings another product for those looking to take a more serious dive into racing wheels. The T248 is simple but it brings everything you'll need for a fun, and engaging racing experience that you simply can't get with a controller.

Thrustmaster T248 Review

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I can safely say that the T248 is a step up when compared to previous Thrustmaster entry-level wheels. While the overall design isn’t aiming for realism, the wheel at least features controls that will enable you to control your game almost as if you were using a controller. The T248 minimizes the PlayStation branding and replaces it with the Thrustmaster logo and this nice, sleek black color with some silver details that make it look a bit more premium than it really is. 

It should come as no surprise that an entry-level wheel like this is made almost entirely out of plastic. While that’s the case, it’s robust and firm enough to handle even the most intense races and forces you’ll exert over it. Furthermore, the relative lightweight also makes it amazingly easy to handle and install. The T248 comes with a fairly reliable clamp that will enable you to fasten the wheel to almost any table and you can even hard-mount it to a wheel stand or a cockpit.

The T248 also comes with an awesome three-pedal board. While most of the board is made out of plastic, the pedals themselves are metal and make the entire thing look and feel more premium. The resistance on each pedal is quite realistic with the clutch and brake being harder to press on while the gas is quite easy to bottom out. You can even somewhat customize the position of each pedal, either to space them out or bring them closer to each other. All in all, a really solid pedal set elevates the T248 above most entry-level competitors.

The T248 feels great to use whether you are playing on the supported PS4, PS5, or PC. 900 degrees of rotation means you can really go all out in any race with all movements being instantaneously translated to the game. It features hybrid drive system in combination with dynamic force feedback to provide various levels of resistance depending on what’s happening in the game you’re playing. So bumps, sharp turns, jumps, crashes, and other forces that you should feel while driving are all there and the T248 does a great job of conveying them.

We tested this in games like Forza Horizon, Dirt Rally, DIRT 5, and Assetto Corsa in which you’ll definitely feel the speed, and what used to be simple jumps, overtakes and sharp turns now become heart-pounding experiences that they really should be. One issue for those of you not willing to shell out an additional $200 for a full-blown shifter, the gear shifters on the T248 are very very loud. For the rest of the details on how the T248 handles, its design quirks and more, be sure to check out our full video review.

Whether this is your first racing wheel or you are upgrading from a low-end one, at a sensible $350, the T248 is a great choice and a really full package that will enable you to enjoy racing to its fullest. Sure, you'll probably wake the neighbors with it, but thanks to the great force-feedback you'll probably be too immersed in a race to really care. 
  • Excellent force feedback
  • Light and easy to set-up
  • Great pedal set
  • Very loud gear shifters
  • Poor grip on pedal set base

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