The Hori Onyx Is The First Third Party Wireless Controller

On first impressions, it would be easy to assume that the Hori Onyx was an Xbox One controller. Its design is almost entirely identical and that’s not necessarily a problem. Many would agree Microsoft’s controllers are ergonomically superior. Yet the Hori Onyx takes the proud title of being the first third party controller that doesn’t need to be jacked into your console.

Not even the all singing, all dancing Nacon Pro Revolution can be used without first being plugged in. While the Hori Onyx may not come with E-Sports presets, downloadable from the internet for specific games, it is certainly more suited to the casual gamer. Better still, it holds Sony’s stamp of approval making it the only third party wireless controller to buy for your PS4.

The Hori Onyx Is Sony’s First Third Party Wireless Controller - A closer look
Bear in mind however, that the Hori Onyx is still lacking in a few features PS4 gamers have come to take for granted. It has no speaker, as seen on the Dualshock 4 and no light bar on the back. That basically rules it out for using in conjunction with a VR headset. Although, if you’re a PS4 gamer who longs for an Xbox controller, and who isn’t interested in VR, the Hori Onyx may well be for you. 

The Hori Onyx Is Sony’s First Third Party Wireless Controller - Back jack
If the Hori Onyx has caught your eye, it will be available for purchase from January 15th and its price is yet to be announced. For now, like a majority of Hori’s products, the Onyx will only be available in Europe. 

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