QPAD QH-700 Gaming Headset Review: Peak Stereo Quality

In the sea of entry-level gaming headsets, QPAD QH-700 Pro is an affordable, premium-feeling one, that, despite being stereo only, brings peak sound performance for whichever system or gadget you plug it into.
QPAD QH-700 Gaming Headset Review: Peak Stereo Quality

I already reviewed some QPAD products in the past and can attest to them being committed to quality first and foremost. The Swedish company is fast expanding its range of peripherals and the QPAD QH-700 Pro is the peak of their headset offering. Naturally, in a sea of surround oriented products, I decided to check out if this stereo headset is a sound solution worth its asking price of €99,90.

QPAD QH-700 Pro is available for purchase on QPAD’s website.


Much like other QPAD products, QH-700 exudes quality right out of the box. First of all, it’s very slim and minimal when compared to many other gaming headsets that usually go overboard with unnecessary design details. Here you have this beautiful stealth, matte black design that gives the headset a really sleek look. If it weren’t for the branding on the earcups and the headband, this would almost be something Sam Fisher would rock along with his iconic night vision goggles. 

It’s much the same with the materials the headset is made of. The earcups feature a combination of mate plastic with some glossy details, while the earcup supports are made from aluminum, giving the headset an overall sturdy feel. The synthetic leather on the headband has a nice dual-texture with a more dense and sturdy leather being on the outside while on the inside you have this soft and plushy leather for extra comfort.

QPAD QH-700 Headset Design

Sturdy, minimal, and stealthy

The metal adjustment arms have a simple notched mechanism that takes a bit of force to make the earcups extend, ensuring they’ll remain firmly in place once you set them to your liking. I can’t attest to their long-term durability but it seems like the headset could take years of adjustments before the notches would degrade to a degree where they wouldn’t be able to hold the earcups. 

Similar to the headband, the earcups feature some incredibly comfortable soft foam that will enable you to have long play sessions without much discomfort. Still, it’s important to note that QH-700 weighs 350 grams and this could prove to be a bit heavy for some despite the headband padding. While this won’t be a deal-breaker, keep in mind that you might need to occasionally adjust the headset to relieve the pressure if you find it just a tad too heavy. 

Aluminium earcup holders

The earcup holders are made from aluminum

The earcups can rotate backward for 90 degrees to help with optimal headset positioning and to further boost the comfort level. Rotation doesn’t require any force and the headset will automatically adjust to fit your head perfectly. However, there’s absolutely no leeway if you accidentally put the headset on the wrong way around or try to rotate the earcups to face the front. This happened to me a couple of times and I felt like I could potentially damage the rotational mechanism so definitely keep that in mind when handling the headset.

The last thing to mention in terms of the design is the fact that this is a 3,5 mm wired headset. The wire itself is hardwired to the right earcup and is only around 2m long which could be problematic depending on your primary usage of the headset. Luckily, the headset does come with a much longer extension wire that’s also a 3.5 mm splitter where you have two separate connections for the headset and the microphone.


QPAD QH-700 Headset Sound

Great sound for a stereo headset

The QH-700’s dynamic 53mm drivers offer an overall great sound quality. This headset will absolutely chew through music with clear and sharp mids and highs with some solid bass. There are absolutely no distortions, fallacies, or inconsistencies even at the fairly loud highest volume level which is a definite testament to some solid engineering going on on the inside. There’s some serviceable sound isolation here but it goes out the window once your reach around 50% volume level due to how loud the headset can get. 

Now, probably the greatest drawback to this headset is that its stereo. So no true or even simulated surround sound means that the soundstage is fairly narrow, translating to somewhat flat, less rich sound when compared to a surround headset. Don’t get me wrong, quality-wise, the headset is still really great for music, podcasts, movies, or casual gaming but it could be a bit problematic for competitive games that require a degree of spatial awareness. 


QH-700 also doesn’t have any accompanying software that could be used to adjust the sound in any way. Instead, the only controls you have are the conveniently placed volume rocker and a microphone mute button on the back of the left earcup. While some might consider this a negative, I actually think it’s a great thing that it offers a simple plug-and-play experience with great sound right out of the box no matter if you use it with your PC, smartphone, Nintendo Switch, or any other device.

QPAD QH-700 Headband

The headband is comfortable enough, considering the weight

Speaking of microphone, the QH-700 features a detachable one. While this makes things incredibly convenient if you aren’t using it, it’s still a less elegant solution than a retractable one seen in some of the competitors in the same price range. It’s also not the most flexible microphone and while you can somewhat bend it, it quickly reverts back to its default position. When it comes to sound quality, it definitely won’t replace a dedicated microphone but it’s perfectly serviceable for some casual gaming, streaming, or conference calls. 

With QPAD QH-700 Pro - what you see is what you get. And that's a well-built, sleek, premium-feeling headset with some great sound and a fairly affordable price. While it might be easy to overlook due to being a stereo headset, it's still a great entry-level solution for those who want comfort, good sound, and plug-and-play simplicity.
  • Premium feel and build quality
  • Great sound
  • Comfortable
  • Good performance/price ratio
  • It's a stereo headset
  • One-way earcup rotation
  • Lackluster microphone

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