Noblechairs Hero Review: The Endgame Gaming Chair

Noblechairs Hero series brings the worlds of premium looks and excellent back support together into a chair that can easily fit into any PC gaming setup as well as office space without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Noblechairs Hero Review


I’ve never been one to let good looks of a chair trump its comfort level which should always take the first priority. Unfortunately, many manufacturers make heavy concessions in that regard and the market is flooded with awesome looking chairs that ultimately feel very cheap and uncomfortable. Luckily, today we have a German-based company called Noblechairs and compromises definitely don’t seem to be their thing. They bring us a chair aptly named “Hero” that promises to save the day in regards to our posture and health during long sitting sessions. Join us as we play the role of a villain and fully test that bold claim.

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Noblechairs Hero - The Endgame Gaming Chair


The first thing to take special note of before diving into the specifications of the Hero is how easy is to assemble. The instructions are clear and there’s only a handful of screws to put in place. It was by far the easiest chair I’ve assembled with every segment perfectly lining up, taking me around 15 minutes to do it myself. During the assembly, I immediately noticed that the pieces are fairly light considering their size. While Hero generally falls in line with the standard measurements of medium-sized chairs, it’s actually a fair bit more robust than some of the competitor chairs. 

Noblechairs Hero Review Specifications

Robust and highly adjustable

For reference, my previous two chairs were Turismo Livomo and Secretlab’s Omega and they both seem smaller in comparison, despite being of similar weight. When it comes to hard numbers in terms of specifications, you should be sitting comfortably inside of the Hero if you come in anywhere between 160 to 185cm in height and weigh up to 150kg. While you theoretically can be taller than 185, you’d be missing out on the ability to rest your head which significantly reduces the comfort level. 

Total height (with base) 137 cm
Height adjustability 8 cm
Width backrest (shoulder level) 57 cm
Width backrest (pelvis level) 56 cm
Length backrest 89 cm
Backrest adjustability 45° (9°-135°)
Width seating area 52 cm
Armrests adjustable 4D (up and down, forward and back, turn sideways, in and out)
Rocking mechanism max. 11°
Maximum weight (user) 150 kg

                                                                                                                                                                                                  The seat itself can be adjusted to be anywhere from 48 to 56 cm from the floor so you can be firmly based on the ground when sitting no matter your height. As far as your back go, the backrest is 57 cm wide at its widest point so people with fairly mid-to-large frame will have no problems fitting right in. The armrests can be moved up or down, forward and backward and you can even adjust their width. This, coupled with everything previously mentioned ensures that the Hero will make a good fit for a wide array of people.


When it comes to the design, the Hero is, true to its namesake, built like one. Our review unit was the polyurethane leather black with white stitching and our first impression upon assembling it was great. Every visual detail of this chair exudes quality and a meticulous approach to construction. The Hero immediately establishes that it isn’t a cheap gaming chair and that its price is matched with premium quality.

Noblechairs Hero Review - Leather Upholstery

Beautiful PU leather with white stitching

Leather chairs are usually notorious among users with many manufacturers doing a poor job of fitting the material and making really bad connections at the seams which ultimately makes them more prone to wear and tear. The Hero absolutely doesn’t have any of these issues.  The leather upholstery here, not only looks great but is very tightly fitted to the frame and flawlessly stitched together. I was very thorough in my inspection and didn’t find a single piece of loosely fitted leather, an out of place stitch or a bad connection.

The overall chair shape finds a great middle-ground between being racing inspired and looking like an office throne. Unlike many of the competitor chairs which have flatter sides of the backrest with a curved seat, the Hero is the polar opposite. This results in the seat itself being more spacious and the backrest supporting you whenever you lean into its sides. The sides themselves are covered in a sort of brushed leather to spice up the design and keep it from being all-glossy leather everywhere you look.

Noblechairs Hero Review - Design detail

Brushed leather details

Besides the stitching, the chair has some other notable, but subtle details. The middle part of the backrest has a small pin that displays the Noble name and logo while the upper portion has the big logo embossed in the chair. The company name and logo are also displayed on either side of the chair, the backrest adjusting lever as well as on the back support knob. It’s all very subtle so the chair doesn’t exactly scream “gaming” and I’m glad Noble decided to keep the back of backrest completely clear of any iconography so the chair can just as easily fit into an office space.


While the quality of design doesn’t always equal comfort – it’s not so in the case of the Hero. Sure, the chair is fairly firm and not as cushioned as some of the competitors but the sum of its parts still provides an admirable level of comfort but more importantly – excellent support. It follows the philosophy of a chair not needing to be too hard or too soft and comes off feeling “just right”. It’s highly adjustable as well and allows you to adjust its height, the sway and the tilt of the backrest, the position of the armrests and even the amount of back support. 

Noblechairs Hero Review - Comfort and support

Back support mechanism is great

Most of this is fairly standard in a chair, except for the back support mechanism. In that regard, the Hero has a small knob on the right side which makes the internal mechanism push on the lumbar backrest area. It goes from making the backrest completely flat at the lowest level to creating a small arch that will follow the natural curvature of your spine at its highest level.

To further boost the comfort level, the Hero comes with two awesome memory foam pillows – one for your back, and one for your head.  Even though the back pillow is somewhat redundant thanks to the chair’s internal mechanism, their inclusion here is greatly appreciated and will be more so by those who feel that the Hero lacks soft cushioning. Combining them with the fact that backrest can recline up to 145 degrees through a combination of the recline and tilt mechanisms can even make the Hero into a great place for a quick nap.

Noblechairs Hero Review - Comfortable

Pillows are always a welcome addition

One area where you could find the comfort level somewhat lacking are the armrests, which lack any cushioning. Still, I can’t take this as a huge negative seeing as the cushioned, leather armrests have a tendency to quickly wear down due to constant elbow and hand grinding. The somewhat less comfortable Hero approach at least ensures that the armrest will remain solid and in one piece for a really long time. 

All in all, the Hero is a great chair where support and durability come first, followed closely by the meticulous design. It’s noticeable that Noblechairs didn’t cut any corners on its construction and any negatives are pure nitpicking. Most of the standard variants on offer only come with the stitching color change so they can easily fit into either gaming or an office environment with absolutely no issues.

Noblechairs Hero costs 400 euros and there's no going around that. With that being said, it's absolutely worth every cent. From its excellent build quality, amazing looks and high comfort level, it achieves a perfect blend of having you sitting in the healthiest way possible while also enabling you to easily fall asleep.
  • Premium look and feel
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to build
  • Comfort level and support adjustments
  • Little cushiony padding
  • A bit pricey

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