Mobvoi TicKasa Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Review: Purposeful and Stylish

Mobvoi's TicKasa Wireless ANC Headphones are for those who thrive in noisy environments. They fulfill their promise to filter out unwanted frequencies and are comfortable while they do so. Coupled with its wide Bluetooth range and battery life, the TicKasa headphones are a superior over normal headsets for those who want to listen distraction free.
Mobvoi TicKasa Wireless ANC Headphones Review: Purposeful and Stylish

Noise cancelling, for those who have never experienced it, is a great help when listening to your music in noise polluted areas. Whether that’s on the bus, train, or plane, noise has a way of intruding when we want peace. Mobvoi’s TicKasa noise cancelling headphones are here to alleviate those pesky, unwanted sound waves. 

Unboxing Mobvoi’s TicKasa headphones is a pleasant experience. The packaging is eye catching and attractive. Once the lid is off, purchasers are met with a sleek, hard-shell case and information pamphlets. Inside the case lies the folded headset and a soft case which carries the micro USB charging cable, an auxiliary cord with inline controls, and the thoughtful addition of an airline two prong auxiliary adapter.

The Mobvoi TicKasa Headphones are available from Amazon for $129.99. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

The TicKasa headphones comes with a lot of goodies

The TicKasa headphones come with a lot of goodies

Design: All Day Comfort

First impressions of the TicKasa headphones are good. The sleek, curvy lines of the device, especially around the earpieces are eye catching. There is something unique about the way the headphone band curves outward just above the earcups. I thought it might look bulky when worn, but I was wrong. The TicKasa manages to make a statement without feeling awkward. Equally as nice are the soft, synthetic cushions around the earcups. They are quite plush and had no problems filling in the sound gaps around my ears. They are the perfect size for my ears, managing to be just large enough to cover my whole ears but not enveloping the entire side of my head.

Comfortable headband with numbered notches

Comfortable headband with numbered notches

Comfort is definitely a plus when wearing the TicKasa headphones. I had no trouble wearing them while testing and could have gone on wearing them indefinitely. The headband is also a soft leather-like material which does not put any strain on the top of my head. For those who have larger heads than me, the metal bands are easily, but firmly extracted and even have numbered notches so that you can remember where your perfect adjustment was.

Specs that impress

Of course, wearing a headset all day would mean nothing if it didn’t last that long. Fortunately, the TicKasa has a 30 hour battery life listening at 50% volume, which, in my opinion is plenty loud. Turning on noise cancelling will take that down to about 20 hours. However, that’s still plenty of time for a full day of listening to music. It weighs in at 290 grams which is average for headsets – especially wireless ones. It has 40mm drivers which are also standard size for most headsets in this class. For the noise cancelling side of things, four microphones, of which there are two on either earphone, take in ambient noise and the dual processors inside filter it out. 

TicKasa headphones control panel

TicKasa headphones control panel

On the bottom of the right earcup lies the control panel. The ANC button works as both control over the ANC feature and power, with a green LED to show whether ANC is active or not and blue LED to show power status. The three other buttons work as volume and the middle of the three as a pause button. 

Reaching out

Mobvoi’s TicKasa supports Qualcomm’s AptX HD which enables higher quality audio over Bluetooth 5.0. The Bluetooth range is impressive, at about fifty feet. I can say that while I used the headphones, I was able to safely walk across my entire house without the headset disconnecting or stuttering. If you’d rather stay connected, it also comes with an auxiliary input and auxiliary cable to listen hardwired. Overall, the ease of use and comfort of the TicKasa headset is something that was easy to enjoy.

Long Bluetooth range makes the TicKasa headphones convenient

Long Bluetooth range makes the TicKasa headphones convenient

Performance: Solid Hardware, Adequate sound

Now for the sound. First of all, the automatic noise cancelling does an excellent job. It’s always a relief to turn on ANC when in a noisy environment and listen to the road noise, and background hum of everyday life fade away at the press of a button. Mobvoi has advertised their noise cancellation in the TicKasa headphones works up to 32 decibels and I’m inclined to agree. In situations where a neighbor turns on his lawn equipment, or perhaps someone running their vacuum, the TicKasa can not only significantly take the edge off the unwanted frequencies, but in some cases nearly completely eliminate them. 

Noise cancelling is very effective

Noise cancelling is very effective

Decent lows, lacks crispness

The sound itself from the headset is adequate, and there were no vibrations, or connection issue anomalies such as music cutting in and out while listening. Songs, voice, and podcasts were pleasant to listen to and enjoyable. However, I noticed that the general tone of the TicKasa was a bit muddier than what I am used to. This is noticed most when listening to orchestra or sharp guitar rifts. It’s not necessarily noticeable unless played back to back with another device. However, sharper tones definitely seem to be restrained by the TicKasa. On the flip side, lower frequencies are slightly raised and feel more present than my other headset, so it really might just come down to a matter of preference. Turning on the ANC actually seems to help in this case by cutting out some low frequencies.

Also, despite it being Bluetooth 5.0 and AptX compatible, there is a minute lag between the screen and what you hear. This, of course, is not a problem for those who listen to audio only productions. But the tiny, microsecond lag might annoy people who are picky about their audio lining up exactly with their on-screen counterparts. Something else that might be missed is a transparency mode. This allows some noise through so that one isn’t completely muted to the outside world. While this might seem counterintuitive for a noise cancelling headphone, the hardware for it is already there for noise cancelling. So, it’s not uncommon to see manufacturers include this additional ability into their products. 

The TicKasa headphones can also be used wired

The TicKasa headphones can also be used wired

Fulfills expectations

Mobvoi’s TicKasa headphones are designed to bring your music to you with as minimal distractions as possible and it succeeds in that regard. Not only does it succeed, but it does so while being quite comfortable and with a unique, classy appearance. The branding is subtle and the color scheme, premium feeling materials and ease of use make this enviable for a long flight or bus ride. The sound quality didn’t necessarily blow me out of the water. However, I was impressed with the effectiveness of the noise cancelling and all-day wearability.

The TicKasa headphones will serve you well. It’s price of $130 is reasonable but getting towards the high end with the features that it offers. However, if comfort is a primary concern and long battery life is a must, then Mobvoi’s TicKasa Headphones are a solid choice. 

Mobvoi's Tickasa ANC headphones are the perfect travel companion for when you need peace and quiet on the go. While audiophiles will notice some mushier tones in some songs, it is outweighed by Tickasa's comfort, noise cancellation abilities, and convenience.
  • Noise cancelling quality
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Long Bluetooth range
  • Sounds a bit muddy
  • Slight audio visual delay
  • Priced on the high end

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  1. Congratulation on such expert review. Others did not notice the items you covered. For the price, it seems ok.


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