Mega Modz Planet Modded Controller Review

Mega Modz Planet offers players a chance to get their hands on custom and modded controllers. With the option to add the trending paddles, which are fully re-mappable, mods that take your game to new heights sometimes, and design options that will make your friends jealous, you could be really close to getting yourself a new controller to play your favorite games with.

Mega Modz Planet Modded Controller Review


If you've ever wanted to own a modded and/or semi-customized PlayStation 4 controller, Mega Modz Planet can help you. It's not even exclusive to the PS4 players, but could also be a modded controller for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, depending on which console you prefer to own a modded controller for. The company has been in business since 2011, and is made up of gamers just like you and I. Their online builder allows for you to customize the controller in a variety of ways, but if you shoot them a message before checkout they will be more than happy to try and accommodate special requests. After going through the whole process, and checking out the final results, these are my thoughts, as well as some more information that should help you make your own as well.

You can check out the Mega Modz Planet website here!

Mega Modz Planet Modded Superman Controller for the PS4

Design Options

The online builder, which is found on their website, is really easy to use and does a pretty good job providing visual feedback for how the control would look. As options are swapped in and out, the builder will change up the display image in accordance to your selections. Everything is comprised of 10 sections, each one corresponding to a different feature and include: Body, Mods, Paddles, D-Pad, Buttons, Home Button, Bumpers, Triggers, Thumbsticks, and Accessories. The body has a few different styles such as solid colors and chrome (yes, chrome gold is an option), as well as dozen or so art styles and hydro dips. I went with the Superman graphic and color matching buttons, even though I was also interested in going with a strong blue and gold look. 
I did have a few issues with the controller though, and it has to do with the build. The 'square' button on my right side had a bit of a sticky issue, and squeaked when I press it. I can't imagine that it would have been from the packing and shipping, because it came in a nice protective box. It could be forgiven had it been a cheap controller you buy for your friends to use when it's game night at the crib, but for a pricey modded controller it was somewhat unexpected to see. Everything else works really well though and I have no complaints outside of the design of the paddles.

Mega Modz Online Controller Builder
Paddles are game changers. It took me a long time before I finally got a chance to try them out but after trying them for the last few months and trying different variations, I don't know how I use to play video games without them. They may not be very necessary when it comes to single player games like Skyrim or Farming Simulator, but if you game online and competitively, they will change every interaction you have with opposing players. I play a lot of Fortnite Battle Royal, and one of my favorite things to do is run straight into the thick of squads with a tactical shotgun. Being able to jump, aim, and shoot all at the same exact time has enabled me a better opportunity to come out alive, and keep my friends from mocking me for the remaining minutes of the game. They can be remapped to any of the buttons you want them to. Mega Modz provides a detailed guide how to switch up their mapping and it only takes a few buttons on the controller to do so.

I see the same differences in Call of Duty games simply from being able to drop shot with them. Of course these things are optional and made simpler with the mods, which I'll highlight below. Having the control of my character in ways that I couldn't before, when I had to remove my right thumb from the analog to jump, crouch, and reload, gives me more confidence too. The downside about these paddles is that they are sharp. Not just visually, but physically sharp. After yanking on them for a while, I felt my fingers rubbing raw from the edges. They are light and responsive though, so I tried to pull a lot softer and it helped. The only problem is when you're in the heat of combat you can't easily remember to pull your jumping paddles softly. They also don't reach out as far as a Scuf controller does, which is another cause for lost comfort.

Mod Options

For those of you eager to get a controller with mods, you might already have an idea what type of mods are included. For those of you who may not know what a mod even is, it is a tech adjustment to the controller that forces it to perform tasks on it's own, so that your job of button pressing can be easier. The most popular one, known as Rapid Fire, takes one squeeze of the trigger and turns it into a full auto trigger puling action. Best suited for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, if you were to run a single shot rifle or pistol, just by pulling the trigger once will make your in-game character shoot in rapid succession. A small convenience, but one that can allow you more attention on actually aiming rather than shooting. There are 10 different modes for the rapid fire, each one decreasing or increasing the rate of rapid fire. 

Mega Modz Planet Mod Options
Turned all the way up feels really fast, but still not as fast as I can pull myself. I didn't get a chance to try out any of the Mod packages, but if you were to pursue them, they'll run anywhere form $30-$70. They can include things like Akimbo (which shoots dual wielding weapons at the same time with only one trigger pull, Auto sprint (which makes your characters always automatically sprint), Dropshot (make your soldier automatically lay down when shooting), and Jumpshot (make your soldier automatically jump when shooting). I have used these types of mod packages before and they are all adjustable. On the bottom of the control is a small square of lights that will act as the measurement for all of the mod controls. For example, if you wish to adjust rapid fire, you'll press the mod adjust button, and hold down the trigger. As it works its way through the 10 different timings of rapid fire, it will blink accordingly. Turning it on and off is effortless as well. 


The controller is not bad by any means, and definitely offers a really badass way to personalize a controller for you, throw on at least the rapid fire mod, and most of all play with some paddles on the back. The shipping for the controller was within a week, so build time is very little. I asked if it was possible to wrap the white base color for the body to the back, instead of half white with Superman theme and the other half black, and they accommodated. If you have any special requests it wouldn't hurt to ask. The paddles are not on the same level as the infamous Scuf brand, but they do work and they can be remapped which is lovely. I'm a major Fortnite player, so crouching doesn't match the same face buttons as other games' crouch mapping, so it was perfect that I am able to remap at the press of a few buttons. Mods are not permanent and can be turned on, off, and adjusted when you want. Essentially it can always go back to a normal PS4 controller, so whether you end up loving or hating the final results, it will always be a valuable accessory to your gaming. With the few sticky buttons issues I have and the paddles being a bit painful after heavy use, the price shouldn't reach the heights that it does, but everyone will have their own experiences.

Pros Cons
 + Paddles are game changing features  – Paddles have sharp edges that hurt after awhile
 + Customizable options  – A few operating flaws in the buttons
 + Mods like Rapid Fire  


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    can u use mods for fortnite

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    Does rapid fire work in Fortnite battal royale?

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      The controller does not depend on the game, as it is only designed to change the way the signals from the controller are sent to the console. Rapid fire may be one pull of the trigger for you, but the controller will tell the console it has been pulled several times in rapid succession.



      I don’t suggest it for Fortnite though as shooting more bullets does not always mean better accuracy, especially with the perfect first shot mechanic now implemented. There are several other reasons too, but if you want to take your game to the next level in that specific game, I highly suggest a Scuf controller that will give you more control over your jumping without sacrificing your analog aiming.



      I review the latest Scuf controller for PS4 and mentioned the benefits for Fortnite specifically here:



      Hope this helps all who come to the article.


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