LucidSound LS50X Review: Feature-Rich Flagship Gaming Headset

LS50X is the absolute best LucidSound has to offer. It's jam-packed with features and sounds great, making it a worthy contender for one of the best gaming headsets out there despite its high price.
LucidSound LS50X Review: Feature-Rich Flagship Gaming Headset

LS50X is available for purchase on Amazon. #ComissionsEarned

LS50X is one of those gaming headsets that right off the bat doesn’t scream gaming in the best possible sense. The metal frame that curves around each earpiece is an eye-catching addition that also serves to make the headset feel sturdy and premium. The branding is mostly subtle and you can easily even take this headset outside your home.

LS50X might be a bit weighty coming in at 406 grams but the sturdiness and weight make it feel all the more premium. The earpads are made out of memory foam and covered with a combination of mesh and leatherette which makes them glasses friendly and ultimately very comfortable overall.

Besides the standard array of buttons, you control LS50X with some highly intuitive controls that make it highly enjoyable and easy to use. Both earcups feature rings for things like volume and game/chat mix but they are also multifunctional buttons with which you can basically control every other aspect of the headset.

The LS50X is compatible with Xbox, PC, and any Bluetooth-capable device. You can go wired with the 3.5mm connection or wireless with Bluetooth or the 2.4 GHz USB dongle. What’s great is that you can simultaneously use both wireless modes to play a game on Xbox or PC while listening to music or answering calls from your phone. What’s more, no matter the connectivity mode or what you are using the headset for, the experience is completely lag-free and reliable. 

The sound experience is a great experience across the board. The 50 mm drivers offer rich, full audio without any fallacies or inconsistencies whether you are playing games or listening to music. The headset even has some built-in equalizer modes that do a great job at emphasizing the sound range that’s just right for the job at hand. 

Also, LS50X makes for a great gaming headset whether you want immersion or thumping all-consuming action. By default, the headset is set to stereo mode on the PC, but it also supports Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic surround sound. It also has two microphones – one built into the headset, and one that detaches from it. Both microphones serve their purpose but are best used for some casual gaming or chatting.

The battery life is excellent and I consistently managed to squeeze 25 to 30 hours on a single charge when using it solely on the PC. Even when using it in both Bluetooth and dongle mode, it consistently passed the 20-hour mark with no problems. For more details on the sound quality, controls, features, and more, check out our full video review. 

LucidSound really hits the spot with the LS50X. Sure, at $250 US, it's definitely not cheap, but if you are in the market for quality, it definitely delivers. It's a truly versatile, premium headset that has it all - a beautiful, sturdy design, lots of connectivity options, intuitive controls, great battery life, and above all else - excellent sound.
  • Great, sturdy design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Lackluster microphone quality
  • Pricey

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