HyperX Quadcast S Review: Brilliance in Sight and Sound

The HyperX Quadcast S is a great-sounding, beautiful mic that not only will bring convenience and a greater audio capability to your production, it is also one of the only mics that adds a gorgeous visual element. For the piece of equipment in one’s studio that is meant to be heard and not seen, the Quadcast S was created to do both.
HyperX Quadcast S Review: Brilliance in Sight and Sound

If one is a content creator of any sort, be it game streamer, podcaster, or interview host, a good mic is crucial to the success of your media. Bad vocals in all their forms will turn away viewers and listeners alike. For some, bad sound is more off-putting than bad visuals. Fortunately, none of that is an issue with HyperX’s Quadcast S. A gorgeous microphone that includes functionality in its RGB design.

You can buy HyperX Quadcast S on Amazon for $299. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Add flair to your studio


Inside the box comes a well packaged Quadacast S, a mount adapter, and a removable USB type C to type A cable. The fact that the cord is removable is nice. A mic is only as durable as its weakest point. Often times, expensive peripherals can be ruined by a permanently attached cable that got bent too many times. The fact that the cable is type C is even better. It was thoughtful of HyperX to include a mount adapter. A sturdy one, by the feel of it, too. Many people will mount this on mic booms and it is a kind gesture by HyperX to not force them to buy it separately. 

Impressive out of the box

Right off the bat, the Quadcast S is a striking piece of equipment. I was impressed at the feel of the microphone before I even plugged it in. Its weight, and the sleek, matte-black finish of the metal body has quality. Had I not known this was an RGB mic, plugged it in and it not have lit up, I wouldn’t have assumed anything wrong with it. There are no design compromises that require the RGB to be active to appreciate the look and feel of the Quadcast S. The fact that it has ambient lighting puts icing on the cake.


The HyperX Quadcast S has triple 14mm condensers with 4 types of pickup patterns – hence the name Quadcast – that are selectable from a knob on the rear of the microphone. A 20hz to 20khz frequency response, a 3 meter long USB cable, a pre-assembled shock mount, and integrated pop filter. The mic weighs about 254 grams. About 700 grams with the stand and shock mount. It also has two RGB zones with over 16 million colors.

Two RGB zones allow for beautiful light blending

High caliber design

I realized while setting it up just how many features this microphone has out of the box that many other mics would require you to purchase separately. The Quadcast S has an integrated pop filter which also serves as the projector screen for the RGB. It has a quality shock mount that filters out any vibrations through your desk into the mic. HyperX has seemingly done all they can to ensure that their mic will be a one and done experience. No more running to the local music store or scouring Amazon for another mic accessory. The stand which it is pre-attached to is sturdy and sleek. It has a convenient opening in the back for the USB cord and Auxiliary cable to pass through.

Shock mounts can be expensive when bought separately


I found the sound to be true to life and bright. There’s a friendly sharpness and clarity to your words. Describing a microphone’s sound can sometimes make one sound like a sommelier, but the tones of this microphone come off cheerful and crispy. There’s a distinct lack of softness and dullness on playback. The Quadcast S broadcasts your voice with precision and honesty. I found the cardioid pickup pattern most useful for my specific use case. However, the Quadcast could be appropriate for a range of situations. From the center of a conference room table with its omnidirectional pickup, to a face-to-face interview for a podcast with its bidirectional pattern, it is truly a multifaceted microphone. 

Bottom knob allows for easy gain adjustment

Feature heavy

The Quadcast S has a mic sensitivity knob on the bottom that allows control of the gain of the microphone. Turn the sensitivity knob down when the mic is close to you so that you’re not blasting the microphone. Turn the gain up when it is further away for it pick up your voice. This is a great feature in a mic that can play multiple roles.

On top of the mic is a pressure sensitive pad for muting the mic by simply lightly touching the top. It is easy to press and the RGB shuts off when the mic is muted. This allows one to have an obvious visual indication of the status. In today’s world when muting and unmuting during video conferencing while working from home is more necessary than ever, this is an inventive and easy way to do so.

No matter your office setting, the Quadcast S has a mood to match

Adjust on the fly

The knob to adjust the pick up pattern is firm and has a positive switch point so you can feel when you have adjusted it. The built in pop filter that also serves as the backdrop for the interior RGB lights works well enough, but some of the more powerful plosives still manage to sneak through if you get too close. Fortunately, the Quadcast doesn’t require you to be as close as other microphones do and therefore eliminates most of that issue. 

The Quadcast S also allows for simultaneous voice monitoring when a headset is plugged into the rear auxiliary port. This is great when you want to keep track of what your voice sounds like in real time. I would like if HyperX’s Ngenuity Software allowed the voice monitoring volume to get just a bit louder. However, it still serves its function just fine. The fact that you are able to do it all is pretty cool. 

Ngenuity, Hyperx’s software, allows for easy custom profiles

Seamless software integration

Speaking of the Ngenuity software, it immediately picked up and recognized the Quadcast. It even promptly installed the updated drivers for the mic quickly and painlessly. There’s a ton of customization both in mic and RGB profiles. Game executable files associated with profiles and mic functions allow for seamless mic setting flow from game to game. There is virtual volume, gain, and voice monitoring volume adjustments directly available. I’ve used my share of RGB and peripheral software. Ngenuity seems just as straightforward and easy to customize as other modern software utilities. Paired with the mic, one can get the perfect setting and color profile they want to match. 

The Quadcast is ready for whatever recording session you need it for

Overall, the Quadcast S is a fantastic, beautiful mic that sounds as good as it looks. It includes a myriad of features for a solid price. The four different types of pickup patterns means the HyperX Quadcast S is ready for any situation. The quality sound, and visual indicators mean that you not only sound good, but it adds a fun twist on an ordinarily common piece of studio equipment. For those of you who are either looking for a new mic, or wanting to jump into content creation for the first time, there’s no way for you to go wrong with this excellent choice of a microphone. 

This review unit was provided by HyperX.

The HyperX Quadcast S leaves so little to complain about and so much to praise that it's impossible to find anything worthwhile to subtract points. The pop filter, while perhaps not being as effective as others, also allows for clearer, brighter vocals that other pop filters would muffle. The RGB is both functional and captivating. The ease of use, and overall feeling of quality makes this mic a winner.
  • Great, clean sound
  • Beautiful RGB
  • Tons of accessories
  • Ngenuity integration
  • Pop filter range

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