Govee Glide Wall Light Review: Smooth Brilliance

Govee once again delivers a premium smart light product with the Govee Glide Wall Light. While the base pack won't satisfy those looking for imaginative designs, the saturated colors and robust app support are sure to make it worth your attention.

Govee Glide Wall Light Review

Govee is rapidly expanding its already wide range of smart RGB lights. They’re growing so fast that it’s hard to keep track of all the different purposes and uses they have. Whether you want something on the wall, ceiling, floor, or elsewhere, Govee has it all. One of their newer products – the Govee Glide, is designed to find its place on the wall and be prominently visible in the hope of beautifying your gaming or living room.

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The Govee Glide is a fairly unique type of product when it comes to smart RGB lights. Instead of panels or simple RGB strips with visible LED bulbs, the Glide consists of wall strips encapsulated in a relatively thick plastic casing. To be precise, the casing is 3.5 cm high and about 3 cm thick, and while that might sound like a lot, it actually makes the Glide much more striking when it’s finally mounted on the wall. Also, despite their relatively large size, each segment is actually very light, which is super useful when mounting them on the wall, as you don’t have to worry about them collapsing under their own weight.

Everything in the package

A pack of six pieces somewhat limits available designs

Glide Wall lights can be purchased in two variants – one with 7 segments or one with 12. There are 6 segments that are about 30 cm long, and a small L shaped one, which means that the Glide, in a straight design, could potentially take up just under 2 meters. It’s important to note that the plastic casing actually serves as a large light diffuser which, like some other Govee products, does its job brilliantly. No individual LED is visible at any point, and it allows the lights to blend perfectly, creating beautiful, smooth effects that you would expect from a premium smart light product.

When it comes to setting up, things are very simple. Unlike Nanoleaf’s relatively fragile SIM card-like connectors, Glide has sturdy connectors attached to each segment. To be precise, each segment has a connector slot on one side and a connector on the other, and when you want to connect them, you just need to snap them onto one another.

The L shape

For when you don’t want a pure straight line


While the Govee Glide is modular, the modularity will largely depend on whether you’ve purchased the smaller or larger package or multiple sets. Our review package was the basic one with 6 large segments, and in the box, it comes with only one L-shaped piece, which is quite limiting in terms of design. While this doesn’t detract from the product’s quality, it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you want to create a more complex, eye-catching design.

Each segment already has two adhesive stickers on the back. All you need to do is remove the protective layer and stick them to the wall. The adhesive is quite strong and will hold the Glide on almost any surface, especially considering the already mentioned fact that the segments are very light. While the adhesive is applied on one side, the other is made from Velcro, so you can just pull on the lights to separate them from the wall. It’s a hassle-free way of taking the lights off the wall, and removing just the stickers is much less wall-damaging than brute forcing both the lights and the stickers together or using dental floss to cut through the adhesive.

Govee Glide plastic diffuser

The diffuser does its job perfectly

The cable leading into one of the segments is long enough to place Glide very high on the wall, far from the outlet. It’s important to mention that Glide has no physical controls – not even for turning it on and off, so that, along with customization, is all delegated to the Govee app.


Beautiful lights

The lights blend together for a beautiful effect

Once the Govee Glide Wall light is finally on the wall – it’s much easier to overlook all the minor issues from the previous text. Glide looks truly beautiful with saturated colors, and it definitely qualifies as a premium smart light product.

The lights are powerful enough to serve as the main source of light, and the diffuser does an excellent job not only blending different colors beautifully into one another, but also softening the light enough to make it comfortable to look at. This is great for someone who might decide to place Glide directly above their monitor as seen in many promotional images, where you won’t get blinded by having the light constantly being in your peripheral vision. 

Imaginative designs

Highly customizable by segments

But as is the case with any light that likes to call itself smart, Glide is as good as its features, where the Govee app comes into play. The app is exceptionally robust in terms of capabilities while remaining very accessible, visually pleasing, and easy to use. The app serves as a hub for all Govee lights and if you own several different types, you can connect them into a single entity here and synchronize various effects to create a truly unique setup.

As for what you can customize when it comes to Glide – there are plenty of options. First, you have the ability to synchronize the lights with sound – either through the microphone on Glide itself or through the microphone on the connected phone. Even here, you have various options for how you want each sound to be registered in terms of corresponding light and how sensitive Glide will be in picking up the sounds.

Govee Glide various designs

Bright enough to light up a room

Next, you have the basic segment color customization, where each one is separated into three sections. Here you can create anything, from simple, single color presets all the way to more advanced ones with various effects which you can make run at various speeds, in different directions and more. 

For those who don’t want to tinker with it themselves, you can choose from a ton of premade presets to set all kinds of moods, play various, cool effects and much more. Of course, there are various options like setting an automatic on/off timer, making a preset playlist that will play them in succession and more. There’s also Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility and while the amount of voice commands doesn’t match the full capabilities of the Govee app, it’s a great thing to have when you just want to do some simple stuff while being hands-free. 


Govee Glide Wall Light is a great value smart light product. While you might not have many design options with a basic $70 USD set of 7 pieces, it still looks absolutely beautiful, and its in-app customization is second to none. It’s ultimately a great choice for those who don’t want to spend a fortune but still want a premium product that will spice up their setup. 

Govee Glide Wall Light is great value product for everyone that want a highly customizable, premium wall lights without having to burn a hole in their wallet in the process.
  • Looks amazing
  • Can get very bright
  • High degree of in-app customization
  • 7 pieces limited in terms of designs
  • No physical controls

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