Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Review: Taking RGB To The Next Level

Govee brings their most advanced smart light package to the market and while it comes at a price premium, it probably offers the best bang for your buck in comparison to its competitors.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Review

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Govee is no stranger to premium, smart light products but their AI Gaming Sync Box might be their most advanced one yet. Its primary purpose is to sync the images from your TV or monitor with the included Govee lights by processing the video signals that arrive through an HDMI cable from a number of sources. It’s a substantial smart light package that, while primarily targeting gamers, could be a great choice to bring some color to any room or infotainment system. 

The first thing in the package you’ll notice are two light bars which are designed to sit beside the TV or monitor to project the light onto the wall behind them. They were made with minimalism in mind so the front only features this small Govee logo. At the same time, the back is used for the honestly fantastic diffuser which does its job so well that you’ll basically never see an individual LED. The second thing is the high-quality, robust LED strip with rubber-encapsulated construction. The strip is broken into segments so you can stick it to the back of your TV or monitor more efficiently and is on par with the light bars in terms of how beautiful the light it projects can be. And lastly, the thing to glue the package together to make the magic happen is the Sync Box itself. This is basically the main HUB for the entire system and it looks like your regular Tivo or Apple TV box.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Review: Taking RGB To The Next Level

The setup does require a bit of forethought but is in essence fairly easy. Size-wise, the Govee Sync Box is compatible with 27-34 inch PC monitors or TV’s in the 55-65 or 75-85 inch range. Once you meet that, you simply glue the led strip to the back of your TV or monitor and set down the light bars in appropriate positions. Then you just connect it all to the Sync Box along with a video source and an output TV or monitor. There’s no better way to say it but the lights produced on the Govee Sync Box, the light bars, and the LED strip look absolutely stunning and it helps that the thing supports HDR and Dolby Vision. Even better, the onboard processing here works flawlessly no matter the situation. It can detect even the most subtle changes to the screen coloration and translate it perfectly to project an immersive experience. 

This is especially important considering that immersive gaming is its primary purpose. The HDMI 2.0 here supports content running on 4K displays at 60 FPS, 2K displays at 144Hz sweet spot, and 1K at 240Hz. The Sync Box also features Govee’s CogniGlow AI which is essentially an algorithm that provides customized light effects for different games. Currently, the only supported games are League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch 2, and Apex Legends which you can see in action here. 

Furthermore, the AI Gaming Sync Box is insanely customizable and this is done through the Govee Home app where the device is quick to set up and pair through Bluetooth and home Wi-Fi. It’s here that you can switch between HDMI inputs,  sync the Sync Box to other Govee lights, create your own effects, set timers on when the device will turn on or off, adjust the brightness, or select and calibrate one out of a multitude of available modes to sync the device with music, videos, and much more. For the full breakdown of the design of each individual segment of Govee lights, its performance and capabilities, check out our full video review.

Despite its steep price, Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is not only the best value smart light package but it's also probably the best overall smart light experience with amazing looks, high customizability, and some neat gaming features that are ripe to be expanded upon.
  • Beautiful lighting effects
  • Works through HDMI
  • Highly customizable
  • Alexa and Google Home support
  • No HDMI 2.1
  • Limited CogniGlow support
  • Somewhat expensive

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