GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

With so many gaming mice out there on the market, it's getting increasingly difficult to discern which one is worthy of your attention. Well, GameSir tries to make the decision easy for you, offering a wireless gaming mouse that seemingly offers the same performance as its more famous, wired competition, at only half the price.
GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


The wireless peripheral market is on the constant rise. As gamers, we’ve grown to strive toward clean gaming setups where no wire is visible on, as well as below, the table. The first thing to consider in that regard is surely your mouse and keyboard.

While you might be tempted to go for the star brands of gaming, you just might consider some other contenders that are not only catching up but surpassing their more famous competition in some aspects. One such brand is GameSir, owned by Guangzhou Chicken Run Network Technology Co., Ltd. based in China.

Their peripherals are becoming increasingly popular and we decided to find out if their highly affordable prices are the result of compromises in the quality and performance department. Spoiler alert – judging by their GM300 wireless gaming mouse, the answer is a big, hard – NO.

GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The GameSir GM300 is available for purchase on Amazon as well as the GameSir website for $49,99. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


From a design perspective, the GM300 is filled with details that set it miles apart from your old regular-looking mouse. While its top panel is fairly standard in that it features the RGB GameSir logo and mouse wheel along with the DPI button, it’s only when you look at it sideways or from an angle is that you discover a whole different story.

The top panel is actually not completely connected to the underside of the mouse which gives it a totally unique look. Even the placement of the USB dongle goes in line with the design philosophy and it’s situated on a magnetically connected panel underneath the top panel of the mouse.

GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review - Design

Unique design of the top panel

While it might seem a bit bulky at first – it’s actually quite compact, light and even modular in some aspects. The two large protruding pieces that you use to rest your thumb and pinkie fingers are magnetic and can be replaced by ones that follow the lines of the mouse more closely.

Additionally, if you find the mouse too light, you can add two magnetic weights, each coming in at 6.5 grams. Don’t worry about them adding bulk to your mouse as they are a perfect fit for the empty space beneath the mouse, once again showcasing the meticulous design philosophy.

The main buttons feature the Omron mechanical switches which provide some feedback and produce a very satisfying clicking sound. Both sides of the mouse feature two additional buttons that you can customize for any purpose. This coupled with the high modularity makes the GM300 suitable for both left and right-handed people, which is an awesome addition to any mouse.

GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review - The RGB

Subtle RGB on the logo and the mouse wheel

The front side also features a USB C port so you can charge the mouse and use it in wired mode. The only small gripe is that the charger included in the package can’t be plugged into the mouse both ways due to its bulky shape.

Connection type Wired / 2.4GHz Wireless
Working Platforms Windows PC (Windows 7 or later) / macOS
Battery Capacity built-in 500mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
Adjustable 5-level DPI 400/800/1600/3200/16000
Polling Rate 125Hz (8ms) / 250Hz (4ms) / 500Hz (2ms) / 1000Hz (1ms)
Connectivity USB Type-C
Cable Length  5.91 ft.


The biggest concern when going for a wireless mouse is its performance and battery life, and the GM300 didn’t disappoint in that regard. When talking about the performance, the mouse uses a GameSir proprietary Agility X wireless technology along with a tracking sensor with up to 16,000 DPI.  This means you can make the mouse as fast and precise as you need It to be and you’ll experience no latency of any kind. You do get some micro jitters as you can’t adjust the lift-off distance that you get in some of the competitor mice. We did some testing around and the mouse still performed admirably so you won’t really notice much of a difference unless you were really competing at a pro level.

GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review - The performance

Excellent gaming performance with no lag

When talking about the battery – it’s much better than expected as we managed to use it for 4 full days before needing to recharge it. This entailed around 24 hours of gaming and 5 hours of less intensive work. While this can be reduced depending on the type of game you are playing, the sensitivity, pooling rate, and the RGB settings – you’ll definitely be able to use it for a fairly good amount of time without needing to worry about running out of juice. Even then you can expect to go wireless again in no time as it takes just two hours to get the mouse to being fully charged.


GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review - The software

Simple yet effective

Being a gaming mouse, GameSir put some effort into creating a small piece of software with which you can customize your mouse experience. Appropriately named G-Core, the software gives you plenty of options. There are of course the basic ones like changing your mouse sensitivity, pooling rate, pointer speed, and ACC. And then there are options to customize each and every button on the mouse, record macro button combinations, and of course – change the RGB lighting to your liking.

GameSir GM300 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review - Battery

500 mAh battery is surprisingly long lasting

The GM300 doesn’t go overboard on the RGB with only the GameSir logo and the mouse wheel featuring the pretty lights. This goes a long way in terms of battery conservation but cuts down on the number of customization options as there are no lighting zones and you can’t individually customize different RGB elements. You can, however, choose from a few lighting modes, adjust the brightness and set the timer on how long do you want them to stay turned on once the mouse is idle. While there is a good amount of options here, the software is missing one basic thing – the information on the remaining battery life. This resulted in a couple of cases where the mouse ran out of battery just as I would start an extended gaming session, which I would then have to quit or pause in order to plug it into the PC. 


The GM300 is a serious wireless gaming mouse. While you might not get a second sensor to detect lift-off, fast charging or more robust RGB, what you do get is a perfect blend of flashy and low-key with a unique design, great battery life and excellent performance in all your PC related activities. While it might not be your mouse of choice if you are heavy into competitive side of gaming – for everything else, at a price point of measly $50 – it’s an absolute steal.
  • Unique and modular design
  • Ambidextrous
  • Great performance
  • Good battery life
  • No battery life information
  • Odd type C connector
  • Missing some features seen in competitors

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