GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

GameSir is taking the market by the storm and the big part of this is the fact that they have a high-quality lineup of products which don't have a ludicrous price tag attached to them. One of their latest products - a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard landed in our possession and we test if it also fits those standards.
GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Gamers rarely jump on that wireless train. Most of us like our mouse and keyboard to be blazing fast and don’t like the distractions of having to worry about charging yet another gadget.

Only in the last couple of years have the manufacturers geared toward gaming started to work around this problem and started getting under our skin. Despite that, one problem remained – the price. The future is wireless but it’s currently also a hell of a lot more expensive. Luckily GameSir, a brand owned by Guangzhou Chicken Run Network Technology Co., Ltd. based in China, doesn’t believe that.

We put that belief to the test and take a look at their GK300 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard to try and find out what sort of black magic they used in producing and selling the product at such a low price.

GameSir GK300 Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review - Fast and long-lasting

The GameSir GK300 is available for purchase on Amazon as well as the GameSir website for $69,99. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


The GK300 is a no-nonsense gaming keyboard that’s designed with minimalism and functionality in mind. The mate space grey finish on our review unit looks great and the entire thing feels very sturdy and durable. It’s a full keyboard that features the numeric keypad and the font of choice is this sort of blend that is both minimal modern and somewhat gamer-esque. With that being said, the design doesn’t go overboard with the gaming part so you can just as easily take it into your office and no one would accuse you of playing games during work hours.

The top panel of the keyboard is made of a single-piece aluminum plate which highly contributes to the keyboard feeling very premium. It features 104 keys and a small, subtle knob which controls the power and connectivity of the keyboard.

GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - Design

Beautiful minimal design

The bottom portion is plastic and features small bumps to keep the keyboard tilted at an angle for a more comfortable hand position. These have a rubberized bottom so you can place the keyboard on virtually any surface without worrying about it moving around. Unfortunately, what you see is what you get and these can’t be adjusted to increase or decrease the tilt angle.

This can somewhat be mitigated by using the ergonomic wrist rest included in the package. This wrist rest is made out of a single piece of plastic and follows the minimal design philosophy of the keyboard well.  It’s not an absolute eyesore as is the case with many keyboard wrist rests out there and, while I appreciate its inclusion, the fact that it’s made out of plastic doesn’t significantly increase the comfort level of using the keyboard.

GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - RGB

White LED’s look great

The backlight also plays into the minimalist design choices as the keyboard isn’t equipped with a full-on RGB lighting spectrum. Instead, you have the awesome looking 6500k monochrome white LED’s. Using a convenient button combination, you can increase or decrease their intensity or cycle between a couple of effects like ripple or breathing. You can even set it to light up some gaming related keys depending on the type of game you are playing.


When it comes to performance, you’ll find that the GK300 does its job very well. The first thing of note is the versatility of the keyboard when it comes to the connectivity. You can connect the keyboard to a PC or other devices using the wireless dongle with a 2.4GHz wireless technology and a 1ms latency. If that’s not an option, there’s the 4.1 Bluetooth connection and you can easily pair the keyboard with a laptop, smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - TTC Blue switches

Clicky and responsive switches

The second thing to note is how fast the keyboard actually is. It uses GameSir proprietary TTC blue switches which are similar, if not the same as the Cherry Blues. With 50g of actuation force and 4.0mm travel distance, they are in line with almost anything the more expensive competition has to offer. I tested it by playing some Black Ops 4 and the movement felt as responsive and fast as ever. The keys have a nice tactile bump when pressed and sound very clicky. Additionally, the 50 million keystroke lifespan will ensure that you’ll be able to type away for a long, long time.

This would all be for naught if not for the excellent battery life. What’s great about having a wireless keyboard is that you have plenty of room to fit a fairly large battery and the GK300 has one with a 3600 mAh capacity. This translates to roughly 30 hours of continuous use. In real-life situations, you’ll be able to use it for a week or two before needing to charge it up.

GameSir GK300 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review - Battery

Excellent battery life

Of course, you have the 10 key anti-ghosting which is more than enough as I can’t think of any situation where you’d have to use more than 10 buttons at the same time. Unfortunately, you won’t find any macro keys on this keyboard and since there is no dedicated software, you won’t be able to record button combinations either. While this plays into the whole minimalist, wireless philosophy, some more options in that regard would have been appreciated and would have made the GK300 a flawless package.


The GK300 is an excellent wireless gaming keyboard and I truly enjoyed my time using it. While you won’t find an abundance of features here, what you will get is a premium looking, wireless keyboard that is an absolute winner when it comes to performance and battery life. Add to that the extremely low price point and you have a product that is definitely, well worthy of your attention.
  • Premium look and feel
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Excellent performance and battery life
  • No dedicated software
  • No hardware macro keys
  • Can’t adjust tilt angle

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