GamaKay (Womier) K66 Keyboard Review: More Than Just an RGB Light Show

GamaKay K66, formerly known as Womier K66 is one of the best-looking, pleasant to use, compact keyboards - even before you turn all the numerous lights on.


Keyboards are our main way of interacting with our PC’s. For gamers however, they are much more. Some prefer style over substance while others like their keyboards to be practical and minimalistic. The subject of today’s review – the Womier K66 keyboard brings the best of both worlds, dialed up to the extreme. Womier is definitely not a widely recognized keyboard brand but their product managed to do something many others fail to – produce a “wow” effect. While it will mainly turn heads due to the overabundance of LED’s, it’s definitely more than a simple RGB light show.

Womier K66 keyboard is available for purchase on Banggood.

GAMAKAY K66 Review


The subtitle of this review becomes clear as soon as you take one single look at the Womier K66. Even among other keyboards with such a small form factor, the design of this one is really striking. This mostly stems from the fact that its main body, housing the PCB is made out of PMMA acrylic glass which is just another term for plexiglass. This immediately makes it somewhat unique among most of the keyboards on the market that usually use a combination of aluminum and plastic for the main housing. 

GamaKay (Womier) K66 Keyboard Review: More Than Just an RGB Light Show

With RGB turned off, K66 definitely looks like a keyboard geared toward those looking for a clean, minimalistic look without any branding or gaming-related embellishments. Even the underside of the casing is very minimal with only the screws keeping the three pieces of acrylic together being immediately visible. The only downside of such minimalism and the acrylic design is the fact that the keyboard has no adjustable feet which could be an issue if you are used to using your keyboard at a more angled position. I personally didn’t find this problematic as the K66’s height is somewhat lower than many other high profile keyboards, ensuring an adequate wrist position even without the height adjustment.

Womier K66 Design

Looks great even with the lights turned off

The acrylic glass is frosted to make it almost completely scratch-resistant but also to somewhat diffuse all the bright lights sitting underneath. Durability-wise, acrylic doesn’t come near the sturdiness of aluminum but definitely feels way tougher than plastic while still being similar in weight with the entire keyboard coming in at 580 grams. This, coupled with its amazingly compact size and a detachable Type-C cable makes it extremely portable and easy to handle.

Now, let’s talk about that RGB! What’s special about this keyboard is that along with standard LEDs under the keys themselves, it also has 43 additional ones in the casing itself. This essentially means that, if you want it to, the K66 can become one of the most RGB intense keyboards you probably ever used. Now, we can stand and argue about how tasteful it is to throw RGB on everything and call it a day, but I think you can’t deny that the K66 looks absolutely gorgeous with all the lights on. As mentioned, the frosted glass slightly diffuses the lights and makes them blend into each other, providing one of the best flow RGB effects in any keyboard to date.

Womier Awesome RGB

The most intense RGB in any keyboard to date

What’s even better is that the casing LED’s and the ones underneath the keys can be customized separately to create awesome combinations. The RGB key combinations can be somewhat confusing when you first start using the keyboard but you quickly get the hang of it. The function key and left control are used to cycle between a couple of different casing effects while the function and right control are used to cycle between around 20 different key effects. Pressing the function key and space turns the keyboard into a color selection palette which allows you to choose one static color to be used for all the available effects on both the casing and the keys themselves. I particularly liked the combination of white underglow with pink keys but you can really play around to make something suited to your setup. No matter the combo of your choosing, however, you can be sure the K66 will turn heads and receive comments even from a non-gaming crowd.

When it comes to everything above the casing, the Womier K66 is purchasable with Gateron switches and our review unit came with the linear gaming-focused red ones. An important note when it comes to the switches is that there are multiple versions of this keyboard floating around on the internet. Our version wasn’t hot-swappable but depending on the vendor of your choice, some might be so be sure to check the descriptions, reviews, and comments before making your purchase if hot swapping is important to you. 

Gateron Linear Switches

Gaterons are very enjoyable to use here

Sitting above, you have the ABS plastic keycaps. While they are nothing to write home about in terms of quality, I really liked the minimalistic, non-gaming font of choice and the side print solution for alternate functions for keys that are missing from the keyboard. Of course, we can’t talk about the keys and switches without mentioning how typing on the K66 actually sounds. Surprisingly, right out of the box, it’s almost on par with typing on a keyboard that’s been modded and thoroughly lubed which is to say – extremely satisfying.

As the name suggests, this keyboard uses a 66-key layout. Not quite TKL and not quite 60% keyboard as it only features the arrows plus the insert and delete keys. While these additional keys don’t add any substantial benefit when compared to what’s available on a 60% keyboard, it at least gives it a really distinct look. The only issue you might have is that you won’t be able to use custom keycaps meant for 60% keyboards and will instead need to opt for the potentially more expensive TKL keycap sets.


As mentioned, our review unit came with linear red Gateron switches which are more or less equivalent to their Cherry counterpart. They require 45 grams of force to actuate with an actuation point of 2 mm. They smoothly bottom out and are equally satisfying to use for both typing and gaming. It’s essentially the best of both worlds and you won’t have to compromise on the performance of either. Sure, you might like to have a bit of a tactile bump when using a keyboard for typing, but the K66 really made me not miss it at all. 

Casing flow effects

Pretty, portable and practical

As far as gaming performance goes, it’s both great and somewhat lacking. It really depends on how demanding you are in terms of additional features that we’ve gotten used to from most mid to high-end keyboards. When it comes to sheer performance, it’s mostly as you’d expect from Gateron reds and you’ll have no issues playing all sorts of games. Granted, for me, the K66 was most enjoyable when used for typing but I didn’t shy away from using it for anything from fast-paced shooters to RPG’s with great results.


However, if you want to dive a bit deeper in terms of customizing the keyboard’s performance – you’ll find yourself somewhat disappointed. The K66 doesn’t have any sort of accompanying software so you won’t have the option of creating different profiles, assigning macros, remapping keys, or micro-managing the RGB lighting. Some of these can be handled by third-party software but that’s a less than an optimal solution that can unnecessarily bloat your PC. 

Womier K66 Design

Good for both minimalistic and gaming setups

Still, I can appreciate the simplicity of Womier K66 in the sense that you get everything you need right out of the box. It’s a real definition of plug-and-play that only the most demanding of users will find lacking. From a design perspective, I can just as easily see it being used for those wanting a clean and minimal setup as well as those who want a full-blown gaming one. Its quality is definitely higher than its price of $62 would suggest. In fact, in some aspects, it blows the keyboards twice the price right out of the water, completely shattering the prejudices that come with less known brands.

Womier K66 is affordable, beautiful, and extremely enjoyable to use. While it's no slouch in the performance department, it's definitely made for those who value design over everything else.
  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Solid build quality
  • Stunning RGB effects
  • Typing feels great
  • Not programmable
  • Confusing RGB controls
  • Missing some keys


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    Hi there I need some help getting keyboard yeah hehe

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    Also it has no height adjustment, but that is not a deal killer for me, I love it, and the K87 as well!


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