Epomaker NT68 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review: Magically Versatile

Epomaker once again brings their A-game with NT68. Whether you are someone looking for a reliable traveling companion or an enthusiast looking for excellent design and satisfying sound - you've definitely found it here.


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NT68 is not just another compact keyboard and the sum of its parts creates a great whole. It screams quality right out of the box as it feels weighty, offers absolutely no flex and its keys are completely rattle-free. It’s designed to be portable and used with multiple portable devices. The standout feature here is that it can be placed directly atop your laptop’s keyboard so that it doesn’t press on the built-in buttons. The intention here is for you to get that fully mechanical typing experience instead of using the traditional laptop keys. Now, while you can make this work with 15-inch laptops, using NT68 in this way will be most ideal for 14-inch or even smaller laptops that don’t have a Numpad.

It comes equipped with a convenient magnetic case that also acts as a stand for your portable devices as well as a tilting mechanism since the keyboard doesn’t have built-in feet of its own. The case even serves as a solid sound dampener, making typing while using it even more enjoyable. While you can choose either Gateron or Epomaker Chocolate switches the NT68 is fully hot-swappable so you can easily customize it with any other switch of your choosing. On top, you have the excellent dye-sublimated PBT keycaps so you can forget about them wearing out or getting oily after prolonged usage.

The real magic of NT68 is its versatility in terms of connectivity. It offers a Type-C wired connection but you can also use Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to up to three different devices, making it the perfect traveling companion. The keyboard remembers the connected device and the connection is absolutely rock-solid and reliable to a standard Bluetooth range. There’s functionally no input delay when using Bluetooth for typing and you should even be fine using it for casual gaming.

If you still decide to go for wireless, the 1900mAh battery should enable you to keep going for quite some time. Without the RGB, NT68 manages around a substantial 2 weeks of heavy usage. Of course, this drops dramatically if you turn the lights on to max brightness, and here you can expect around 40-60 hours, which is still fairly impressive. One thing to note is that the NT68 doesn’t have a battery indicator so you’ll be at a loss when trying to gauge how much juice you have left. For more information on the design, performance software and a full sound test make sure to watch our full video review.

NT68 is another success for Epomaker. Despite some nitpicky issues and unintuitive software, everything else about this keyboard is really top-notch. If you are in the market for a compact, portable, good-looking, and versatile keyboard under a 100$ price point,  this is the one you really can't go wrong with. 
  • Excellent build quality
  • Long battery life
  • Compact and portable
  • Versatile & hotswappable
  • Not ideal to fit over 15-inch laptops
  • No battery level indicator
  • Overly-complicated software

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