Epomaker GK96S Review: Wireless and Compact Full Keyboard Experience

Epomaker brings what is arguably their best keyboard yet. The GK96S is jam-packed with features, it's wireless, and it comes in a compact body that leaves room on your desk without sacrificing the Numpad to do so.
Epomaker GK96S Review: Wireless and Compact Full Keyboard Experience

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If you are like me, and you reached for the Numpad on your TKL keyboard – this one’s for you. Epomaker GK96S is functionally a full-sized keyboard in a body that’s barely larger than a standard TKL. It does this by trimming all the spacing you’d usually find between the alpha cluster, arrows, Numpad, and function keys, mushing them all together to achieve the compact form factor. This does come at a price of the bottom row not being standard so you won’t be able to fit full sets of keycaps on it.

Along with that, it has stylish white, black, and orange PBT keys, unique GK1 profile keycaps, excellent stabilizers, and overall build quality. It is somewhat weighty due to the metal switch plate and the internal 4000 mAh battery that is used to power the 5.1. wireless Bluetooth connection. The battery, depending on if you like or dislike the RGB can last anywhere from two days to almost two weeks which is a great result. The combination of wired and Bluetooth makes it highly versatile and an ideal traveling companion for both gaming and productivity. Epomaker GK96S can connect up to 4 devices simultaneously and you can switch between them seamlessly by using a simple hotkey.

In terms of performance, Epomaker gives you a choice of your preferred Gateron switch upon purchase. This gives you a chance to further customize your experience depending on the type of user you are.  If that wasn’t enough, the keyboard is fully hot-swappable so you can even go for Cherry of Khalih switches depending on your preferences. While the accompanying software is truly robust in terms of what you can do with it, it’s also somewhat troublesome seeing that it’s just a tad bit more complicated than it should be. Watch our full review to find out all the details.

Epomaker GK96S is one seriously awesome keyboard for both the casual user and even you keyboard enthusiasts out there. The biggest draw here is the unique layout that essentially gives you a full keyboard in a body the size of a standard TKL. The keyboard does come at a somewhat of a high price of 109 US dollars, but when you consider all the extras like Bluetooth connectivity, reliable Gateron switches, hot-swapping, a beautiful color scheme, and really robust software you actually find that it offers much more than the competitors in the price range and is absolutely worthy of your every cent. 
  • Full keyboard in a compact body
  • Good for gaming and productivity
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Reliable wireless with good battery life
  • Some keys are non-standard
  • Overly complicated software

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