Dyplay ANC Pods Review: Small Pods, Large Features

The Dyplay ANC Pods are a compact, multi-faceted set of earbuds which bring not only quality sound, but also noise cancelling in a wireless package. For those who like to listen to their tunes but do so in noisy environments, the Dyplay ANC Pods might be what you’re looking for.
Dyplay ANC Pods Review: Small Pods, Large Features

Music has always been a mobile pastime for people. Ever since music was played out of something able to be carried or worn, people have found a way to take their favorite tunes with them. Fortunately, devices have come a long way since we’ve had to carry a boombox on our shoulders. The Dyplay ANC Pods are not only able to pump sound into your ears, but minimize unwanted sounds, and even add sounds that you do want.

The Dyplay ANC Pods can be found on Amazon for $49.99. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Unboxing the Dyplay ANC Pods is simple

Unboxing the Dyplay ANC Pods is simple

Design: Out of Sight, Full of Sound

The unboxing experience is short and sweet. Taking off the cover reveals the pod’s carrying case which doubles as a charger. A separate box contains a USB charging cable, additional earbud covers, and instructions manuals.

Opening the treasure chest shaped charging box reveals the ANC pods. They come in two color choices, black and while. Color choice is always subjective, however, I find the white and chrome make for more premium looking equipment. One can’t observe these and not draw the mental connection between these and Apple’s own AirPods – even if they are designed differently. 

I can't help but think it looks like a treasure chest

I can’t help but think it looks like a treasure chest

The ANC Pods have a small stem and therefore a small outline when worn. The stems give just enough to hold and adjust the pods in one’s ear. They do not protrude down over your ear like some other true wireless pods might. These are very low profile. 

Sound Sealing

The design of the ANC pods are in-ear, meaning they have a tiny rubber plunger that sits inside your ear canal. While I prefer the pods that rest on the outside of your ear without actually going inside your head, these were comfortable to me. The rubber plungers are malleable and adaptable. After wearing them for about a half hour, the rubber plungers had morphed to seal my ears. This design choice is also important for noise cancellation which is a feature the ANC Pods offer. If they did not seal off the outside world, noise cancellation would not make much sense.

Slim and comfortable

Slim and comfortable

The pods are pressure sensitive on the outside. It controls answering calls or turning the ANC or transparency mode on or off. I found that the sensitivity level was a bit too high. I often paused the music when I attempted to adjust the earbuds in my ear. Fortunately, I do not have to do this too often as the pods fit comfortably inside my ears. However, actions which might cause one’s earbuds to loosen such as jogging quickly to get across a busy street might have one securing their earbuds and accidently pausing their music.

Wireless Charging

The charging case can be plugged in using the USB-C cable to charge or it can be wirelessly charged. I welcome the ability to wirelessly charge anything, but I find the addition of wireless charging on the case a bit interesting. The earbuds themselves are inserted and charged by the case, so one would really just be wireless charging the “middle man”, not the earbuds themselves. Still, it’s a welcome feature for the case and will be nice for those who already have wireless charging incorporated into their lifestyles.

The case of the Dyplay ANC Pods can be wirelessly charged

The case of the Dyplay ANC Pods can be wirelessly charged

Performance: Silence and Transparency

The Dyplay ANC Pods connected instantly. The two pods sync seamlessly and hassle free. Taking them out of the charger for the first time and pairing them with the Bluetooth on my phone took seconds. However, I found that the pods will occasionally drop out of sync if there are obstructions blocking the earbuds. For example, if one’s hand gets too close while adjusting the earbud, the sound cuts out in the left one. I’ve tested this a few times by cupping my hand over either earbud. The result is the same. The left earbud stops pairing when obstructed. However, not many people walk around with their hands over their ears. So the temporary noise loss is only a minor annoyance.

Clean, Accurate Sound

Now for the sound, the Dyplay ANC Pods have 10mm drivers which are standard for wireless earbuds. After putting the ANC Pods through some sound tests, the pods performed well and maintained audio integrity throughout all the tests I ran. Listening to music is pleasant and enjoyable. I do wish there was a bit more bass and that the sound was a tad more full. However, asking for deep, rich bass from tiny earbuds is a tall order. None of the songs or videos that I watched suffered by listening to the ANC pods. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. Portray sounds accurately and cleanly.

Sound quality is good with no distortions

Sound quality is good with no distortions

The noise cancellation is activated by double tapping on the touch-sensitive sides of the earbuds. This will cycle through the different modes which come with the ANC Pods. The noise cancellation is advertised to cancel up to 25 decibels of noise. Of course, the type of noise matters as well. Consistent noises such as road noise or perhaps the general din of a crowded mall will be filtered out well by the earbuds. Sharper, individual noises will be a bit more noticeable. 

What outside noise?

That being said, the noise cancellation works well on top of the fact that the earbuds have sealed your ears. Unlike noise cancelling headphones which do not put an air-tight seal in your ear, these are able to combat outside noise twofold. The result is that your music and sound can be listened to at a lower volume more comfortably and with more clarity.

The Dyplay ANC Pods seal out sounds on top of noise cancelling

The Dyplay ANC Pods seal out sounds on top of noise cancelling

Another feature that can be toggled by double tapping on the side of the earbuds is the transparency mode. This works by allowing some noise through the earbuds so one can be aware of their surroundings. This is technically the opposite of noise cancellation, but is a welcome feature when jogging or walking in busy areas and needing to be aware of what is going on around you. Mics on the exterior of the earbuds take ambient noise then add it to the mix. Allowing sounds through that would ordinarily be cut off by the seal of the pods.

Of course, you could simply choose to listen to them without either transparency or noise cancellation by turning both features off. Both noise cancellation and transparency add additional sound into your ears. For the most natural listening experience, the ANC pods work perfectly fine as simple wireless earbuds.

Transparency mode on the Dyplay ANC Pods makes for a safer walk down a busy street

Transparency mode on the Dyplay ANC Pods makes for a safer walk down a busy street

Final thoughts

True wireless earbuds are found everywhere now. However, most don’t offer the features that Dyplay puts into their ANC Pods. At least, not for the same price. What makes the ANC Pods the most rewarding is their price of $49.99. This makes the ANC Pods not only affordable, but also quite competitive given the features which it offers. 

Overall, the ANC Pods offer a great listening experience. Active noise cancellation and the transparency mode are valuable tools which come in handy all the time. The world is becoming a more busy, crowded place and having your earbuds help you both drown out and avoid noisy situations is not to be taken for granted. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of earbuds which help you focus on your music and media, the Dyplay ANC Pods would be a great solution. 

Overall, the Dyplay ANC Pods are a great way to experience your music in noisy environments. Once seated comfortably in one's ear, they deliver a quality listening environment which can be easy switched over to preview the outside world instead of shutting it out.
  • Clean, low-profile aesthetics
  • Good sound
  • Noise cancellation
  • Transparency mode
  • Touch sensitivity a bit too high
  • Occasional sound interrupts

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