dreamGEAR Gamer’s Kit Review (Xbox One)

Gaming on a budget is a tough period for everyone. It's always good to see top of the line quality items out there, but it's equally appreciated to see companies cater to those who filter their searches "price: low to high." This is a kit with several Xbox One accessories that will hopefully make a great gift, or a great substitution until something more comes your way, with headsets, battery packs, charging dock, and more

dreamGEAR Gamer's Kit Xbox One


After sitting down for a few hours, testing everything inside the dreamGear Gamer's Kit (formerly known as Player's Kit), I contemplated if it was even possible to review. I mean, here we have several extremely essential accessories, packaged into one box, and sold for the affordable price of about 50 bucks. What's there to take a chance on or even lose by trying? Then I started to think some more, and came up with the conclusion that, if it's definitely worth trying out, then what could make it essential to a gamer's collection. Not everyone has the money to drop $100-$300 on gaming headsets, nor the extra $20 for small accessories on top. This is a bundle that knows it has some cheap aspects, but doesn't advertise as anything else. This is a bundle ideally meant for kids, or gamers on a budget.

Oh, and if you like what you see here, you can find the kit on Amazon.

dreamGEAR Player's Kit Gamer's Kit Xbox One Headset and Charging

The package

The first two of the several accessories I want to talk about are the battery packs and the charging stand. If I had invested in charging packs back in the Xbox 360 days, I'd probably have enough money saved to open my very own McDonalds next to a highway. I joke of course, but batteries are far from cheap. The Xbox One controllers (at least the first versions that came out) couldn't evolve from that problem. Rechargeable battery packs shouldn't even be considered; they are instant purchases for anyone and everyone. These simply replace the battery packs that hold real batteries behind your controller, fitting perfectly, and are recharged via the USB cable that connects to your console. 
Of course, you won't need to plug each controller you have in via the USB cords with the charge stand. You just need to plug the charging stand in with the same cord, and then you can rest two controllers (or just the one) ontop when you're not playing, and it will recharge that rechargeable battery pack you have as well. I've now used them for quite some time and am in love with them. If someone robbed my home tomorrow and I had to buy them all over again with the insurance money, I would. Again, I'm not sure if the newest controllers that come with the Xbox One S are rechargeable or not, so this may only apply to some Xbox One owners. 
Also included is a 10 foot long USB cable o plug our controllers in (or the charging stand). There's nothing too special about this other than its length, but if you prefer gaming without any type of battery pack, and instead using just the cord, this is a score for you. Others though will at least benefit from not ripping their hair out when they can't find the cord and are about to die in the game due to controller death, because they will have another as a backup. Protection and grip come in two forms as well. Within the kit is a soft touch silicone controller cover, that wraps around the controller and has cutouts for all of the buttons. I know some gamers actually like this, but I've always felt they take away more grip than they give. I would exclusively use this as a travel accessory to prevent my controller from breaking if dropped, but other than that I don't use it. 
The joystick covers on the other hand are amazing. For the last few years, whether it be Sony consoles or Microsoft consoles, I've relied heavily on joystick covers. I'm a bit of a bigger guy, with big hands, so I like my analog sticks to have some height and grip to them. The ones included here could make a case for the best feeling ones I've had yet. They are slightly concave and have a few texture bubbles on top to help you keep your thumbs on. They pop on and off whenever you want, and luckily they have a tight enough grip on the controller's real analog sticks to prevent them from sliding off from normal use. 

Last but not least, the headsets. In this day and age, everyone needs headsets. The visuals of games are too good to forfeit greater immersion through sound. These ones are far from the best, but get the job done. I don't feel like I can appropriately bash the hell out of them though, because if you tally the cost of all the other accessories up, the headsets should only be about $10-$15, and that's exactly how they feel. You get over-the-ear headsets though for the cheapest price out there I'm sure. The build is horribly cheap though, and feels like it could legit be included in a McDonalds Happy Meal (sorry for another McDonalds reference). It's flimsy, weak, and feels like it's about to break just from putting on my head. It's not the most comfortable thing either, but after trying to use it for a few hours, it stayed alive. It provides the audio you need in order to play better, but I would probably only suggest it as a temporary party chat device, or for kids with smaller heads.

dreamGEAR Player's Kit Gamer's Kit Xbox One Battery Packs


I know some may not be able to read an article and take away everything they need to know, and may rely on a number on the bottom to determine where their dollar goes, but it's just so hard to do for this kit. There's good and bad here, and it just depends on your financial situation, as well as who the kit is meant for. Ideally, with the holiday season coming up, this makes for a perfect present for younger gamers who, while we always want to spoil them, sometimes need expendable things too. The headsets are the one thing that will break, no doubt about it. 
I've had a few headsets break on me now from extensive use, and includes Turtle Beach headsets, so these will definitely not survive. The battery packs and charging stand are high quality additions; ones that will save you more money in the long run from not buying batteries all the time. Buying dreamGEAR's battery packs separately may be the smartest choice, but again it just depends what your budget is for headsets as well, and who the kit will be used by. You get great products and not so great products, all for a very affordable price.
Pros Cons
 + Rechargeable Battery Packs  – Headsets are very cheap feeling
 + Charging Dock for 2 controllers  – The controller grip is horrible
 + Joystick grips
 + All for an affordable price


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    Does it work with xbox one s aslo?

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    Can i get a review kid for my son as a gift please


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      Sorry, we are not selling or producing this hardware, we also made just a review…


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