Dream Controller Xbox Elite Series 2 Review: Great Custom Design Controllers

Dream Controller makes even the prettiest plain colors on a gaming controller look boring compared to their custom designs. Whether you're into popular tv shows, movies, anime, or comic books - they have it all. Made with enviable quality that will last you as long as you plan on using the controller.
Dream Controller Xbox Elite Series 2 Review: Great Custom Design Controllers

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The standard Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is probably one of my favorite controllers out there. It’s sleek, premium, customizable, and offers excellent performance. You can argue however that officially available colors are a bit bland and uninspired. Luckily, there are plenty of third-party options to get your Xbox Elite controllers pimped out, and here we have two such offerings from Dream Controller – one inspired by My Hero Academia manga and anime and the other by the Star Wars show – The Mandalorian.

As far as the Elite Series 2 controllers go, functionally, they are probably the best controllers out there for both Xbox and PC gaming. They are insanely customizable, allowing you to easily switch out the D-pad and the analog sticks which you can also tighten to change the tension when using them. They also have 4 paddles on the back which you can use as additional buttons or map certain macro combinations to use in various games. Then there are the trigger locks to adjust the trigger range of motion so you can shorten it if you want to fire more quickly in a shooter or lengthen it to fine-tune your driving or walking speed for example. You also have this nice, durable case and a magnetic charging dock to boot so you can display your beauty while charging it. 

Having a controller as feature-rich as this, the only way to spice it up is with shiny new color and Dream Controller does just that. But, before commenting on the design, it’s important to note that by buying one of these from Dream Controller, you get all the accessories that usually go with an Elite Series 2 controller – the case, the alternate thumbsticks, thumbstick pads, thumbstick tension adjusting tool, the alternate D-pad, and the charging dock. The user experience is also much the same as with a vanilla controller – it’s highly ergonomic, feels premium, and is satisfying and precise to use. 

As far as design goes, Dream Controller do their designs by hydro dipping the shell, and the Elite Series 2 controllers are a bit tricky in that regard because their grips are rubberized, which doesn’t gel well with the technique. But even though there’s less real estate to work with, the end result is great and the paint job is really good in terms of quality.

The design is consistent and the colors are very saturated with almost no imperfections to speak of. It does seem like Dream Controller did a clear coat protective layer on top of the paint job so you don’t have to worry about color degradation with normal use. Besides, seeing as you mostly handle the controller by the grips, which aren’t painted, you can bet the design will endure for as long as you’ll use the controller. For more details and a better look at the controller, be sure to check out our full video review.

Dream Controller ultimately makes the already perfect Xbox Elite Series 2 controller even better. Even though you functionally don't get anything new, in terms of design, you'll add a bit of color to your otherwise plain gaming controller and you'll also have a really cool, thematic piece of hardware that you can proudly display on your desk.
  • Amazing design
  • Durable protective layer on top
  • Still somewhat pricey

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