Controller People PlayStation 5 Pro Controller Review: Affordable Edge Alternative

The custom controller market is overflowing with controllers that often have gimmicky features that just serve to inflate the price. Well, that's not the case with the Pro Controller that keeps things simple while still improving on the already superb quality of the Dual Sense.
Controller People PlayStation 5 Pro Controller Review: Affordable Edge Alternative

The TCP Pro controller is available for purchase on the Controller People website.

Dual Sense is a great all-around that’s going to be just fine for the non-demanding audience. But, if you want a bit more control over how you control your gaming experience – you’re going to want to get a custom controller and one such option is going to be the Pro controller from Controller People. At a first glance, this looks and has all the same features as the regular vanilla controller. However, some of the existing buttons on it have been improved to an extent while other features have been added. 

There’s the Pro Controller interchangeable analog system with which you can basically customize the thumbstick height which can be beneficial depending on the type of game you are playing. Then there are the digital triggers which remove the travel distance on the R2 and L2 triggers. Instead, you simply get an instant click as if you were pressing a mouse button to make you that much faster on the trigger. This also means that you lose the adaptive trigger functionality which is going to be a good thing for some and a bad thing for others. Some games also heavily relly on this feature so keep it in mind when going for the Pro Controller.

Next, and arguably the biggest feature – you have what the Controller People call Click Sticks, which are basically two paddles on the back of the controller. These can simply be reprogrammed to perform the function of almost any other button on the controller by simply holding a stick and the desired button together for 15 seconds. While they might feel fragile, in the few weeks I’ve been using them, I found them to be perfectly positioned, preventing any sort of misclicks as I had with regular flat paddles, while their short travel distance made them quite beneficial, and easy to use.

The best part is that the Pro Controller is significantly cheaper that other PS5 custom controllers with similar features. If you don’t mind paying and getting even more, the Controller People even offer a complete customization suite where you can not only change the color of each segment of the controller but can also add additional Pro features to make something uniquely yours. For more information on the design and the pro and con of each and every feature stated above, be sure to check out our full video review. 

The Controller People Pro controller is an excellent way to take your controller game to the next level with beneficial new features while not breaking the bank as you would with some competitors.
  • Retains the build and design quality of Dual Sense
  • Pro features work great
  • More affordable than competitors
  • Digital triggers might prevent playing certain games
  • Click sticks feel fragile

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