Cidoo V87 Keyboard Review: Superior Sound at a Steal

Cidoo is fast becoming a household name in the keyboard space and their V87 is the one to bring them one step closer. A compact TKL with an appealing retro flair and all the modern tech you could want brings it just a level below a true enthusiast keyboard.

Cidoo V87 Review

The keyboard market is really huge and buying the right one can be a really daunting task. Despite how popular the modding community has become, most PC users and games simply want a great out of the box experience, which further narrows available options. While Cidoo is not a hugely known household name, Cidoo keyboards tick a lot of boxes that might appeal to enthusiasts and casuals alike. The V87 keyboard, in particular, aims to deliver all the desirable traits of a top-tier keyboard, housed in a retro design that brings a touch of vintage charm to your work or gaming space.

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For the basics, Cidoo V87 is a gasket-mounted wireless TKL keyboard with an ANSI layout and a knob. With many keyboards pushing for that next frontier in futuristic and “out there” design, it’s refreshing to see one going full-blown retro.

Cidoo V87 Design

The retro design is really beautiful

This is mainly achieved with the almost vintage grayish/beige color scheme that’s only spiced up with a bit of red and dark gray on some keys to make them pop. It’s a great look, and it makes Cidoo V87 almost look like that keyboard that your dad used with his PC 20+ years ago. With that said, a closer look reveals all sorts of details that ultimately betray the keyboard as modern piece of tech and design. 

The case itself is made from a top and bottom piece of a powder coated aluminum, separated by the seam in the middle. The bottom piece has a small wedge on the sides so the entire thing isn’t a blocky piece of plastic and instead has a bit more personality. It’s the same thing on the bottom, where you have some vertical lines running across the case to spice up what would otherwise be a blocky, bland design.

Cidoo V87 Design

A wedge design detail on the side

While the keyboard by default has a slight incline, the V87 has only four rubber feet, which can’t be adjusted for an even better one. Instead, you have four very simple rubber feet which, at least, prevent the keyboard from sliding around or damaging your desk or other surfaces. 

On the back is where you’ll find the type-C port and the connectivity switch. Speaking of connectivity, on the top you have a neat, magnetized compartment for the wireless dongle right next to the arrow keys. The small metal piece that covers the dongle blends nicely with the rest of the keyboard and the magnet is strong enough not to fall off when the keyboard is carried around in a backpack, for example.

Dongle Compartment

A neat magnetized dongle compartment

Another neat detail on the top is a small diffused RGB strip above the arrow keys. While it might seem somewhat trivial, the strip is really bright, with beautiful, saturated colors that add a dash of retro-futurism to the entire keyboard. 

The knob is always a welcome addition to any keyboard, and that holds true in this case as well. Its placement is a bit different from most keyboards with a knob, but using it quickly becomes second nature. Its design also falls into the retro domain and is complemented by the metal cover for the dongle. It leaves an impression of quality craftsmanship, and the tactile steps when turning the knob make it feel nice to use.

RGB Strip

The RGB strip is a really eye-catching detail

The build quality of V87 is equally good as its design. As mentioned, the casing is made entirely out of aluminum, which feels very high quality with absolutely no flex or ugly pings and noises when using the keyboard. Combine that with the internal battery and other components, and you get a substantial 2.1 kg, giving the keyboard a really tank-like feel. Really, don’t drop this thing, or you’ll break the floor.

Certainly worth mentioning are the dye-sublimation PBT keycaps. Besides their excellent, neutral, yet visually pleasing colors, they are also of considerable quality. Their profile is slightly lower, resulting in a unique but pleasant sound, which I will discuss a bit later. While not shine-through, the RGB lighting is quite visible and can wonderfully enhance the keyboard’s appearance with dozens of effects if RGB is your preference. It also doubles as a caps lock and connectivity indicator, since the keyboard doesn’t have dedicated LED’s for this purpose. 

The V87 knob

The knob is a little off-set, but it’s a more than welcome addition

Regarding the switches, Cidoo offers only one option called the “matte switch.” Essentially, these are 5-pin linear switches with 45g of actuation force that perform admirably, whether you primarily use the keyboard for typing or gaming. Even if you don’t like how they feel, the keyboard is full hotswappable, so you can easily replace them with something more up your alley.

Nevertheless, what completes the package and makes the entire typing experience excellent is the seamless combination of the keyboard’s construction, keycaps, switches, and interior. As previously mentioned, the keyboard features a gasket mount design, with a polycarbonate plate beneath the switches and several layers of foam above and below the PCB.

V87 Switches

The switches perform well and somewhat contribute to the great sound profile

While harder presses on the keycaps does make the thing flex quite a lot, it doesn’t detract from the typing experience at all. As a matter of fact, the keyboard provides a pleasantly cushioned typing experience, with the sound profile significantly dampened and quite satisfying. Of course, there is room for further improvements for the flex and sound through modding, but for 95% of users, this keyboard could offer the most gratifying sound right out of the box.


As mentioned, the V87 supports wireless, and here you have both Bluetooth and the 2.4 GHz via the USB dongle. The modes are changed using the aforementioned connectivity switch on the back, and both work without a hitch. The connection is rock solid and has a decent range, so you don’t have to worry about presses not being registered or any other connectivity issues.

Connectivity options

The wireless performance is excellent

This made me use the keyboard mostly in wireless, and it’s great that the V87 has a battery where that isn’t a problem. On average, the 3000 mAh battery would last me around a week and a half with RGB and more than two weeks without it. While this can vary depending on how much you actually use the keyboard throughout the day and how wild you get with RGB, it’s nevertheless a great result that will make people who like clean, wire-free setups very, very happy.

As for the software customization, the keyboard doesn’t have a dedicated one and instead uses the VIA configurator. While it does require an extra step of downloading an appropriate JSON file and uploading it into the software, the options you get are really robust. So, creating profiles, remapping keys, creating macro combinations, customizing the RGB and a lot more is available and really easy to do.


Ultimately, the Cidoo V87 brings a lot to the table and its quality definitely can’t be denied. While more demanding keyboard enthusiasts might resent the mounting style and the amount of typing flex, most users will appreciate the tanky build quality, great retro look and excellent sound profile and performance. At $150, it’s basically a budget friendly option for those that want an almost enthusiast level experience without burning a hole in their wallet.

If you are in the market for a great TKL keyboard, you've definitely found one, as Cidoo V87 brings an almost enthusiast level of quality with an unmatched out-of-the-box experience in its price range.
  • Great retro look
  • Tanky build quality
  • Excellent sound profile
  • Wireless performance and battery
  • Super heavy
  • The surface flex might bother heavier typists
  • No adjustable feet

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