AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Chair Review: Comfy & Beautiful Minimalist

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 is a chair that's going to make you say goodbye to leather chairs and will usher you into a cool world of stylish fabric and supportive comfort whether you're gaming or working - if you can afford it and are tall enough.
AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Chair Review: Comfy & Beautiful Minimalist

When you think about buying a chair, what are your main criteria? Do you want it to be supportive and comfortable? Do you want it to look really great and for it to complement your gaming or office space? Or do you want it to be as adjustable as possible so it can accommodate nearly anyone? In my reviewing career, I rarely encountered a chair that has all of the above and you usually have to settle for less than ideal in at least one area. There are exceptions, of course, and luckily, today we’ll be looking at AndaSeat T-Pro 2 which definitely seems like one. So let’s apply the above criteria and see if the T-Pro 2 is really as Pro as its name would suggest. 

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Just like with Kaiser 2, T-Pro 2 has a big and heavy package where you’ll find all the pieces neatly packaged and protected for transport. Before going into the details on the T-Pro 2, I need to make it perfectly clear just how easy this chair is to assemble. I don’t know if it was just my particular model and my particular unit but it literally took me only around 20 minutes to do so on my own and I barely needed any tools to do so. The armrests are already attached to the seat, so you’ll spend most of your time attaching the backrest and hydraulics to it.

The screws easily fall into their designated spot by hand and the Allen keys are there for you to tighten everything at the end. You have all the necessary pieces neatly packaged and most of the other components are made a perfect fit so you can easily install them. Granted, having assembled and reviewed many chairs, I’m kinda good at it, but the instruction manual of the T-Pro 2 is easy to follow and has real images for each step so you won’t have any issues, even if it’s your first chair assembly. 

T-Pro 2 is quite the sizeable chair

T-Pro 2 is quite the sizeable chair

Once assembled, you’ll see that the T-Pro 2 is a fairly large chair. It’s comparable to the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 and slightly bigger and more robust than competitors like Secretlab Titan or Noblechairs Hero. The official website recommends you be between 180 and 210 cm tall and weigh anywhere under 150 kg for best results. Going by me, who’s 180 cm tall and weighs 80 kg – that’s completely true as I literally sink into the chair with room to spare.

The official specs will tell you that the seat is 54 cm wide and 58 cm deep, but that’s because they include the side and back curves in the measurements. The actual usable seating area is 44 cm wide and 54 cm deep which is still more than enough to fit all but the largest of people. The backrest is 86 cm tall so you’ll still be able to rest your head even if you are around 2 m tall. Much like Kaiser 2, the T-Pro 2 by itself has a fairly narrow lower backrest area which is widened significantly to around 52 cm when you add the included lumbar pillow.

T-Pro 2 adjustments

It has all the adjustments that you’d expect and more

With all of the above, it’s obvious that the T-Pro 2 is primarily made for taller and larger people but you definitely won’t feel left out if you don’t fall into that category, especially since the chair has all the customization features that you’d expect at this price point. Of course, you can adjust the height of the seat to be anywhere between 48 and 58 cm from the floor, the chair can tilt, or be locked in place and the backrest can recline up to 160 degrees. The armrests can be moved forward and backward by around 5 cm but they can also move left or right, up and down, and even at a slight inward or outward angle. 


The overall build quality of the T-Pro 2 is excellent – much like other with other Anda chairs. The full steel framework combined with an aluminum base provides amazing stability and sturdiness along with enabling it to withstand 200 kgs of load. The build quality is most evident in the fact that moving the chair or handling any of the mechanisms produces no creaking or suspicious sounds you’ll probably encounter in cheaper chairs. 

The excellent build quality also applies to the metal arms and firm plastic armrests that I don’t see degrading even after years of elbow grinding. Unfortunately, the armrests are paired up with plastic adjustment mechanisms which, while durable, are a far cry from the metal mechanisms seen in some of the competitors. The plastic build means the armrests will occasionally rattle when you move your arms but they’ll also feel less smooth and a tiny bit less premium in comparison to the rest of the chair.

AndaSeat Build Quality

This bad boy can handle quite the weight

The T-Pro 2 is an absolute looker in terms of design. In terms of shape, it strikes a fine balance between being racing inspired and looking like a chair made for an office environment. While it does come in other color variants, our review unit was this stealthy black-on-black that seems like it’s something Batman would sit on in his spare time. This black model is especially great if you are of the opinion that less is more. The stitched-in, black, and almost invisible branding, once again makes the chair strike a golden middle ground that could make it fit nicely in both your home gaming setup or office space. 

Now, most of the visual appeal of the T-Pro 2 comes from the fact that it has fabric upholstery with velour accents. While fabric does come with a con that it’s somewhat more difficult to clean, it more than makes up for it by how great it looks. Again, the black variant is especially great in that regard since the fabric isn’t as shiny or reflective as leather, meaning the color is much more saturated and doesn’t look washed out. Besides that, the fabric feels very smooth to the touch but also like it could withstand quite the beating before showing any signs of wear. The durability of the upholstery is further helped by the fact that it’s very tightly fitted to the frame and flawlessly stitched together.

Fabric Quality

This fabric is amazing, especially in this stealth black variant

Besides the almost invisible and tasteful branding, one detail that stands out is the mentioned velour on the sides of the seat and the backrest. Despite it being colored in an ever deeper shade of black, it manages to nicely spice up the overall design to keep it from being the same ol’ fabric everywhere you look. 


After using the T-Pro 2 for around a month, I think I can safely say that it’s is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve sat in yet. With that said, you do have to fulfill a couple of conditions before that’s going to be the case. But first, I have to say that the chair is all around very soft and well-padded, more so than most high-end competitors. Sure, it’s not couch type of soft, but that means that along with being comfortable, the chair provides enough support for a proper sitting position. The use of fabric for the upholstery also has the benefit of making the chair more breathable so you don’t have to worry about sweating and stickiness as you do with leather chairs. Yes, it will stain more easily but it’s nothing some fabric cleaner and a cloth won’t be able to handle in a flash. 

Very padded and comfortable

The very padded seat is enhanced by the included pillows

And here we come to the first condition that’s going to make the T-Pro 2 into a supporting and comfort powerhouse – the two included pillows. The first one is your standard neck memory foam pillow with a smooth velour exterior. While it’s very soft and comfortable, its usability is severely limited by its singular placement that’s going to be too high for you unless you are at least 185 cm tall. I’m obviously under that requirement so I mostly didn’t use it which in all honesty, didn’t affect my comfort level by all that much.

That’s because most of it came from the amazing lumbar pillow which is a must if you want to get the most out of the T-Pro 2. This is due to the fact that the backrest doesn’t have an internal support mechanism and is clearly shaped having the use of a lumbar pillow in mind. That’s not to say that the chair isn’t comfortable without the lumbar pillow, but it’s insane how much it boosts the actual comfort level when it is used. Besides being very soft, it promotes a much better seating position, expands the usable backrest area and it even makes the chair a bit shallower which will benefit shorter people.


To conclude, the T-Pro 2 costs 400 euros and I feel like that’s more than a good investment. The comfort, along with all the adjustments means that it is fully capable of supporting you whether you’re gaming for hours on end or if you are looking to get some work done. Aside from that, it’s built like a tank and it looks absolutely amazing. Despite the height requirement, it’s going to be a great fit for many people as well as a great fit for any environment you decide to place it in.

In a sea of gaming and office chairs, AndaSeat T-Pro 2 stands out by minimizing the gaming aesthetic and maximizing the build quality and comfort level. Work or play, it more than earns the "Pro" in its name and should be at the top of your list when considering a new chair.
  • Very comfortable
  • Stylishly minimal fabric upholstery
  • Highly adjustable
  • The lumbar pillow
  • Not ideal for shorter people
  • Plastic armrest mechanisms
  • Pricey

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