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Dex First Impression Review

Dex is an indie game developed by Dreadlocks Ltd, a video game developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. The final version was released on 7 May 2015.

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I had some doubts about the game because it looked a bit like an arcade platformer. It's not. It's definitely an RPG in a 2D side scrolling world, with a few platforms. I think it is a kind of mix of Fallout 1-2 and Human Revolution. Some say it looks similar to Alpha Protocol and Shadowrun. 

Let's take a look. 

Dex has the open-ended level design that rewards exploration, great atmosphere and enjoyable graphics. The gameplay is pretty solid and provides enough variety when making your way through the game.

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The dialogs are well done. You can't just pick [1] everytime for positive answer. It also attracts by non-linear approach to mission playing and solving. Also the art style and soundtrack in Dex are spot on. The characters are done well and they fit their surroundings. By the way, the voice acting is really stunning. 

On the other hand, it has great cyberpunk setting with hacking, megacorporations, human augmentation and so on. 

It has toilet paper, some sort of magazines, cola – stuff you won't really use, but like I always say, it's the little details that make the whole thing and that's why it reminds me of good-old Fallout 2. 

Frankly, I don't like the image of gaming industry today and this one reminds me about those great times when games had real soul in it. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of great games nowadays and I like them mostly. But such masterpieces like Max Payne 1, Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven, Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus – they will never come back.

However, maybe there is no problem and the gaming world has't changed but I have.. Um.. What we were up to? Oh, Dex, of course.

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I really liked melee fightings. They are not that keen, with a basic one two punch combo, dodging, blocking, and special moves unlocked the more points you put into the fighting skill, but they are challenging, which has attracted my attention. I spent all my skill points on it and endurance and regret nothing.

The AR hacking is a nice touch. It's convenient that the actions “pauses” while you hack, making it a useful tactical option. Hacking is a good way to rack up some cash, this is all drawn and animated in astounding detail which creates a very interesting aesthetic.

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Also, in my opinion, it is wise to develop lockpicking as soon as you can. It gives access to more opportunities and some other cool stuff.

Only real complaints about the gameplay are the lackluster gunplay and the saving system. Because sometimes it doesn't save all of the information you'd assume it would, so you end up losing progress every time you re-load the game. As a result it makes you feel unassured that your progress is safe.

However later updates were implemented and many bugs were fixed. Even though the release and bugs at the beginning could have discouraged many players.

The story is good enough to justify the gameworld although nothing mindblowing. The game world is very well realized and really nails the gritty cyberpunk feel. Dex is a great achievement.

Do not forget to check out the trailer!


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great review!

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