Dark Souls III Review

Get ready to die again with this exciting action role-playing sequel that makes you cry and laugh at the same time. Will you defeat all the bosses again? Are you ready to destroy your controller or keyboard while furiously screaming around??

absolutely stunning night sky
Dark Souls III is an action role-playing game by FromSoftware. You will fight through difficult enemies and bosses to traverse to new areas. You can purchase this on steam for $60.

Dark Souls 3 Review


The player assumes the role of the “Ashen One” from which has to stop the ongoing conflict with light and dark and it’s his or her job to destroy the Lords of Cinder. The Ashen One will have to face tough enemies and brutal bosses to achieve such a task to restore the order.


If you are new to the series Dark Souls III is a role-playing game which means you are going to have to conserve stamina, collect souls, level up, upgrade weapons/armor, explore, and fight tough bosses. This is the very basis of the game in a nutshell. As soon as you start the game you will have to choose from 10 distinct classes which are knight, mercenary, warrior, herald, thief, assassin, sorcerer, pyromancer, cleric, and deprived. Now, of course when you choose one of these classes your entire gameplay does not have to be based on being the class you choose. For example, you can choose warrior but yet become a mage as well as a warrior and become a mage warrior hybrid later in the game. These classes are just meant for starting stats that fits your play style. For most newcomers they would choose either the warrior or the knight. I personally chose the warrior because you have a lot of health and start out with a powerful weapon. The point of the game is to learn from every death encounter, you will die many times before finally achieving success. Patience and conserving stamina is key.

choosing classes

The player will have to traverse through various areas in the game that are very distinct from each other, areas such as swamps, night sky, burial grounds, poison areas, and so much more. I was astounded to visit each place from the last, it all felt very different. You have to explore in the game to gather items which will help you in the long run when it comes to upgrading items and armor. Each place has its own set of difficult enemies as well as traps to kill the player at any cost. I found myself stepping on so many metal plate traps that shot arrows at me because I was not paying attention to the ground but you can also use these traps to your advantage to defeat your foes which is hilarious to see. In Dark Souls III I have never seen such aggressive enemies in my entire life, if you see any foes with red eyes be prepared for the fight of your life. These A.I. in particular are extremely ANGRY and will destroy you in just a couple hits or even less! They will continue to hit you multiple times or will do an auto grab which you cannot break out of. I found myself saying, “PLEASE CALM DOWN” each time I fought anyone with the red eyes. This was also very exciting and raised my anxiety to the highest level whenever I came across these opponents. The great thing is that the players will find “bonfires” which are checkpoints to rest at to refill your health and flasks to adventure on. These bonfires will allow you to also transport back to Firelink Shrine to level up and upgrade as well as other areas in the game to revisit old places. 

red eyed enemies are RUTHLESS
The point of exploring new areas and fighting the difficult enemies is to get the bosses which is the only way to progress through the game. You must destroy the bosses to move through the story. This is what the Souls series is known for and this time around they are still very difficult. Unfortunately, playing through this game compared to the others I found that these bosses are not particularly as difficult from the other games. Do not get me wrong, they are still incredibly hard and challenging but something just seems to be missing this time around. I still had a lot of fun fighting them but I wish the stakes were just a little bit higher. Many of them were very different from each other which was fantastic, there details and aggressiveness made them stand out from one fight to the next. I had a great time and was stressed beyond belief when fighting them but I felt so accomplished when achieving victory.

terrifying boss

Returning fans will feel right at home with Dark Souls III as many but minimal changes have been made to the formula. Let’s talk about the changes because the small changes have significantly changed the game for good. For instance, they have added a new mechanic that allows the player to use a secondary powerful attack with any weapon but at the cost of using up mana, (which isn’t a problem if you are not a mage build) this is a great addition to the game which adds more intense fights and variety. Each weapon has its own unique powerful attack to conquer foes. I personally did not use this mechanic throughout my adventure honestly because you can really become vulnerable to attack if you miss which can lead to your utter death. Many people I have encountered including online players loved using this mechanic however, because it really is a strong attack which lead to some heart wrenching fights to the death.
They have also included a mana flask for the first time which is new to the series because before you would have to use items to get your mana back up so that’s a nice addition for the game if you like being a mage build or mage warrior build. I was a warrior build so the mana flask was pretty useless to me but I still appreciated it being there because it you can still use the mana flask for that secondary powerful attack if you do not use magic.

using secondary special attack boost

What I noticed also was that they added A.I. in the game that would act like real players that would fight you in certain areas of the game kind of acting like mini bosses. I understand that in previous games these A.I. were present but in Dark Souls III I felt like I kept seeing them more and more which was nice. These A.I. were AGGRESSIVE and will beat you to a pulp if you are not smart with your moves. Once you understand their patterns they become easy but they still put up a challenge for the most part. At some points you would even have to fight two of them at the same time which was challenging but after you would kill them you would obtain their weapons which was awesome. This changed the game a lot because you would not have to wait for actual players to invade you to experience this kind of challenge. This was a great addition and was greatly appreciated as a souls fan.

human like A.I. aggresive

Invasion is really fun as well, players around the world can invade your game at random times to destroy you and ruin your life. The problem I had this time around that really took me out of the game was that whenever I was invaded there player model would just stand completely still and I would not be able to see what there next attack was going to be. This totally took the immersion of the game away from me and it was just really lame. Unfortunately I encountered this bug multiple times and that I hope in future updates this will go away.

All to say the gameplay generally feels more refined and a lot more fast paced. The developers mentioned that they wanted this game to feel a little bit more like their previous title Bloodbourne and I can definitely see the resemblance in gameplay. They have done a fantastic job with it, just feels smooth and is just a great sequel.


The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, there is so much to look at and so much variety. The details are spot on that sometimes you have to just stand still to really take in everything that is going on around you. It’s just something that you have to experience for yourself, I remember one particular moment in the game where I was taken to a new area in the game that had this beautiful night sky that lit up this entire castle area. I was so taken away by how stunning it was that I just put my controller down and appreciate the moment. Everything in this game is detailed down to the very brim, each foe I encountered or boss was extremely different looking from the last, you can really tell the developers put in a lot of work to maintain a distinct style. I love the medieval dark ages too and that fit the style for the game very well. The game was also able to keep an extremely good fps which was appreciated. I was putting in a good 50-60 fps throughout my entire adventure, it was said that this game can be handled at 60 throughout the entire game but since my pc was not as powerful as most I was still able to play with no problems at all.

Lords of Cinder rise


Get ready to hear some disturbing horrifying screams from your foes. The sound in the game is done well from the slashes from your sword or hearing a magic pellet being thrown at you from far away. The tone of the game is dark and gritty there is not much of a score being thrown into the game to make you feel threatened or makes the game more intense as you play. Then again, there is not much you can focus on while you are playing anyways so music would be useless in my opinion.

slashing sound sounds so great


Dark Souls III is an amazing game and a worthy sequel among its predecessors. It changes up the formula in minimal ways to make the game stand out and feel fresh. The graphics and attention to detail is out standing. Everything about this game is wonderful and you should purchase it right away!


  • beautiful graphics
  • new secondary attack works great
  • bosses are distinct and terrifying
  • awesome weapons and armor


  • annoying stand still model glitch
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