Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Review

Have you ever fancied taking on the role of a car mechanic? Well, now you can in RedDot Games all new Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. However, is the game worth your precious time and money? Or alternatively, is it just another game which lacks the zeal to play?

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Review


Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (CMS 2018) is an all new real-life simulator experience developed by RedDot Games which gives players the opportunity to repair, paint, tune, renovate cars, and expand their business. On top of this, unique barn finds and a junkyard model are also available to further the experience – as well as over 1000+ parts and 40+ cars.

CMS 2018, which was released on the 28th of July 2017 by RedDot Games, is currently available on for PC on Steam for around £15.


If you are looking for a story rich game filled with emotion, drama, passion and talented screenwriting – don't look to CMS 2018 to give you this – (trust me) as the game has a minimal story and focused more on the real-life struggles of running a car repair/renovation shop. Personally, I believe RedDot Games made a sensible decision by not adding a story. It fits the simulator genre to a tee, and gives the player a sense of what it feels like to be a car mechanic.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Review - The mechanics side of the game is great

It is important to note that RedDot must be highly credited for their attention to detail within CMS 2018, as the game feels as if a lot of time and effort has been put into it. For example, the game starts with an opening cinematic cutscene, which shows a mechanic buying a barn find (rare old car which pretty rusted and need of serious repair) and renovating it to a pretty badass looking automobile. In addition, the game has a great tutorial, which introduces the player to the game, and clearly pinpoints what certain parts/machinery do, and how to use it – which is great for newbies. 

But, overall there is not much to talk about in terms of a story, but the attention to detail within the game is very impressive and receives a thumbs up from me.


Unfortunately, CMS 2018, receives a thumbs down on its gameplay. To be frank, the game is very buggy and requires a high amount of optimisation if it is to be a success. It is worrying to see the developers not fixing the game after six emergency patches since its launch. But, the game has started to play a little better now – which is  a relief.

As previously stated, RedDot have put a lot of attention to detail, and this is clearly evident when playing the game itself. CMS 2018 gives the player a chance to paint, tune, repair and overly improve their cars with the ultimate aim of selling the car on for a nice profit – this is a great concept for a game such as this, and fits well into the genre.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Review - You get to have your own workshop

But, if you have ever played Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is a fantastic game, you will understand that the slow-moving gives you the sense of freedom to do as you wish, as you drive around from cities, countryside, wilderness and enjoy yourself while building up your European haulage business. However, CMS 2018, lacks this freedom, which makes a simulator a good game. As the player you do not feel this experience of freedom in CMS 2018 and this is what really lets the overall gameplay of the game down.

It must be said though that there is a certain degree of satisfaction in fixing and renovating a car. RedDot Games are most definitely onto something, and this was the case for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Like the developers of Euro Truck they did not realise this at first; but, as soon as the penny dropped the game's developers started to capitalise it's benefits and the fruits of their work were clearly shown. I firmly believe that RedDot can do the same here, and with a bit of hard work and determination the game could be fantastic and be able to complete with the likes of Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator.

Graphics and Audio

I must confess the graphics for CMS Simulator 2018 must be some of the best graphics seen in a game of this caliber in a long time – it most certainly beats the likes of Euro Truck Simulator 2 when it was first released. RedDot have used 'photorealistic' graphics to a tee and the game looks awesome. Within your garage, all the tools like realistic as well as the parts. But, the cherry on top of the cake is most certainly the cars – they look epic.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Review - Photorealistic graphics look epic

However, the audio is not so great. It must be said though that the sound effect of the machinery/tools is great, but the soundtrack to the game is awful and gets repetitive and annoying to the point where you have to turn it off. However, this a minimal issue which can be sorted over time. 

DLC Content

With regards to the bugs, developers RedDot Games have released the Mazda DLC which has added new content to the game as well as fixing major bugs and other problems which had risen from the games launch. After playing the game more since the new DLC was released, it is safe to say that the game does run a lot better, as it feels more smooth and efficient.

The way the actual mechanical side of the game works now is a lot easier to work, and bugs are less apparent within the game. However, I must confess that the game still requires optimisation to make it that one step better, and with patches/updates and constructive community feedback – I can most definitely see this happening in the near future. But, whether it will – time will only tell.


Overall I like the game. CMS 2018 oozes potential, but just needs the right guidance to be drawn away from the on coming rocks of destruction. The game is enjoyable to play, (despite early launch problems – which have now been resolved by the release of the Mazda DLC) and gives a realistic experience without being too boring like other simulator based games. However, the game still requires optimisation which will improve the overall quality of the game, and it must be said the soundtrack is awful and need to be changed immediately, despite being a relatively minor issue.

As previously stated, it is clearly obvious the game needs a lot of work and a degree of optimisation, but similar to the critically-claimed Euro Truck – a potentially bright future is apparent, and with the right guidance the game can be pretty epic, or alternatively a complete utter disaster.

+ Game with a lot of potential – The game requires optimisation
+ Fun and satisfying to play – Soundtrack is utterly dreadful
+ Informative tutorial

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  1. Has the optimisation improved now 9 months later or is it worth waiting for the annual iteration??


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