Bridge Constructor Review

Apparently have an engineering degree is not only optional, but kind of frowned upon. Let's see what you should expect when you're building a bridge of your own with reckless abandon for the human lives sacrificed for the sake of saving money when not hiring professionals. This is Bridge Constructor.

Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor is a game about constructing bridges. Your task is to construct bridges throughout Camatuga in order to allow the citizens to commute around the country, like any other. Now you’d think this task would be a simple one, even if it would be time-consuming, however, the powers that be have decided that you the player should design and build the bridges and I’m willing to wager that 99% at least do not have engineering degrees. Get ready to watch wire and steel fall to oblivion.


Bridge Constructor is the name of the game which should explain everything you need to know about the gameplay, or at the very least the simple concept of the task at hand. The game is laid out as a simple level system, so when you beat one level another will greet you just as you should expect. Each level will expect you to be successful under several different conditions such as changes in building materials allowed (from the list of wood, steel, wire, and concrete), the budget allowed for your construction and of course how large the bridge must be to bridge the gap. In order to receive your gold medal for victory, the structure must, at the very least, support cars. Although to get bonus points, lorries must be able to traverse the bridge.

This game is very accessible to play, so anyone can pick this game up and try their hands at bridge building. Success is not a hard thing to acquire as there is no penalty for failing and being responsible for the deaths of those testing the bridge. In essence, trial and error are your allies in this construction simulator. This title also adds optional difficulty as well, which I will always applaud. This is dependent on what type of vehicle you pit your bridge against from Car, Lorry, and Tanker which translates simply to Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Just look at this wonderful wood bridge.
How each level plays out is rather simple. You will be given a specific gap to bridge with slightly different circumstances under which to do so. Firstly the size of the gap is cause for concern as a large bridge will need ample support. But you can’t build anything you want as you are under a rather strict budget meaning only so much can be built, regardless of what you actually need, and in case you thought you could definitely build something sturdy you’d be wrong. Not only are supports not in every level but the materials you are allowed to use change every time. Sometimes you could be offered everything from steel to concrete and others may say wood is all you’re gonna get. This adds variety no doubt as every material not only has different sturdiness but each has to be supported in its own way. For instance, wood can support itself as a kind of rope bridge but steel will collapse under its own weight. After you’ve constructed your bridge, testing it is essential to beat the level.

As I said earlier, your success may vary on what vehicle you decide to test your bridge with. As one for cars may hold up, but lorries or tankers could utterly annihilate your poor bridge. After successfully testing your construction, you will be greeted with congrats for winning message and issued a score depending on how much you had to spend and what kind of transport transported itself to safety. It’s similar to receiving a score from Angry Birds or games like this so instant gratification for your efforts. As each level only takes a few minutes of your time, for the most part anyway, winning this game is quite easy as I beat the first two islands in one sitting.

This bridge looks like one from the real life.
Calling this game a simulator is hardly accurate, though I do know I’m the only person to have said this but stay with me for a second, due to the fact that as long as the vehicles make it across you are deemed a success. This can result in bridges that can only be used once and collapse just as the transports make it. Hardly practical but you cannot deny the spectacle.

However, these bridges won’t really work if you are aiming for perfection as the weight if the lorries will push every inch of your construction to breaking point and the slightest fault, especially in later levels, will cause utter destruction.I will say that anyone who wants a game that actually tests their skills at construction or are interested in construction may find the experience frustrating. This is due to the lack of a serious tutorial that goes beyond the various building materials and the fact that quite often the ludicrous designs you can come up with work just as often as the sensible ones.

I wonder, will they drown or not?

Simple but effective is all there is to say about it. All the different building materials are easily distinguishable by colour and appearance. The background you are working against are very simple and visually pleasing from the sunny tropical coast background to the cities. It’s everything you could really want as it all looks like what it should be. On the Xbox One, the graphics are almost identical to that of the tablet version, only with smoother edges to everything so don’t expect a dramatic change due to the console port.

Sound Design

Throughout your adventure as a bridge constructor, you will be accompanied by a calming looping melody. Or at least it will seem calming for a level or 2 before the monotonous, repetitive nature of the tune cause it to transform into something you’ll loath. But that could just be me. As far as sound design goes, outside of the music there is a rather pleasing variety of clunks when you install each type of material onto your creation to let you know it has been attached and the vehicles traversing the bridge trundle along with the simple hum of their engines and end with a rather satisfying beep beep from their horn when they have succeeded.


This title delivers everything you would expect when looking at it at face value. You will construct bridges under various circumstances and like it. Along with the fact that you can choose your own difficulty this not only means that players of various skill levels can play but also adds some sense of replay ability if you choose to return to previous levels to build the most stable bridge imaginable. If you are in the market for a simple game to use up your time Bridge Constructor is definitely a strong contender.  

I enjoy the simplicity of the game, meaning I can jump back into it to play whenever I want to. I don’t need to practice it with any real vigor and I will admit I do feel a slight joy. When I see my bridge succeed, I share the small happiness that my test subject must feel when they realize that they have reached the other side without plummeting to their untimely death. But with the only tune in the game being grating and repetitive I can’t stay there for too long and without it, I can feel the silence which starts the voices up again. That and the fact that the most stable construction can sometimes fail for apparently no reason as well as game offering no helpful tips on why, at that moment, you failed completely. I don’t like random chance and this game seems to have a fair amount of it.

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