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Breached Review

Alone, trapped, and in the middle of nowhere. Time is of the essence, or you will die. Can you save yourself, or will you be another faceless victim who never got to deliver his important message? Come see what Nkidu Games Inc has in store for you in Breached.

Breached Review


You are a survivor from an unknown deadly accident that happened many years ago. You have been awakened from hibernation when your shelter lost fuel and its oxygen generator. You must fix them before the 8th day, or you will die from suffocation by the poisoned atmosphere. Breached is an adventurous indie game. Developed by Nkidu Games Inc, Breached will take you on a mysterious journey through the memories of the survivor's past. While evaluating your past, you are on a time table for survival.

You can find the game on Steam for $6.99 USD.
This game is for PC users only but with full controller support.

The Outside of your shelter in Breached


As every day passes, you log yourself into your personal journal. Having awakened from hibernation sleep, you experience its side effects, memory loss. You keep tabs on yourself every day as memory returns. At the end of each log, your character leaves a hashtag or two. Those hashtags will reveal previous journal entries your character has entered before cryostasis.  These messages will help you to get a better understanding of what the survivor has gone through before an apparent accident.

Your Map in Breached


While you try to dig deeper into your past, there is another task that requires your attention. Something happened to your shelter. Your confined home lost fuel and its oxygen generator (which filters out the toxins in the atmosphere). There are drones in various places that you are able to wirelessly connect to through your neural implantations. The mission is to collect various resources classified as, Alpha, Beta and Gamma material. Collecting these resources are paramount to synthesizing fuel for your generator. Also, capsules are a fourth resource which is required to repair your generator. They are less abundant than the natural resources and when you open the capsule, you have a percent chance of getting the exact parts you need to repair the generator.

Breached gives you limited time to survive


Every day you have a certain amount of energy to perform tasks. The first few days, you will start with 100% energy. On the last few days, you will start your day with 70% energy. Every task you perform will cost you energy. To go scavenging with your drone will cost 40% energy. Synthesizing fuel will cost 30% energy, and every time you open a capsule by hacking it will also cost you 30% of your energy. So choose your tasks wisely and make the most of your energy count.

Exploring the ruins of a desert island in Breached


When it is time to go searching for resources you will go to your map. There you will choose which available quadrant you wish to explore. Once selected, your neural implants will direct your mind to an online drone. With the drone, you have three available cells which are your storage compartments. You can only collect three resources each time you visit a quadrant. Once you pick up the resource it cannot be dropped. But if you are to lose your drone to EM (Electro Magnetic) Anomalies, any and all resources you picked up will be gone, along with any chance to revisit that quadrant. In order to harvest materials, the drone must be held still, in a very close proximity of the resources and must be looking directly at it. Once you are ready to leave the quadrant, you must return to a recall point to which your drone will go offline, and the recovered resources will be teleported to the shelter.

The EM Anomalies will shut you down in Breached

EM Anomalies

When visiting a quadrant, the area will have several spheres of light that will destroy your drone if you come within close proximity of the Anomaly. There are three different anomalies: Yellow, Green, and Black. Yellow is stationary but has a gravitational pull that is very hard to escape. Be careful about getting close to those. Green moves around with a small gravitational pull. They follow designated routes going back and forth. They don’t change their paths. Black also moves around on a designated path like the Green. But apparently, there seems to be no gravitational pull from Black Anomalies. Getting close to any of these anomalies will shut down your drone, making it impossible to return to that area ever again.

Let's do some Breached Science

The Lab

When you have recovered resources from a quadrant, you will now be able to visit the Lab. To synthesize fuel, you must find the right balance between the three materials in order to create fuel of 100% quality. The only fuel of 100% quality is usable. So synthesizing fuel will take trial and error to find the right amount of each resource to use. To repair your Oxygen Generator, you will have to hack into the collected capsules to salvage parts. The parts you need are 5 Conductors, 10 Alloys, 25 Microchips, and 1 Molecular Filter. Before hacking a capsule, there is a percent chance that there will be a Molecular Filter in the capsule. So be careful on how much energy you spend opening capsules. Every time you hack into a capsule, you will see what the item is and what its original purpose was before you dismantled it for parts.

Is Breached showing us a Lost Civilization?


The game is short, providing perhaps about 4 to 6 hours of gameplay. The entire story is a mystery for the player to figure out. At the end of the game, you will be shown how many of the total journals you read and how many secrets you uncovered. The game does not give you a definite answer as to what happened to your in-game character prior to the shelter’s malfunctions, only speculation.

The soundtracks that are played in the game are original. The music has a nice retro feel to it. The tracks consist mainly of a Piano and a Synthesizer. You can purchase the game's album on its steam page listed as DLC.

The majority of gameplay is spent searching for materials. Capsules are intentionally hidden away from the player. How long you spend your time on Breached mostly depends on how long you decide to search for materials. This can cause a lot of frustration for the player who is having trouble finding the required pieces to surviving his/her situation. The story only goes so far to keep the player interested. With the capsules, for the Molecular Filter, the percentage of getting one from your capsule in randomly generated every time you play a new game. So even if you get everything you need, the game can screw you over by not giving you the one piece you need to live. So every time you play, you are not given a guaranteed win.

So the majority of the game is to read, search, and find randomly generated solutions. The game does not offer a lot, nor will a continuation of the game be successful if it only uses the same mechanics as the first one (If the developers decide to make a continuation). Overall, this game acts like a tease, putting the player in a story without leaving them a satisfactory ending.

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 + Graphically Beautiful – Unnecessary amount of time on searching for materials
 + Interesting and Mysterious story – Little replay value
 + Strategy based – Not a guaranteed win through perfect performance
 + Problem solving – Unsatisfying ending


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