Azkend 2 – Xbox One Edition Review

Let's get deeper into the game and see if you could like this game and spent your leisure time playing Azkend 2.

Azkend 2
Azkend 2 is not a new game, as far as I can tell in my research anyway, but is getting a brand spanking new release for the Xbox One on the 3rd of May 2016. So as a basic overview on what this game has to offer, this is a match 3 type of
experience similar to candy crush and other touchscreen designed time waster games. Although I am going to say it isn’t a load of shit like candy crush. So now you lovely people know what kind of game this is and have decided whether or not it’s worth reading any further let’s move on to the actual review part of this review article.


So as I’ve already stated this is a match 3 grid style game so it’s game play lies in this simplicity. The grid you get though is with hexagonal tiles making the chains of symbols you can link flexible so, although at the mercy of the random drops, less likely to be fumbles due to the number of directions your chain can be maneuvered. The thing that made this game very bearable for me to travel through is the fact that it doesn’t just make you reach an arbitrary score or match 3 bumfluffs 7 times to continue, the most tedious of tedious matching games levels. Azkend gives you multiple objectives throughout its lifespan with you. It does have the basic flip every tile on screen by making at least one match on each one, your standard game mode in these things, but it also gives you plenty of other challenges to sink your teeth into. These include the oddly tense beetle smashing rounds, where making chains next to the beetles lowers their health and you must destroy these enemies before they meander their way to the top of the screen, and the calculating empty the screen round, where you get a grid full of tiles and must empty them perfectly so understanding the physics of how they fall is key. Not only have they made these modes, but as you progress through your game you will be given abilities such as longer time to finish the level or the power of wind to knock away a few inconvenient obstacles. So it is limited due it’s genre, but the small variance in game play really made want to come back for more and stripped away the easily made bore fest of this game type. There is one gripe I have with it’s game play, and that is its reliance of artificial difficulty. Near the end of story mode, I know you’d expect it to be hard, but it isn’t hard. You are just purely at the mercy of the randomness so your failure is more than likely due to your bad luck than because you messed up.

Let's play!


I saw the trailer for this game before deciding to review it, for obvious reasons, and was greeted with it’s promise of this having a deep story to go with the simplistic game. Now I will begin praise before any issues that will arise. So, the voice actor is good, or at least didn’t annoy me in any way. Although I’m not sure why someone leaving Liverpool has a slight Australian accent but I might be going a  bit accent deaf. But we reach the issue of the story not relating to the game in any way. Need to find dynamite, match tiles because that’s what you do right. Or I’ve lost my glasses so I can’t see, better match tiles I shouldn’t be able to see. So the story is kind of pointless to go with the game, other than to set up the background art and to give a level system to their game. You may realize I’m not impressed and well done because I’m not. But it doesn’t ruin or get in the way of the game so I mainly would just call it an unnecessary addition.



I will admit that whoever created the background art throughout the entire game, deserves some credit as it’s the only reason to look at the screen when you’re not feverishly matching tiles. Quick but true statement that it’s very good for what it is.

Final Statement

Azkend 2 is around £6-7 which is about an hours work. I finished the story mode which took me considerably longer than an hour, I didn’t time it, and I was drawn back to playing the game when I wasn’t so there is obviously something good about it if I want to keep playing it. It’s simple but diverse so I would recommend it if you want something extremely casual to play for your console because that is all you’ll get.


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