Asteroids Minesweeper Review

What happens when you take a game as old as minesweeper, and put a unique and different spin on it? Some great things can happen. Welcome to a new and interesting puzzle game that will have you testing your wits to the max. This is Asteroids Minesweeper.

Asteroids Minesweeper Review


I love puzzle games. I love them because they challenge me to think in new and creative ways and constantly keep me on my feet. This can be a challenging dichotomy however and can be some of the most difficult aspects to get right. Can the puzzle game teach you how to properly learn a certain task? You can't throw a rat into a nuclear physicist's job and expect him to do it right the first time. You have to slowly teach the art through a process of elimination on how to do the job correctly. One thing that this game nails down right off the bat is just how quickly you are going to learn this entire experience. So sit back and relax and enjoy some mind teasing Asteroids Minesweeper!

Asteroids Minesweeper is available on Steam

Asteroids Minesweeper, Puzzles are unique and challenging, but will always be fair

A Puzzle's a Puzzle, no matter how small

Something to always remember is that no matter how simple a puzzle starts, or how big it starts either; it has an answer. Nothing is impossible in the world of puzzles, it is all limited by your imagination. Take a Rubix cube, I can solve one, it takes me forever, but I can. Take a simple word problem in math, it is all just about how you think about things. Minesweeper is a very similar ideology. You click a button it tells you how many mines are around certain blocks and then you use your brains to figure out which ones are most likely the mines. A simple process of elimination that, as the years have gone by, has never gotten easy, but can still be an enjoyable experience.

Now let's put it in 3D. I'm surprised this has never been done before, in fact super shocked. Putting puzzles in 3D spaces really does add a whole new level (haha) to the entire experience. Not only do you have to think about what is around it, but also below, above and caddy corner. Some of these puzzles get extremely large, as in a 400+ cubed square, and some are only around 180 cubes spread out across a vast map. Yeah, get ready to put that thinking cap on and wear it all day. Some of these puzzles can be brutal, but they are all solvable, it is just up to you to think through the entire thing.

My only gripe on the puzzles is that the random generator aspect of it can be a little bothersome at times. At times you are given just one free spot on the entire grid, this would be okay, if the spots next to it were anywhere close to other blocks, as a result you end up with nowhere to click afterwards meaning you have to play the guessing game; low blow, bro. I would like to prove that every time I can make it through without making a mistake, however, there will be some chances where, just like in Vegas, you have to blow on those dice and hope you click the right square. This random chance feels okay because the game does give you multiple lives to make mistakes, but I would just like to get it on the first try because I'm a little bit of an overachiever. The last gripe comes in the way of controls, they are pretty atrocious at times, it is really hard to get your camera into the perfect view for some of the shapes, some more time spent with figuring out the 3D spaces and camera would have been highly appreciated.

Asteroids Minesweeper, 18 levels in total give a lot of variety, but not enough


The game is very dull looking. It's as simple as that. It's not pretty, there is really no upbeat music or anything going on in the background. It is just there; the music is flat. It does have some soothing qualities, however, but overall the presentation could be much better. The blocks don't make any cool shapes, there are some boxes and rectangles and the such, but nothing that makes you want to continue playing through because a particular shape was any harder than another. This is where the biggest problem comes in the game. I don't feel like the game is particularly special or does anything that makes it stand apart from the hundreds of other puzzle games out there.

Asteroids Minesweeper, There is some color variety, but it all falls flat
The shapes are as follows; circles, tubes, random assortment of blocks, and cubes. That's it, that is your 3D style of blocks. Why not make one that looks like a man that you are slowly taking apart, or one that looks like a building? All of these ideas would at least make it stand out, or since your game is called Asteroids Minesweeper, do a space theme with all of the shapes. Either way, this isn't something you are going to remember as far as it being special.

There is a story of sorts; I wouldn't say it is good, just that there is some sort of narrative. It doesn't make you want to go any further, it just really pushes forward the idea that there is a reason you are clicking on blocks. You are some sort of computer programmer getting rid of bugs in a system. Which this is probably the best way to visualize it, especially if you actually do this for a living. There is some kind of a story, but it's really basic.

Final Verdict

It's really hard to give you an in-depth look into this game. It's not a bad game, but it's not great either. It's just okay. It doesn't do anything to change up puzzles forever, it does change up minesweeper, but it's not a revolutionary concept either. It is a great starter idea however and I would be excited to see what kind of things you could do with just this basic of a concept. So click away to victory in this game and sit down with that glass of wine, because this really may be your next brain teaser.

+ Good puzzles that make you think– No presentation pizzazz
+ Relaxing, nice slow game– Not a lot of content
– Controls can be really bad at times

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